Moving to our next adventure

Skyrim has been a labor of love for us since we started designing it in 2006. We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has. And that is because of you, the fans. It was all of you who made it a success. We can’t thank you enough for embracing the game, spreading the word, and making it your own.

For the last year and a half we’ve been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet.

Even though we’re moving on, we’ll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed. We’ve invested so much of ourselves into Skyrim and will never truly say goodbye to it.

We loved hearing your stories, your in-game triumphs, and your suggestions. One thing stuck out to us through those emails, letters, and postings. And that is – video games matter. They’re as important to you as they are to us. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about your time. And you chose to spend it with our game.

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you stay engaged in the gaming community here and elsewhere. Keep spreading the word. Games are the world’s best entertainment because they can do what other forms cannot – fill you with the wonder of exploration and the pride of accomplishment. We look forward to sharing our next adventure with you.

Until next time,

Bethesda Game Studios

Reader Comments

  1. Hey guys? Whatever you do in the future, don’t make TES Six’s graphics as washed-out and grimy as Skyrim. Oblivion was one of the most colorful games I’ve ever seen- on a par with Final Fantasy X- so I hope the next installment follows that example.

    • Oh god not Oblivion graphics anything but that … I like the washed out color pallet its more akin to the older TES3: Morrowind. I did enjoy Oblivion but my eyes would start to hurt after playing too long with the super bright colors (also that style made people so ugly and not pleasing to the eye at all) The Oblivion color pallet was way too bright and cheery but TES isn’t bright and cheery (like something you would see in some cell shaded kids game) it was way out of character for the series and glad they went for more of the drab color pallet with Skyrim.

      I’d be happy if they met somewhere in the middle but the neon colors on the over world of Oblivion were just terrible. If it was a little more along the lines of Kingdom of Amalur’s color pallet (dark with vibrant highlights) that would be ok but please for the love of god don’t bring back Oblivion’s color pallet.

      • Oh yeah I agree with DarkEagle, I’m sorry but the oblivion game lights were too bright for myself as well. For example, when I had the detect life skill on in oblivion and I was persuading a character, it was so hard to see their reaction and made it harder for the to like me as a result. Not that I’m saying I couldn’t just take off the detect life skill cause of course I could but its just little things like that, that would bug me. I think the team will do great with whatever graphics they come up with though I have no preference. Oblivion based ones would be just as awesome no matter what cause I know Bethesda will never fail to impress me.

    • This. This this this. My playtime would probably be doubled if the game actually had some color. Even though I prefer colors, I get that some people like things more subdued or, unfortunately, brown. But there is a serious problem with a game when you have to squint to find a single color that’s not gray or the occasional brown. Good lord. If it HAS to be monochrome, at least have stronger highlights and shadows so it’s not as if there’s a mist covering everything.

      • You must need to adjust the colors on your TV. I’ve never had to squit to find colors that aren’t gray or brown. And I don’t have mods that change the ground/grass much except for one that makes ice look a bit more realistic.

  2. Could you guys at least release an update/fix for the Spell Aborption bugs. It confilicts with some Conjuration spells causing the summoned Atronachs to be absorbed. USEP has some details about the bug. Since the XBOX 360 is not able to be modded. We cant use any of the communities mods for the fix. Would you guys please release a fix for it?

    ONE MORE DLC!!! (If not, please fix the bug. PLEASE!

  3. I’m gunna miss it. Skyrim was my one and only love for the last year and a half and I will never forget her or probably ever stop playing. Truly amazing game that changed my life dramatically. Thanks for an amazing gaming experience and please bring me many more to come!

  4. I love you guys but you can’t leave us hanging. Please. Just please. One more epic DLC that leaves me happy. Just anything. I’ve been waiting and hoping for more ever since I finish Dragonborn.

  5. What really baffles me is the fact that they’re dropping this potential cash cow that can fill 8 pages full of comments asking for more on a whim, and yet keep throwing money at TESO, which is 90% assuredly gonna be a blunder unless it goes F2P in the first month. I mean, check TESO’s blog posts comments, they are usually about Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim.

    I think people would’ve liked a SI sized expansion for closure, especially when we have so much unfinished (not that the Thalmor were gonna be finished in this installment), or at least several FO sized DLCs, of which we got one and a half.

    Good riddance, Skyrim, you were great but coul’ve been so much more.

  6. Sad to see Bethesda moving on, but happy about it in the same beat. I’m looking forward to TES:O and whatever else is in the works right now.
    I just really want confirmation that there will be a TES:VI in the future, near or far. I’ve heard so many people say that TES:O will end the TES series that now I’m starting to worry even though I know TES won’t end now. Darn nay say-ers are making me fret.

  7. So much for the more substantial DLC than Oblivion and Fallout… Bethesda won’t admit it.. But I guarantee no more DLC is due to the PS3 Debacle…

    Cue Scooby Doo go back in time music…

    Bethesda revealed the news this morning via press release, which also indicated we’ll see more than two “add-on content drops” for Skyrim after the game launches. Given the kind of expansions we’ve seen for the Fallout titles and Oblivion, we expect the folks at Bethesda have some serious plans in mind for DLC support…. DRAGONBORN AND THAT”S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!..

    Hey Bethesda why not acknowledge the awesome/fantastic/Legendary/Waynes World “Were not worthy” Mod community out there.. get them to help you out… I’m sure most of these fantastic guys/girls would probably do it for free!!!! Seriously you guys/girls ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    Scooby Doo bit ends…

    P.S. I bet this post does not even show up… my last one didn’t!!

    • Truth.

      Fallout 3 DLC:
      Broken Steel, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta, The Pitt,Operation Anchorage.

      All added several hours of gameplay

      Oblivion DLC:

      Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, Mehrunes Razor, and three player homes of differing flavors

      The major three all added hours of play and Shivering Isles and Mehrunes were both huge.

      Skyrim: Hearthfire: Customization but not a lot of flavor, nice but insubstantail, Dawnguard: Cool, but by no means a huge expansion, lots of bug, Dragonborn: The first real expansion, but the landscape is nowhere near as intriguing as Shivering Isles; more the lore’s fault than Bethesdas, but its is what it is.

      So yeah, I’m with the Mob

      ONE MORE DLC!!!

      • Yeah I thought we were promised a more substantial DLC than either FO3 or Oblivion Hell I feel there was more content in Morrowinds 2 expansions than all of the content combined in all 3 of the DLCs for Skyrim.

        Bethesda I think you guys are really dropping the ball here by not doing at least one more Dragonborn sized DLC for Skyrim. Oh well at least there will still be plenty of mods coming out for the next year or two. But I feel bad for the people that play on consoles exclusively.

        • Im almost certain they went out of their way to announce they werent done with skyrim after they released Dragonborn… Of course, I’ve been playing since Morrowind so I’m used to bethesda’s… operations.

          Something is up with this company. I still like to remind people about the ring textures in morrowind… They forgot to enable the ring textures, so they all appear black and shiny. They continued to release expansions, which had whole new unique rings…and never fixed the texture display. Never.

          That is who you’re dealing with. I do not understand their reasoning behind such decisions. But I do know they have a pattern of it.

  8. Well it is what it is as you can tell most of the people who participated in this forum arent happy with this decision. I think this was a not a good move on your guy’s part. People want to spend money on a dlc it’s not like were asking for a free 1 we want to hand you guys our money I really dont see the problem.

  9. I still have a problem with the arrow kill cam. the target is parlized by perk but the arrow will miss and fly over the target.

  10. 2013 gaming is starting out as a downer and there’s such potential i know the new systems are coming out but that doesn’t mean you quit on awesome games that are already out

  11. “We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has. And that is because of you, the fans”……..but we’re moving on to another game

    “Even though we’re moving on, we’ll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed”…….yet we still have major bug issues that make the game almost unplayable in solstheim

    “Thank you again for all your support. We hope you stay engaged in the gaming community here and elsewhere. Keep spreading the word”………but we’re going to disengage you, the fans, by not giving you what you want and instead work on a project we don’t want.

  12. You know, I ordered the 350 dollar sixth scale Dovahkiin figure but to ne honest, Im so disappointed in this decision, and feel that with nothing left to keep me interested in the game, I’m likely to cancel my preorder. Its a pity. Its the first time you folks have left me hanging.

  13. Yeah I hate to agree with everyone else but I do think there is at least one more DLC for Skyrim needed. Also things could be added like a castle that you could build and live in, have a small town added around it, and then also perhaps things added in the game like your own private mage’s tower, complete with spell experimentation and perhaps even spell creation or blending.
    I just really enjoy this game and love playing it. I think its awesome how the game is, and would love to add new stuff to it, for I have already invested money into the game and would gladly put more into it to enrich the experience even more. just as i would think others would too.

  14. Ok so if you wont grant us fans our wish for one more dlc (an epilogue, encore, or even a finale)to quite possibly THE or ONE OF THE greatest games out for the 360 than can you maybe create a program that can screen and configure peoples mods from the PC to 360.

    How it would work is, through your new program, people upload their mods created to your website that is created by you guys at Bethesda. From there the mod is than screened for bugs, appropriate content, etc. Than that mod is converted and redirected to xbox live. Where than players can download onto their harddrive and begin playing for free. The program can be accessed through something similar like Elite for BlackOps 2 or Waypoint for Halo 4. The option can be added to the Skyrim Main Menu. The program itself where a player can get the mods can be purchased however, the mods themselves would be for free.

    Sure it would be some work, but hey if you guys wont give us the content we want than allow others who use the construction set fill our needs 🙂 This could also be used for all future Elder Scrolls Games. Its definitely possible and with technology growing everyday, eventually the program can work by itself and screen and configure on its own, without having to pay someone to do it. Let me know what you think guys!!!!

    • Its…not that simple at all. We use mod manager programs to make them all work together. Compatability issues come up. conflicts. And they can’t really screen for bugs… if they could, Skyrim wouldnt have bugs. Also keep in mind..

      …When I want to try new mods, I make backup folders of my save games. Because though mods cant hurt Skyrim, they can harm save files.

      Also Xbox doesnt have access to the all-powerful Console. Sorry its just…a lot harder than that. For a future game, maybe they could take that route. But skyrim is not set up for it, and neither is your xbox.

      Take it from someone whos been making mods a long time. Its more tricky than it seems.

  15. So, have they just abandoned this particular blog post, even though there’s 8 or so pages worth of mostly upset fans? Are some of the more well thought out and earnest questions just going unanswered by any more than a hey look at the shiny “Legendary” edition? From purely a PR standpoint, not the best way to handle it…

    • Bethesda just don’t care about fans at all, cancelation of Skyrim is 100% real proof.

      Final DLC about closure with thalmor, moot, king, queen wasn’t about money sure they would earn even more but it was to give us fans an epic grand finale.

      I was expecting to go in big war battle with Rikke & Tullius; Galmar & Ulfric, Elenwen to play bigger role with a addition of a new villain, let Ulfric/Elisif on the throne or persuade/itimidate them to leave or kill them & join the thalmor if u want, but now that won’t happen at all.

      Big shame on them, how do they dare to say ”moving on” when the story doesn’t have an ending, im so pissed off!!!

      • They didn’t cancel Skyrim. The game was released, as well as three DLCs of various sizes. The game is out and playable. It sucks they aren’t going to make any more DLCs, but it’s not the same as canceling Skyrim.

  16. How can you give us this huge game surrounding dragons returning AND a civil war without giving us any real resolution to either of them? At least give us one more DLC that ties up all the loose ends so we can move on to the next TES game upon release please!

  17. Thank you Bethesda for that amazing trash DLC´s you made. First of all everybody need to wake up and see what a horrible mess Skyrim is.

    What I dislike this game is the way people treat you, I for example became the arch mage of the college in winterhold but what happen when I walk past any of the people in that small town . They don’t recognize me as the arch-mage or the fact that I save that little town. Even conversations and painfully stupid with them, I ask for help and they reply by saying:
    “Why would I help you stranger? do something for me and I might think about it” for God sake I am the arch-mage!!!

    Only the guards seem to remember and they are a broken mess of a AI “Oh so you are a member of the bard college!”

    Yes like weeks and months ago, I sort of I do not know. SAVED YOUR ASS FROM A DRAGON.

    It was evident from the first 6 hours of the game, when I arrived at Whiterun, immediately became a Thane and was told, NO promised, that people would treat me differently. I think the quote from the Jarl was: “guards will avert their eyes…” Not 2 minutes after being told this, I was told while passing a guard, “Watch is Kaijit.”

    Soooo Bethesda you clearly needs some help with whatever rules engine is supporting it’s scripted dialogue. It’s really the biggest immersion killer for me, and hasn’t been fixed or even really made better since Oblivion. I remember still getting talked down to in major cities after I had become a God, the leader of every major guild, and saved all of Cyrrodill.

    A game where you can be the hero or the villain ,and you are not even address as either. The next DLC you would have made , if even where made.. perhaps would have been as broken.

    Oh and thank you for the mass-effect ending on Dragonborn, where you are more or less FORCED to be the next slave to that bloody dremora.. or whatever they where called.

    Perhaps you need to re-invest yourself.
    Good luck in the future.

  18. But there won’t be an epic finale.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Original run: November 11, 2011 – April 15, 2013

    Status: Canceled


    Rikke, Ulfric, Galmar, Tullius, Ysolda, Carlotta, Bersi, Drifa, Olfina, Jon, Fralia, Serana, Aela, Farkas, Cosnach, Vorstag, Marcurio, Constance, Sofie, Lucia, Francois, Jordis, Argis, Lars, Alfhild, Hulda, Babette, Nazir, Brelyna, Onmund, Muiri, Bothela, Nilsine, Wujeeta, Ingun, Legate Fasendil, Annekke, Verner, Sylgja, Derkeethus, Mila, Gerdur, Lucan, Camilla, Hod, Dinya, Ralof, Hadvar, Alessandra, Kharjo, Frea, Tolfdir, Svari, Evette, Erdi, Karita, Belrand, Blaise, Angeline, The Greybeards, Hillevi, Grosta, Gralnach, Jenassa, Faendal, Stenvar, Vilkas, Torvar, Danica, Eorlund, Brill, Adrianne, Proventus, Balgruuf, Elisif, Falk, Hrongar, Laila, Delvin, Glover, Iona, Lydia, Rayya, Valdimar, Niranye, Captain Lonely-Gale, Brunwulf, Malborn, Wylandriah, Octieve, Sorex, Minette, Corpulus, Greta, Advar, Blaise, Milore, Dreyla, Teldryn, Talvas, Andurs, Neloth, Unmid, Illdi, Pantea, Viarmo, Vivienne, Jorn, Sorli, Pactur, Idgrod the Younger, Giraud, Sonir, Ria, Isran, Agmaer, Beleval, Celann, Durak, Ingjard, Erandur, Goldir, Illia, Erik, Cicero, Borgakh, Ghorbash, Lob, Ogol, Ugor, Adelaisa, Ahtar, Jala, Aranea, Nelacar, Haran, Dagur, Wilhelm, Lynly, Mjoll, Aerin, Bolli, Roggi, Uthgerd, Avulstein, Thorald, Karliah, Brynjolf, Sinding, Valdr, Arniel, Avrusa, Aduri, Klepr, Frabbi, Hroki, Hreinn, Boti, Fastred, Klimmek, Jofthor, Calcelmo, Eltrys, Svana, Valindor, Asbjorn, Balimund, Runa, Samuel, Hroar, Mirabelle, Alesan, Kodlak, Noster, Omluag, Narri, Birna, Collete, Ganna, Gemma, Gilfre, Aeri, Anska, Medresi, Madesi,
    Paarthurnax, Sissel, Shahvee & many more.

  20. If you don’t do another DLC, you will be leaving the story completely unfinished. What about the Thalmor, the Sijic order,the next High King, what about Dragonborn becoming the emperor with the help of the Blades, which we all hoped we could see? Where is the epic finale, or maybe even an epilogue? I played every Elder Scrolls game there was, but now, I am seriously disappointed !!! Give us one final DLC which concludes the saga !!!

  21. i have a cool idea for a Final DLC 4 skyrim, how bout the long lost dwemer return to tamriel and u discover what happened that caused them to vanish, u harness ancient dwemer magic, armor, weapons. And battle the dark forces that caused this amazing race to become extinct. Sounds pretty cool to me.

    • More then likely that will either be the main theme or a major expansion of TES: VI. Since Microsoft is announcing their new-gen Xbox in October, and TES: VI is probably not going to be worked on for at least 2-3 years. You and I will have a LONG wait.

  22. I gotta say, I’m a bit skeptical of the way they went with the ESO game… I’ve read the intro into it, and I’ve been kinda disappointed in what that is turning out to be. I thought they would take the mentality of TES (be any type of character you want and do anything you want with them) and put that into an MMO format, but, instead, the first thing they talk about are the “alliances,” how altmer, bosmer, and khajit are allied, how the humans and their friends are allied, and how everyone else is allied. That already kind of takes away from the old TES mentality, and I’m hoping Bethesda has not already lost track of what makes the series so succesful that they lose the whole feel of that crucial element…

  23. Dear Bethesda,

    I had a pretty cool idea for a dlc and even though you arent making any more I wanted to share it…

    A final dlc called “The Moot” where after the civil war quest line has been completed you can kill all of the legionnaires/officers. Once that has been completed you speak to the leader of whatever side you are on and they make a meeting of the moot. However, an assassin manages to poison the food and kills Ulfric, Tulius, Elisif, and their second in command. It is up to you as the hero of skyrim to take over the reigns of either side and restore the civility in skyrim by your own accord: hire advisors, earn the trusts of the jarls, maybe even get rid of some unfriendly competition. In the end, you become the high king/queen of skyrim. If you joined the storm cloak rebellion then Windelm will become the new capital of skyrim, but if you enlisted into the Imperial Legion, solitude will stay capital of skyrim.

  24. The evil ones of Skyrim: Njada, Athis, Delphine, Esbern, Ondolemar, Mirrak, Harkon, Haelga, Maven, Hemming, Sibbi, Vex, Tonilia, Dirge, Maul, Astrid, Grelod, Grelka, Eola, Lisbet, Hogni, Banning, Madanach, Thongvor, Thonar, Mercer, Alduin, Mogrul, Elda, Aicanter, Rolff, Kjeld the Younger, Braith, Kayd, Hamming, Frodnar, Hilde, Sven, Ralys, Oslaf, Marcurio, Ancano, Sergius, Siddgeir, Alva, Morvath, Lalette, Tarrie, Endarie, Jala, Vivienne, Temba, Korir, Nirya etc…

  25. You guys should make a patch that allows people with Oblivion and Skyrim to play oblivion with skyrim graphics, engine, and their skyrim characters. Basically it would function as a skyrim add on, but it would be the whole oblivion game.

  26. Disappointing Bethesda, but not really a surprise.

    From the moment I learned that Bethesda had agreed to a deal where the first two DLC releases would be released on the 360 a month before either the PC or PS3, I knew not to expect a lot from Bethesda from then on.

    And then the extremely buggy Skyrim was released, and still has many bugs now over a year and a half later. The Creation Kit came out a few months later, when many expected it to came out with Skyrim. My guess is that there were issues with Steam, and being unwilling to release it without Steam. I could of course be wrong, though.

    Then came Dawnguard, which I have my complaints about. From misleading in the trailer to having no real difference in the separate quest-lines. But the main peev with Dawnguard is the release date. Or dates, I should say, as there are three of them. First came the 360, then a month later came PC, and several months again came PS3.

    I could continue, but we all know by this point that Bethesda would rather please Microsoft than it’s own fans.

    I will not be buying another game from Bethesda until they start putting their fans first. Bethesda, you have officially lost my support. And I know I’m not the only one.

  27. I was really hoping they would make a DLC about what happened to the Dwarves. Like an expansion that would’ve taken us back in time to when the Dwemer were still around. That would’ve been so cool!

    Oh, well… I hope TESVI comes out soon. 🙂

  28. Hey could you guy at Bethesda consider patching in the cape for the vampire lord that harkon had? Or maybe fix the face of the vampires so my character is not so god dam ugly all the time 🙂 ?

  29. Well… I guess that’s it. RIP Skyrim. May your unapreciated potential be realized through the modders and those who actually care about the community’s opinion.

  30. Hi guys,

    Just one more DLC, please. This game has elevated the importance and emphasis on gaming in general as a culture, and most importantly an art form that defines our generation. I’m not sure that you should say good-bye to it just yet without at least one more adventure for us faithful fans.

  31. I feel betrayed. You know more content was heavily inferred, even if it wasn’t “confirmed” as you state. Also this doesn’t make sense considering the interest that still exists for this game.
    Sure, the headache for PS3 is likely not worth the cost and additional content may be impossible for the platform; however, we as raving fans don’t accept that as a valid (if obviously never confirmed due to the reaction it’d garner) excuse – we’ll gladly toss PS3 users into the fire if a lighter burden means moving forward with more DLC.
    Looking in Steam it’s stating I’ve played this game for 1206 hours. Don’t throw away 42.75 days of my life with a lack of resolution to major plotlines! At least tell me what the hell is supposed to happen with the Thalmor and the results of the Moot.
    Even I’m shocked at how long Steam says I’ve played this game, and it says all kinds of things about the potential for collecting an obsessive fan base. That coupled with this announcement means that somewhere, there are maniacal, frothing, psychopathic fans adding names to their kill lists. One more DLC, Beth. I say this because I care about you, and don’t want to read about you in the obituary. That’s a testament to my neutral Sweden-esque approach, and cancels out the potential for any selfishness in my post. Honest.

  32. Bethesda – Specifically – Todd Howard – PLEASE make the action RPG set in Star Trek the Original series that you mentioned a few years ago. PLEASE

  33. I don’t think bethesda has read the complaints or if they even care at this point. Skyrim had so much potential but bethesda just said screw it. As many others have said, we are willing to pay more for one last dlc to end the game. Lets be honest, there were 2 “real” dlc and dawnguard added little area. Both main quests for the dlcs were of medium length at most. It has been hinted by Peter Hines, and even the game itself that there would be a second Great War. It seems that you guys were working on something (Redguard would not be a name for fallout) and you guys just stopped. Please just finish what you started and give the fans (consumers/customers who support you with financial and fan support) an awesome dlc that will end it all. I doubt that you guys will read this (I’m positive they stopped reading this blog ages ago but hope lingers) but if you miraculously do, just consider the gains for you guys and the fans of making one last dlc “to rule them all” (couldn’t resist the lotr reference)

  34. Dunno if this is the right place for this but…:

    I’ve been adventuring with The Elder Scrolls since Morrowind. Khajiit has no words truly for how much this ongoing game series means to me and has provided countless hours of entertainment, imagination, stress relief and more. It IS the ultimate game series EVER. If only Nirn was a real realm, I would so move there! My two fave races are the Khajiit and the Nords. I love the option to play as a vampire and werewolf sometimes. I’m usually a khajiit werewolf character. I thought it would be cool if when a khajiit or argonian obtained were power if they changed into a cat or reptile beast of a more wereish head thumping kind than their average appearance. I want to explore the Elyswere (sp?)! Keep up the superb installments to the series! Can’t wait to see what’s next someday!

  35. How about some love for us ultra-widescreen gamers? Fix the UI glitch (all menus are zoomed in so far that it renders the entire game UNPLAYABLE. Think not being able to see what you’re looting, your current gold/carryweight, etc.) for those of us running more than just one monitor.

    Don’t give us this crap of “we don’t support it.” Most other games that don’t support it just stretch horribly. Skyrim scales beautifully across 5040×1050 (1680x1050x3, no bezel correction), but the menus crop themselves down to uselessness.

  36. I thought for sure there would be a third major expansion, oh well. I wonder when the next project (probably Fallot 4) will be unveiled. Probably E3 2014 with a release in late 2014 judging by the Oblvion » Fallout 3 » Skyrim cycle, which is admitedly, grasping at straws.

    Enough flights of fancy.Thanks for three genre defining and industry defying experiences in one hardware cycle!