Moving to our next adventure

Skyrim has been a labor of love for us since we started designing it in 2006. We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has. And that is because of you, the fans. It was all of you who made it a success. We can’t thank you enough for embracing the game, spreading the word, and making it your own.

For the last year and a half we’ve been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet.

Even though we’re moving on, we’ll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed. We’ve invested so much of ourselves into Skyrim and will never truly say goodbye to it.

We loved hearing your stories, your in-game triumphs, and your suggestions. One thing stuck out to us through those emails, letters, and postings. And that is – video games matter. They’re as important to you as they are to us. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about your time. And you chose to spend it with our game.

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you stay engaged in the gaming community here and elsewhere. Keep spreading the word. Games are the world’s best entertainment because they can do what other forms cannot – fill you with the wonder of exploration and the pride of accomplishment. We look forward to sharing our next adventure with you.

Until next time,

Bethesda Game Studios

Reader Comments

  1. I just wish that you guys would AT LEAST allow consoles to have mods and creation kit just like the PC does. This announcement is like a terrible breakup. I loved Skyrim so much and I have put in so many hours into this game as if it was my job.

    • It’s mostly a matter of consoles not having powerful enough hardware to run many of the mods, and it would require a major effort on the part of Bethesda and Console developers.

    • no offense man, but PC gaming has been around for along time now. All games are made on a computer, not on a console so it’s quite predictable that consoles will never have what PC games can have.

      tl:dr; get with the times.

    • Dude, modding has always been a pc thing. It hasn’t started with Skyrim, and sure as hell Bethesda have nothing to do with the fact that console version can’t be modded. They give way more support to modding than any company on the scene, but there’s only so much they can do.

    • There is nothing that Beth could do about this, I seriously doubt either Sony or Microsoft would allow people to modify a game. At best its still a support nightmare, not to mention the data infrastructure and UI changes that would be needed. At worst? Well being able to execute 3rd party code at the permissions of a game would let people do all sorts of stuff.

  2. Not cool bethesda not cool at all. Total slap in the face if you ask me kind of disingenuous on your guys part. Well say goodbye to my money cause you guys aint getting it anymore. Cant treat fans like this and expect them to stay not cool

    • All good things must come to an end. Why are you so mad? They’ve released 9 updates and 3 good add ons over the last year. That’s better post launch support for a single player game than most. They even said in the blog that they had to stop developing for Skyrim because the next big game just left pre production.
      tl;dr you aren’t entitled to get skyrim dlc, bethesda makes other games besides skyrim

    • So it’s a slap in the face that they’ll continue to support an old game while working really hard to make us another one to enjoy? What the hell is wrong with people like you?

      • Dude seriously grow up people are allowed to voice their opinions you may not like. I’m not happy with the content that was released for skyrim that’s my opinion. You were happy thats your opinion and your allowed to have it. But dont come at me asking what the hell is wrong with people like me all on the basis that I dont agree with you

    • What are you going on about? They’ve been producing and updating this game more or less none stop for seven years. It doesn’t mean the game isn’t going to be there anymore, just no more new expansions/DLC.

    • Maybe they decided to “move to their next adventure” because their big-money deal with Microsoft is over so they don’t give a s*** any more.

  3. You want suggestions? Okay.

    In the next game:

    Make it so dungeons don’t funnel you to the bottom and then spit you out the top every time. Let players explore, put neat items in odd locations, encourage discovery over achievements. Going to the bottom of a dungeon and fighting a levelled boss over and over is unfulfilling, take notes on what Oscuro did to Oblivion and what Obsidian did to New Vegas.

    Actually, on the note of New Vegas: More Dialogue. Let players select topics to talk to NPC’s about from a wide list like back in Morrowind. Actually, just look at what Morrowind and New Vegas did better, and remember to make maps and options varied, not funnels.

    Discovery is the backbone of TES. It’s not missing in Skyrim, but it could be better, and hopefully whatever evolves from Skyrim has the higher quality of level design, Item Placement and NPC Interaction that Morrowind and New Vegas have. Hand placed will beat levelled and procedurally generated, every time.

    • Everything BeakieHelmet said is right on for me. Skyrim was big and beautiful, and no one in their right mind could ever say there wasn’t enough content — but the depth of the dialogue or exploration in games like Morrowind and New Vegas were sorely missed with the linear, monotone questing in Skyrim.

      I wonder if Bethesda would ever consider having Obsidian make an Elder Scrolls game between V and VI? I’m sure it’s already been considered.

    • There wasn’t that much recorded dialogue in Morrowind, it was pretty much just text. So they’d have to shell out a lot more money on voice actors.

    • Agreed. Although the game was vast, it was not as deep as it could have been.
      But here’s to a great and promising future! I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  4. no more DLC?
    the only thing that’s been keeping me going every day is the hope for the rumored Redguard DLC or something huge.

    What do I have to live for between now and Fallout 4? TELL ME THAT, BETHESDA BLOG!

      • After this announcment i feel more like living with Vodka of Russia. Sad news are sad. While i agree with BeakieHelmet’s criticism I gotta admit that they did a great job with Skyrim. Patches, DLCs all of that stuff was great. But don’t let it go to your head Bethesda ya hear?! I know you can do better. I saw Morrowind and Daggerfall. He-he =)

  5. Don’t worry! I keep Skyrim alive releasing new content! At least I’ll at least try to do something, but I’m sure lots of modders will.

    (I hope some modder makes the Redguard DLC showing that the dwemer disappeared when they were harvested by the Reapers they’ve created, which lead, in a distant future, to the indoctrination of Commander Shepard! – That would be an awesome crossover.)

    Too bad great mods don’t usually become canon.

  6. Sad to see it all end, but I’m looking forward to whatever new game you have in the works! Dragonborn was a good place to end it in my opinion. Any loose ends can always be explained away in the next Elder Scrolls game…

    Thanks for making one of my favorite games, one that I’ll continue to play until I get bored of it. 3 years later and still finding things to do!

  7. Heres hoping the next TES game (not ESO) will be on a better engine than the current ‘Creation Engine’. C’mon Bethesda it’s just a modified Gamebryo engine. Also more like Morrowind.

  8. Ok, WTF BETHESDA?! if its really your “love and labor” you wouldnt just abandon it like that for some cheap WoW copy.
    we had a lot of respect for you for what you`ve done for us.
    you`ve set the bar high for RPGs, brought amusement and joy to millions of people. when Dawnguard and the rest of the DLCs came out me and my freinds loved your work. and now you throw it all away like that and leave the story of the dragonborn unfinished? well i think i speak for all my freinds here in lethbridge when i say, HAVE FUN WITH US NOT BYING YOUR STUPID COMPUTER GAMES!

  9. Bittersweet post, but I do want to thank Bethesda for the great job on Skyrim! We need more developers with such passion for creating incredible gaming worlds. Too many developers just want to push out a product but it is obvious the Elder Scrolls team actually loves gaming. Respect for that. Keep up the great work (even if I perhaps would prefer much more consistent quality from the 3D assets, see my SMIM mod, no offense Bethesda!).

  10. Already? I mean, I expected at least another DLC like they did for Oblivion at least. And there’s just so much stuff feeling beta in the current game. Still, it’s one of my all time favorite, I followed all of its development up to today, pre-ordered, I still have my map on my office wall. Thanks for doing such great games Bethesda, but please try to work on your engine’s flaws, some stuff have been annoying since Oblivion and even in Fallout 3.

    Also try to go more Morrowind next time and also better dungeons, I just grew tired of kicking Falmers in the nuts over and over. And more colors, less snow, Oblivion felt like a teletubies show compared to Skyrim.

    Now I guess I’ll redownload Oblivion from Steam and try to get it to run on my Windows 7 64bits machine!

    That’s a sad day but, keep up the good work Bethesda! I cannot wait until your next game!

  11. So I guess the Modders are going to have to do all the work again? I hope someone eventually makes a mod that gives Ulfric his throne. Or maybe something that makes the Thalmor relevant.

  12. Very uncool Bethesda…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been your biggest fan ever since Oblivion introduced me to TES and became my all time favorite game. But this was just bad PR by you guys. Something fishy must be going on… If Dragonborn was going to be your last DLC you should have made it clear at the time. Not string your fans along for months, hinting at new DLC only to go and do something dumb like this… Cause that’s what this is… Dumb… You guys need to reexamine your PR personal. This whole debacle and Pete Hines douchey tweets are going to rub a lot of people the wrong way…

    It’s disappointing on so many levels.

    I look forward to your next adventure, but you should have finished this one first.

    • I have to agree with Not A Happy Camper on several levels. On this end anyway, the announcement of your intention to end any future development of Skyrim seems suspiciously abrupt.

      Listen, truth is I’m not a big-time diverse gamer like a lot of my peers on this blog. There’s been few games that I’ve deemed worthwhile as to devote my time to. I play on my son’s Xbox 360 (which I’ve come to realize is truly limited). I have see how incredible this game is on a PC (drool). I really do want expand into that realm.
      Let me just say, Bethesda, you got it RIGHT with Skyrim. The evolution of all the great elements of free-range play from Oblivion/Fallout 3 coupled with incredible graphics, really strong story lines, great musical score and voice acting talent. It’s literally the best, most original game out there, and the only game I play these days.

      As you mentioned in your ‘farewell’ above, this game IS a phenomenon among the most desirable of gaming demographics. I browse the internet and see the countless sites, spoofs and digital art inspired by THIS specific game and it blows me away. Skyrim has such deep and well-written story lines – you can’t just end like this, finish the story. At minimum, resolution with Ulfric and the civil war/the Thalmor plot lines seems the obvious way to end Skyrim.

      Bethesda. Reality check. This is your HALO 3, you’re GOLDEN AGE.

  13. Can we at least have an ultimate edition come out before you guys move on? The way you did with Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas?

    • Pretty sure they already have… saw it somewhere available online, and was kinda sad that my massive guide was obsolete.

  14. I wish you guys good luck with ESO and all future work. I am a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls, and I hope you continue to support the modding community forever and ever.

  15. I was a bit shocked when I read this, but I completely understand why you all moved on. I wish everyone at Bethesda good luck with their next project (coughFallout4cough) and hopefully it’ll be awesome.
    Can’t wait for the next main series TES game. (4 more years if history repeats itself)I’d like it to take place in Elsewyr, a few years after the events of Skyrim. The desert/tropical rainforest environment would be new and there would be a lot of potential for developing the Aldmeri Dominion plotline. (If you didn’t know, Elsewyr’s a part of the Dominion) Maybe the khajiit traders from Skyrim could make a cameo.

  16. Bethesda, do not scrap whatever work you had for skyrim. We just want to finish an awesome game that we the customers bought. You guys made an insane game but it would be a mistake to leave us hanging. Treyarch and IW get away with it because they are huge corporations, but your company is above that. I don’t care if it costs $30. Finish what you started. Make one more dlc to end it all. It’s the least you guys could do for the customers.

  17. so we get 2 half decent DLCs and one fan made mod turned bethesda money maker/waste of money/ kinda dlc, and then get told that’s all we’re getting? so you guys don’t want our money? fine.

    • Actually I feel we got 1 half decent DLC, 1 DLC that was an afterthought of culmination of the work they put into Skyrim that they showed at DICE , and 1 DLC that is equivalent to a fan-made mod.

      Even with all three of those DLC’s combined, they by NO means equate to Shivering Isles. IMO they should’ve just made one expansion pack instead of two small DLC’s and one add-on. Fallout 3 got more than twice that amount of DLC. I’m pretty disappointed that this is all of TES we will be getting for god knows how many years (TESO does not count).

    • ALL THEIR DLC WAS GOOD, in my opinion every game that Bethesda make is completely perfect, I have always been a massive fan of The Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series (Which is my personal favorite)Bethesda made all excellent DLC’s for Skyrim, Fallout and all the other games they make. The fans of Bethesda that love the games they make don’t moan about the DLC, they thankthm for making the gaming an AMAZING experience, you don’t like it? F**K OFF.

      • how much did they pay you to say that? also Hearthfire was a fan made mod originally. they just got permission to use it. i hear the guy got a decent bit out of each purchase

  18. Maybe we can still get some of the assets from the game jam that were not included in any dlc as a kind of modders’ resource? I’m talking about the verlet surfaces, spear animations, the hanging platforms, etc.

    I can understand if this never happens, as they probably never got close to any kind of release stage. Thanks for letting us know what you guys are up to, and good luck on the next project.

  19. im sad to hear that.i really would of liked more werewolf content like a main quest line.any ways just fixed the issues with bugs and i l be happy.

  20. Not cool, Bethesda. This is the kind of thing I would expect to come out of EA. I’m am really unimpressed by this. You are leaving far too many loose ends simply because it is too much of a headache to implement it on PS3. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. We all know you guys had plans on making more DLC. It’s blatantly obvious in the new loading screens, locked dialogue options only visible by using the creation kit, and the copyright actions taken. You can spew out the BS claims all you want, but anyone with half a mind could see you were planning on making more DLC to help finish the story and give a ggod ending. I just expected so much more out of you, Bethesda. If you hadn’t flushed us down the toilet and given us the short end of the stick, I wouldn’t feel this way. I literally couldn’t believe it when I read that you weren’t going to release any new DLC because I had far too much confidence in you, and I thought you would never do a thing like this. I guess I was wrong. I guess chocking up $105 for the game and all the DLCs isn’t enough of an incentive for you to finish what you started. I won’t forget this the next time I check Steam and see a new Elder scrolls game released. Thousands of other disappointed consumers won’t forget it, either.

  21. You did a good job, Bethesda!

    Anyway, do not let Obsidian make a game by yours

    They are parasitic on Bioware’s game system and fame once,
    now stick to you

    Just let them live in their kickstarter world and stay within

    • you do realize they have to renew trademarks so no one else can claim them right? it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to create a DLC with that name

  22. WHAAAT!? well you better give me new content with the next update!! what about FLOW BASED WATER SHADER? HOW ABOUT VERLET SOURFACES FOR NON RIGID OBJECTS AND SEASONAL FOLIAGE?!

  23. I get it. You guys don’t want to undercut sales between new DLC and The Elder Scrolls Online. Makes sense, to some extent – except the single-player RPG audience only somewhat overlaps with the MMO audience. I don’t care about MMOs, especially TES from non-Bethesda developers who screw up the lore.

    Let’s make a deal: you take back the how “no more Skyrim DLC ever” thing and just say “we’ll wait how TESO does”. Please?

  24. Thanks for all of your hard work on Skyrim. It’s currently the best game of all time, IMO. But it’s really exciting to hear that you’re moving on to your next big project. I really hope to hear about it soon. Bethesda’s projects just keep getting better and better. Oblivion > Fallout 3 > Skyrim > Never-Seeing-the-Light-of-Day-Ever-Again?

  25. Lets hope the next elder scrolls game is built with a brand new engine from the ground up.

    The engine that has been in use for the elder scrolls game is getting pretty dated.

    Also bring back some of the exploration and discovery that morrowind had. Removing levelled loot and enemies would be great. I miss walking into a cave and getting one shotted, i actually had to turn back and level up a bit before trying the cave again.

    Made dungeons seem like they had some sort of level progression to them as opposed to just being “another dungeon”

  26. Please tell us the next project you’re focusing on is going back to work on Prey 2. I’ve been so pumped since E3 2011 and have been waiting patiently through the delays. Dont let such a great game fade away. You have more than enough talent and determination to make the game perfect how you see it…just please tell us if its coming or not.

  27. It would seem they said they aren’t working on it anymore…that doesn’t mean they haven’t already finished another DLC and are simply waiting to release it.

  28. So… They initially say that Dragonborn would not be the final portion of DLC… And then suddenly it is? What the… I don’t even… What?

  29. Thanks guys for Skyrim. In 30 years of gaming, this is probably the most enjoyment I’ve had out of a game. It’s certainly the most time I’ve spent on one (750+ hours).

    Looking forward to the inevitable Fallout 4, as I know it will have the team’s passion for quality oozing from it, as with the previous titles.

    Thanks again!

  30. As you can see from the vast amounts of complaints alot of people were kind of hoping for one more good DLC before you guys moved on. I’m a bit disappointed if that’s the case, Skyrim still has a great deal of meat left on it. Here’s hoping you got one more DLC pack in line before heading out. Go out with a bang instead of a whisper.

    Of course my disappointment with calling it quits on Skyrim is overshadowed by my excitement with what big project you have in mind now. I wonder what it could be? *ACHOO*Fallout 4*SNORT….sorry bad allergies =D. I feel like Odie from the Garfield comic where he was dangling his favorite dingle ball while Odie is going nuts waiting for Garfield to throw it.

    Throw the ball Bethesda xD

  31. So you stop working on an unfinished game? You really like to lose costumers or something? WE want to know and see what the hell happens with the Thalmor and the High King…Not read about it in a random book in TES VI!I can live with bugs in the game, but an unfinished game? Come on now! I know you have to work on Fallout 4, but at least finish the game then start on the new one.

  32. More often than not, Bethesda is setting the high water mark for DLC. Which is what makes this so very disappointing. It’s not that we’re entitled to it, but rather that Skyrim is begging for one more grand adventure (I, for one, would love to take the Thalmor to task). I get the sense that this wasn’t the master plan the whole time – that something was in the works but scheduling changes derailed the efforts. Why else would they not have announced Dragonborn as the last DLC?

    It’s entirely possible that people within Bethesda are sad to not see one more Skyrim DLC as well. Still, the only reason I am capable of feeling so disappointed is precisely because Skyrim is the amazing game it is. Thank you for that, Bethesda. I look forward to the next adventure.

  33. What!?! No Kingsmoot? No Thalmor War? No becoming Jarl and fixing up Helgen? No Dwarve dissapearance quest? No Forswarn Quest? So many unanswered Questions! 3 dlc 1 being pretty useless? All seems a bit too early to be saying No more DLC! I’m as excited as the next person for another Fallout, but too end it there is really a bit of a poor show! 2 dlcs in a year+ is cheap!

  34. They did everything to make the game amazing, the initial release was great and they did their best effort to keep improving the game. Sure minor updates could mean that they still add some content. Everyone remembers the arrow and spell killcam.

    The game is amazing and extra DLC would make it a hassle instead of enjoyable. Of course people want more, but if there is a fallout 4 coming, i just hope they would not make it feel like Skyrim, just like fallout 3 felt like oblivion.

    Skyrim was everything i hoped for and the level cap removal adds another dimension to this, as well as the legendary mode, giving me that morrowind feel back.

    I congratulate you guys on making my dream reality of visiting the Nord home land.

    And i hope it isn’t the end of the Elder Scrolls saga. (With the release of TESO)

    Thanks Bethesda.

  35. I was honestly expecting more DLC. You guys said that you were going to be doing something on the scale of Fallout 3. Dawnguard and Dragonborn barely make up half of that amount.

    Were there really no other ideas? No one wanted to make another project?

  36. Man bethesda Don’t stop the dlcs for skyrim, gonna be a let down if you do, my level 123 character gonna be disappointed :/
    That and I enjoyed staying up all night waiting for your dlcs to come out… getting them the second they come out. Was fun waiting for them and so on

  37. Well, while I always love more Skyrim, not only is Dragonborn and the Legendary Update a good place to stop on but at my current gaming pace I’d still be on Skyrim in 2014 if you released another large-scale expansion and I still need to play Halo 4 and Bioshock.

    Thanks for doing what you do, guys!

  38. I understand the team, we are 1,5 years further and now it´s time for there next epic. Nonetheless they should have said this after dragonborn to be clear to skyrim fans. Thanks for the amazing experience in skyrim and all of your work. You guys work so hard and are one of the best if not the best and creative team there is and i will keep supporting you. And i know which one will be the following epic: FALLOUT 4.

  39. Bethesda, I SIMPLY HATE YOU ALL, Skyrim is the best game ever and not deserve to be sento to oblivion. I will never buy bethesta games anymore in the rest of my life.

  40. Fallout 4 isn’t necessarily next to finish after Online besides I think Fallout could use a little waiting. List of what they are working on: Elder Scrolls Online
    Fallout 4
    Doom 4
    The Elder Scrolls VI: Akavir
    The most recent Doom game was Resurrection of Evil and that was in 2005, 8 years ago I think Doom 4 will release next then Fallout 4 then Akavir. They have been working on Akavir since Skyrim was in the “finished” stage.

  41. 1) TESV is obviously one of the greatest games of all time, and it is certainly not by chance. With or without the DLCs, it is perfect, especially on a decent PC rig.

    2) It would be hard to top DBorn with another DLC (of equal or greater scale/size). It’s even weird for the character, like Frodo and the gang heading back to the Shire. It’s ok that there won’t be any more official content, I think.

    3) As sad as the realisation is, you could really end TES here. Time is supposed to end, anyway. Where’s Kirkbride? TES VI: Atmora? But who goes, and when? Was Mephala behind it?

    4) The message from BGS is great, because it encapsulates all the right attitudes: everyone’s time is special, you can be who you want to be, always a reason to be optimistic!

    5) I’m wondering if the team is upset to lose their baby to the ESO project. Surely most of the ESO team are new to TES. So I’m just wondering how the originals are feeling…or maybe they’re sick of sweet rolls and stupid forum comments.