Moving to our next adventure

Skyrim has been a labor of love for us since we started designing it in 2006. We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has. And that is because of you, the fans. It was all of you who made it a success. We can’t thank you enough for embracing the game, spreading the word, and making it your own.

For the last year and a half we’ve been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet.

Even though we’re moving on, we’ll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed. We’ve invested so much of ourselves into Skyrim and will never truly say goodbye to it.

We loved hearing your stories, your in-game triumphs, and your suggestions. One thing stuck out to us through those emails, letters, and postings. And that is – video games matter. They’re as important to you as they are to us. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about your time. And you chose to spend it with our game.

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you stay engaged in the gaming community here and elsewhere. Keep spreading the word. Games are the world’s best entertainment because they can do what other forms cannot – fill you with the wonder of exploration and the pride of accomplishment. We look forward to sharing our next adventure with you.

Until next time,

Bethesda Game Studios

Reader Comments

  1. I have been a devout fan of the elder scrolls series since Morrowind first caught my eye inside a pawn shop. I was thinking which of two games that I wanted should I get: Morrowind, or the other one (I forgot the name), and for a moment I was about to go for the other one when my brother told me Morrowind looked better. Hey, what can 10 year old do when his bigger brother tells him something looks better. When I first played it, instantly hooked…

    As a result, I have been following TES games and learning the lore of the series. Morrowind was complex, large, and with so many items it would fill up skyrim. Oblivion cut down on so much stuff that I got a little annoyed (WHERE WERE MY SPEARS, LEVITATION, CROSSBOWS?). But, nonetheless, I had my fun memories with Oblivion.

    Skyrim was something of a huge thing for me since I was actually starting to think about the next TES game when it was announced. That announcement made my year and cheered me up so much that I started playing Oblivion again, just for the heck of it.

    At first, Skyrim was amazing, but over time I felt like it was lacking something from its predecessors. It didn’t have those qualities that made me get glued on as in Morriwind or Oblivion. I’m not saying it was bad, just missing things.

    Maybe it was the ease of the game, or the challenges that weren’t there, such as the ones back in Morrowind and even Oblivion. The game became too easy, too wrapped around your finger. It would bend to your every whim. Too hard, just change the difficulty. Don’t want to walk, just click here and voila! you’re there. The game lost it’s lure that first caught me, the difficulty; Sure dragon priests are harder than dragons, but what about bandits?

    The first bandit I encountered in both Morrowind and Oblivion killed me, but in Skyrim 3-5 bandits couldn’t kill a level 1 fur-armored adventurer (without shouts)…

    In conclusion, Bethesda, you have filled the past 10 years of my life with many fun memories, challenges, visuals, and entertainment that there is no way I can repay that debt. I love every TES game, even daggerfall and arena. I miss the challenges of the older ones. But not enough to stop me from saying that Oblivion and Skyrim will always be with me in my memories.

    I still play all three games.

  2. you know i really could’ve been happy if they didnt screw us in dawnguard with only 4 crossbows and in dragonborn with dragons you cant control, spears which are useless arrows and werebears which are just a complete and utter betrayal……that’s it for me no more bethesda dlc for me i’d rather keep a good memory than have it ruined by this complete and utter crap i mean like come on they were over priced and it took them 2 years….

  3. Thanks Bethesda!
    Skyrim was well worth the time and money spent! Looking forward to your next project.

  4. Hello and good day Bethesda Studios. The first thing I am going to ask is, is this truly the end of Skyrim DLC? What happened with REDGUARD? I feel like I’m not the only one raising questions on this but it means I’m not alone on this. Why did you guys call Skyrim complete when it truly wasn’t story wise? With all the unanswered questions, and multitude of quests that don’t have a proper and satisfying conclusion, I felt that the game was far from complete. So please for the love of god before you move on to your next project please do one more DLC that wraps up the story for Skyrim. I mean, who will be high king? What will the fate of skyrim be once the imperials or stormcloaks decide to go to war with the thalmor? Please do us fans a favor and at least release one more conclusive dlc wrapping everything up before calling Skyrim done..

    • Does anyone care other than Michael Jones and I that the game is not complete. there were so many dlcs for both fallout 3 and new Vegas and the story line in skyrim is 10 times better than both those games. how could they do this to us. I feel cheated like I bought a half finished game now that i know it will never get finished. please Bethesda if you actually read these and see this and care about this game. please finish this games story line its sooooooooo good and could be better if you Bethesda finish the game.

  5. My favorite elder scrolls game, thanks for an amazing experience, just wish it could’ve lasted longer.
    Nevertheless i can’t wait for your “next adventure”.

    Good luck and thanks again for Skyrim.

  6. How are you moving onto another project when Skyrim doesn’t even have a High King?…way to leave us fans hanging Bethesda…

  7. This makes me want to run into Bethesda’s office with a cardboard sword and yell “For Skyrim!”
    But seriously, I really hate this, Skyrim was such a good game and now it’s been abandoned in favor o this survival horror garbage. Shame

    • they haven’t given up on skyrim just yet l don’t think. it said in the statement that they could never truly say goodbye to it. its possible that they will leave skyrim alone so that they can work on the next big title. maybe in the future they will put another dlc or a major update for it. l hope to see that skyrim never fades from its former glory and is never touched again by bethesda. they could keep skyrim going for years and years and still continue on the elder scrolls legendary story. l hope our next game will be even better and badder then ever.

  8. please dont just stop with the skyrim story its the best thing that has ever happend to video game rpg history i never played oblivion i got skyrim for christmas 2011 and i still play it i must have had more than 100 play throughs i even got the officail guide book when i play skyrim it feels as if im in skyrim i just let go and get lost in the atmosphere it is truley magical thank for the best game ever.also i got the notched pic axe throte of the world lol.

  9. skyrim is without a doubt 1 hell of a rpg game. been playing since morrowind,was wodering if you will ever have all the games together,valenwood,morrowind,skyrim,oblivion now that would b 1 big map

  10. They just don’t care for us fans they never did, is it so hard to relase a medium dlc epilogue to end the story, no let’s made a spotlight for crappy Evil Within & boring Wolfenstein: The New Order even if we are not making those two we are still publishers….please!!!

    Oh well, Bethesda u can just dream that those 2 will make u money and fan community.


    • They don’t care about the fans, but they worked their asses off to get the glitches fixed for the PS3 users. Dude, just get over it. You care way too much about a video game. It sucks there won’t be more DLC. I really wanted to fight that monster mudcrab from the Gamejam video. But, they’ve decided not to. The game still exists. You have three DLCs that added to the game. Either keep playing like I do and be happy, or get away from the console and go out into the real world for a while. You sound like you really need to get away from video games and experience the real world for a bit.

      • Console u said, haha if i had PS3 i wouldn’t play Skyrim but primarly all fighting games & some good adventure possibly maybe Uncharted (360 wouldn’t buy even for a cheaper price).

        Also, im not addicted to video-games, never had & never will & yeah u like some don’t understand NOTHING about Skyrim which is not a video-game it’s a phenomenon in a history of making video-games.



        • Um, you contradicted yourself.
          “Skyrim which is not a video-game it’s a phenomenon in a history of making video-games”.
          In that, you just said that it IS a video game, whereas you previously claimed it isn’t.

          “Don’t understand nothing” is also self-contradictory. “Do not understand nothing” is what you just said. It’s a double negative. Therefore, by your own negligence, Mew does understand something.

      • By the way, whenever i was in Skyrim for me it was like im outside on a beach it’s that good game, it inspired me, made every morning my blessing, gave me will & self confidence it’s magical really.

        For me, Skyrim will be always special & dear in my heart, & no im not a mod addict i apreciate Skyrim for what it is i don’t need a bunch of crappy stupid mods to make my adventure enjoyable Bethesda already made that, except well…we all know…

        • “Crappy Stupid Mods”?
          The USKP, UDGP and UDBP aren’t “crappy stupid mods”, they’re mods that fix (or try to) bugs that Beth deemed too small to bother fixing.
          I don’t call anything that makes it less buggy to be crappy or stupid.
          Using a comma and an ampersand in the same sentence is unnecessary.
          When addressing yourself, I is always captialised.
          That’s not a typo, that’s British English.
          I won’t go off on a correction tangent as that’s not my job.
          Get your facts straight next time. There’s a lot of mods out there that correct things such as the Unofficial Patches and the Guard Dialogue Overhaul.
          (In Oblivion alone, the UOP patched over 1,000 bugs that Bethesda didn’t notice – as of V1.2).
          Oh, and Patch 1.9 brought with it an assload of CTDs the like of which I’ve never experienced before.

      • P.S. Mew FYI:

        – Illia still bugged.

        – Hulda isn’t essential. (This is called careless, not a


        – Dead companions (Jorvaskr) respawns.

        – Ysolda buggy as merchant/inkeeper.

        – Hearthfire display cases buggy.


        & yet u dare to say: ”but they worked their asses off to get the glitches fixed for the PS3 users”.

        Sorry to dissapoint u, but bugs are same on ALL the versions of the game.

        • Hearthfire display cases function as intended in that you can put anything you want in them.
          Imperial and Stormcloak Generals are still marked as essential even after the debacle that was the Civil War questline (which was boring as taking a really unsatisfying dump).

  11. I’m happy your moving on but I personally believe that you should put more DLC out for the game give it more replay value but its your choice not ours

  12. You know, if there is one thing I have learned from communities, and it is sad really, that only the people who could care less for the game comment. All games have their issues, and I believe the only thing that truely held skyrim back on the console, was the console. Allowing the community to modify Skyrim was the best thing they could have done. Not because Skyrim is a bad game (I thoroughly enjoyed 2 years of it on the console), but because it allows for a custom experience to all player. It also lets us change it up a bit. After playing Skyrim for 2 years, I installed a tropical mod on my pc version. It was a bran new experience. That is what Bethesda did right. That is why I will gladly buy TES 6. And why I wish I had a better computer to play TES Online.

  13. Honestly i love skyrim. I played Oblivion and it was my all time favoret game i had such high expections for skyrim that my friends said their was no way Skyrim could deliver…… But they did! Skyrim was amazing i got it on the release date and even sprung for the $160 limited edition. It was the only limited edition game i ever got and it was the most money any limited edition ever was. Skyrim brought everything to the table. I loved the game. The glitches only told me that the game was a real thing. Cause nothing can be perfect. But skyrim came pretty dam close. I didnt mind the dlc ether they were good. Cant say they were better then the shivring islands but they tryed only things i wish they could have done were 1: Added Umbra. That sword was in all the other elder scrolls why not this one? For an add on you should make it fall from the sky at live 81 or whatever. I just want it in the game. 2: Have a tough ass monster. One that you guys had in Fallout called “deathclaws” This would add a little more danger to the game.3: Keep up the good work. This game had little to no flaws and i would be liying if i didnt say i was ganna miss more DLCs. Thank you for bring one of the best games into this world.

  14. First off everyone saying that Bethesda doesn’t care about their fans is just crazy talk. Skyrim was great and the people at Bethesda worked like mad to keep it that. Fans take things a little too personally but that I DO totally get since I too am a fan and not happy about this. To put it simply, I was waiting for my new “Shivering Isles.” I was waiting for Skyrim to realease a DLC that would top what I consider the greatest DLC worth paying for. I didn’t get that moment and it’s left a bad taste in my mouth, I won’t lie. Despite this, I am still a Bethesda fan and will eagerly await future releases. Keep on keepin’ on BGS!

  15. Would be curious to know whether the Fallout practice of making a second game about roughly the same period of in-game history is introduced into TES or not.

  16. Just here hoping that this game would see the light of day on the Wii U. It’s got the horsepower and a a fan of both Nintendo and many games that came from Bethseda, all have been on PC which I loved. I’d like a chance to kick back on my couch someday and play this game re-released with some visual polish to the Wii U along with many others I imagine. I can’t keep funding upgrades for my PC any longer as budgets get tighter and Skyrim is pushing my rig to its limits. To move on, I’d have to buy a new PC.

    I bought the Wii U for the best interest of my family and myself and love playing Mass Effect 3, Black Ops II, but no game on it had the freedom Oblivion gave me as well as Fallout 3. I hope sometime this is considered soon.

  17. Don’t let this unfinished mess be your new trend.

    Guards and townspeople are supposed to be distrustful of Khajiit, so why do they not bloody bother treating you differently to Nords?
    My brother just recently started over on a new game as a Khajiit, and guess what Arcadia said to him?
    “… a hardy Nord like you.” WTF? Is Arcadia blind or just stupid? Since when do Nords look like cats?!?!?

    • Also, fix the bloody Shout table!
      Characters are still going “Lun Yun Aus!” for Marked for Death, whereas it’s supposed to be “KRII! LUN! AUS!”

      So yeah, fix that and immersion will return slightly.

  18. & lip sync mess that started with the latest patch.

    Bottom line, we fans can write on this blog post for eternity bu obviously nobody from BUGthesda even care about us or Skyrim.

    So much potential & it all went down the water, big shame.

  19. & my last post on this shitty Bugthesda’s blog:

    Bugthesda i wish u the same fate as THQ, bankruptcy, so that u can feel horrible as i was when u ditched Skyrim in trash can.

    Gods strike u down!!!

  20. P.S. Bugthesda

    I’m so glad that i pirated an unfinished game, i would’ve buy it if u released Thalmor/High King-Queen DLC but u will not get my money.

  21. Love this game alot, but kinda wished there was more dlc… Just one more would be fine with me.
    Also i look forward to future patches, i cant wait to finally get rid of flyyns lute and that stupid bald spot when wearing the guild masters armor. Love dawnguard so much and Look Forward to elder scrolls online. Thanks guys,


  22. Very disappointed with the news that there will be no more DLCs for Skyrim especially when not that long ago you posted that there were more coming that Skyrim was far from. That you would not be quick to move it over to the Next Gen boxes coming out….lies. Now you totally contradict your earlier release without even an apology or real explanation except to leave people wondering about an Elder Scrolls 6 for the new consoles. Well I am not happy with all the lies for months and will certainly be skeptical of any purchases I make where you would profit.

  23. Bethesda totally screwed the fans over. If there was no plan for future DLC’s how come Dragonborn was not released as the final DLC for Skyrim? How come it was said early in 2013 that they “weren’t done” with Skyrim. It was a total let down to end the game so abruptly. The talk of the excitement of the new game is basically something I could care less about. Maybe I will purchase the next Elder Scrolls game but nothing else associated with Bethesda! Now I can’t wait for Dragon Age 3: Inquisition!!

  24. I heard about a possibly new dlc called “Redguard”, and excited as hell, I was really looking forward to this. When I found out Bethesda were shutting Skyrim down, I got really shocked.

    I’m playing Skyrim on xbox, I got all three DLC’s and I’ve finished them all. I’ve also done all the bigger quests (just got smaller “circle” quests left) and all I really can do, is go around killing bandits and earn money (not really fun after a while..).

    Skyrim is one of my best game experiences and have given me a lot of good memories. I still enjoy the game, but as there’s nothing more to do, I’ve put the game on the shelf, sadly. There’s plenty of more potencial in Skyrim, like adding dlc’s containing the battle of Skyrim’s high king and the thalmor, the further battle between Stormcloaks and Imperials etc. I would enjoy Skyrim for years to come – if there were more dlc’s coming.. and I would pay for them all.

    I’m standing with the game in my hand and a huge question, how did Skyrim end..?

    A shame such a good game didn’t get a real ending..

    But still, thank you for an awesome game experience Bethesda! I really hope you will make Elder Scrolls 6 😉

  25. Bethesda, you made my love love of games go to new heights the first time I played a TES game. But when I began to play more skyrim I started to know literally EVERYTHING about it. and while I played I realized, “hey, I want to make a spell. Hey, I want a different looking and natural world from the next guy. I know your trying to appease the console players and you cant add things that the Xbox and PS3 cant run, but with future generations of TES could you add things like spears, natural worlds, harder gameplay (though legendary is insane for me), create a spell and other things that made ES 1,2,3 and some of 4 so special and immersive? also more of a variety of creatures is what PC modders have had to take into their own hands. Nevertheless Bethesda, you have made my life as a gamer become amazing and I love all your works. Just bring back some things that makes TES so great.

  26. Any news on any patches for hearth fire ps3 it has made my game crash twice if anyone else knows how to fix this please help

  27. With admiration. With respect. And with genuine confusion: WHERE ARE YOU?

    People give up far to easily. Bethesda; I’m not so easily dissuaded – please respond to the legitimate comments and concerns of your customers and fans.

    >WE< are essentially your bosses… you are aware of that – correct? Consumers tend to remember things like this; most especially the uniquely autodidactic and singularly informed fans that make up the very large demigraph of your customers. Don't betray or ignore your core constituents, who have always been faithfully supportive of you in your endeavours. The Elder Scrolls is more then just a video game series. The Elder Scrolls is your creative nativity but could also just as easily lead to your fiscal crucifixion if neglected…

    Do the right thing; we're watching.

  28. Bethesda I strongly suggest you listen to your fans and do not leave Skyrim unfinished and continue on with new DLCs for new features for everyone.

  29. It’s cool your making Fallout 4 but I would continue on Skyrim as well which your DLCs are your moneycow Milk which more DLCs you make the more money you make and yes with new features and stuff for Skyrim.

  30. Do any of you even think that there might be a chance that this next ‘game’ might be the next Elder Scrolls game? It might be leaving off some time after Skyrim and reveal what happens after the events of Skyrim.

  31. While i must admit Bethesda, that you guys have created one of the most amazing game series that i have played to this day. And while i love every game you have created thus far, i feel that Skyrim has nearly been abandoned and has an emptiness left inside it. While no game is perfect, at times i do feel Skyrim is missing a thing or two. Please, please do us all one great big favor, a request from all of your fans on every console & PC. Please bring closure to Skyrim, a final finale to such a great game that it is. Something that will wrap up the open story line and provide a decent ending. While you may thank your fans for joining you on the adventure, we Thank YOU for giving us all the chance to experience a game series unlike no-other. And here’s to hoping that this series continues to get even better.