Moving to our next adventure

Skyrim has been a labor of love for us since we started designing it in 2006. We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has. And that is because of you, the fans. It was all of you who made it a success. We can’t thank you enough for embracing the game, spreading the word, and making it your own.

For the last year and a half we’ve been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet.

Even though we’re moving on, we’ll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed. We’ve invested so much of ourselves into Skyrim and will never truly say goodbye to it.

We loved hearing your stories, your in-game triumphs, and your suggestions. One thing stuck out to us through those emails, letters, and postings. And that is – video games matter. They’re as important to you as they are to us. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about your time. And you chose to spend it with our game.

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you stay engaged in the gaming community here and elsewhere. Keep spreading the word. Games are the world’s best entertainment because they can do what other forms cannot – fill you with the wonder of exploration and the pride of accomplishment. We look forward to sharing our next adventure with you.

Until next time,

Bethesda Game Studios

Reader Comments

  1. I love your games. If you made a massive skyrim DLC that warranted $60 I’d pay it without blinking. Please reconsider this decision. Yesterday was so sad I found myself just booting up skyrim before I went to sleep and escaping just for a little while. I found myself dreaming of what might be next, a trip to stros m’kai and some of its related islands or even a trip further into skyrim’s western mountains and the heart of Orc country. Now I find myself just feeling hopeless. Thank you for the game. I’ll love it and play it into the ground like Oblivion, but unlike Oblivion I’ll always feel a little sad like you guys never explored everything you could have done with this wonderful game. I’m begging you: make more DLC

    • *walks up to Bethesda * in the words of the dovah FUS RO DA That wasn’t to hurt you guys that was just to wake you up look leaving us like this is a huge let down not just to the fans but to skyrim I mean you left us with a cliffhanger if you made one more DLC to blow our mind we would be satisfied don’t do it for us do it for skyrim

  2. @GStaff Since there is no more DLC will there be another game guide to include Dragonborn? There is already a revised edition but it is missing this last installment.

  3. Sad to hear there won’t be any more official expansions, still, modding goes strong and I’m sure there will be tonnes of great user-made content yet to come. Cheers for giving us such a fantastically crafted open world to explore and the tools to craft our own adventures.

  4. Thank you for Skyrim! It really is a great game. Sure, it has many bugs, and I hope those bugs will be fixed, but it is still a great game.

    However, as can be seen in these posts:

    “And we’re still not done – we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!”

    “And we also have some more stuff planned for everyone next year as well.”

    This really sounds like more DLC should be released, not just game updates. This whole talk of a “Redguard DLC” doesn’t make sense, though. There’s no logical reason for why the Dragonborn would visit Hammerfell even if it’s Dragonstar. It’s more likely that Bethesda just renewed their trademark. What would be logical is a DLC dealing with the Aldmeri Dominion. The opportunity for it is there. It could begin with dealing with the aftermath of the civil war, and Tullius or Ulfric telling you it’s time to take on the elves. Perhaps an attack on Summerset Isle, but more likely to drive out the Thalmor from Skyrim. I’d certainly like my Dragonborn to punish them for their atrocities.

    However, if there really is no more DLC coming, that’s sad. Still, it is a great game, with or without Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

    And, from a real-life Nord: Tack för er fina avbildning av gamla Norden och dess söner och döttrar!

  5. Here is a revolutionary concept for you Bethesda, you could go on producing expansions for Skyrim for years to come.

    You could have a talented, trusted team working on it while the bulk of your talent is moving on to new pastures.

    I am not alone in thinking that you had more dlc on the way this year, that impression was distinctly given.

    Also, I would really, really, like to see a utility for your games to port console save games to pc.

    I think it would be a great thing to offer to all the fans who have suffered so much with endless bugs that make the games unplayable or unwinnable, or just plain not enjoyable.

    I have gone through hell with bugs on FNV & skyrim. At one point during FNV, it would take around 2mins+ to load each save game. When you are playing a game where you die frequently, & need to reload endlessly, the game becomes awful to play.

    Considering that your games take around 500 hours to fully explore, it is unreasonable to think people will just start again if things go wrong.

    I have loved your games deeply, but I am at a stage where I want to just quit consoles & play on PC exlusively.

    I bought an xbox slim just to play FNV, which I feel was a big mistake, I really hate missing out on all of the great mods that are available, & on the high texture pack that you released, & I would love to be able to fix all the bugs that arise using console edits.

    I would love to see a utility which I can use to port my xbox saves for Morrowind Oblivion FO3 FNV & Skyrim iver to PC & never look back.

    I think this would be a great way to go for games as complex, far reaching & ambitious as your are.

    Thanks for the great games, looking forward to FO4, hopefully on PC this time.

  6. So what my skyrim character will just hunt dragons and lvl up till he dies ok for 1 the next elder scrolls will make no sense what so ever if the dragonborn is mension just like oblivion was mensioned in skyrim and 2 your leaving the game unfinished. Personally the only game i will be buying will be fallout 4 because that is the only type of games you seem to not mess up on. many people are dissapointed with your disision.

  7. So DLC similar to Fallout 3 with multiple major packs and minor free DLC packs in between was a lie. Awesome, way to treat the fans Bethesda. Hope the next few games flop horribly.

  8. I’m really really disappointed, was expecting at least another 2 DLCs, with a final blow to the Thalmor forces in Cyrodill or at least its borders.
    And Skyrim will stay like this, without a true High-King on the throne? I hoped so much for answers to such questions and they were wasted, thrown into the air like this. Leaving a game hanging like this reminds me of how Minecraft was treated…
    Thanks Sithis, there are mods that help, but the feeling of owning an official Bethesda plug-in…..oh well.
    Skyrim was an awesome game and I thank all the people at Beth, it has its flaws but still enjoyable for the immersion/lore point of view. Thanks again!

    • who said they weren’t going to release any more dlc period. they could already have the last two done for all we know and just giving enough time to pass between the update to the next content. i for one am looking forward to the next elderscrolls game fore it would be awesome to visit elyswer or summerset isle and i have some speculations on plots that could happen in those areas for a main plot. hell i wouldn’t even mind if we visit black marsh! its about time we go to a province based around the beast races. so much lore unexplained that could be expanded upon for those areas. “black marsh being heavily lacking” keep up the good work bethsoft and know that not everyone hates on your game.

      ps. an idea for new crafting id love to see it tailoring if you set it in summerset. id also like to see at least one more lycanthropic strain in your next tes game if in any province other than hammerfell or summerset

  9. Hello Bethesda! My name is Anestis and i’m a big fan like most people here of the Elder Scrolls series and of course the best of all is Skyrim. This is the game i was expecting all those years, i love the big map the Dragons the music the age everything.
    So the past 6 months i was thinking about a DLC and started to design the story,note that im not a developer or good at mods i don’t know how to make mods,the only think that i have is ideas and the fantasy to write stories and scenarios, this is my strong part. I read today that you are “moving on” and that there is no more Skyrim DLCs coming out i don’t hide you that i lost the earth beneath my feet! I mean Skyrim can offer many options the Dwarves,Snow Elves,Thalmor and the Moot,who will be the High King/Queen?
    And so my idea is based on the Moot.Straight to the point i will explain with few words what i suggest,the Dragonborn can become a Jarl (no necessary to finish the Civil War Quest) in a NEW HOLD i know that’s a lot of work to do :p so the new hold will have the Sigil of a Dragon the guards will wear the same armor as all Nord guards with black colors and on there shield will be the sigil of the Dragon.About the name of the hold im not sure i was thinking something about “Black Hold” or “Black Throne” the Jarl will sit upon a black throne,the Dragonborn through a series of quests will become the Jarl,choose a side in the civil war and after the end of war he can support for example Ulfric and make him High King or he can conspire and win the other Jarls to his side and become the High King but that will start a second civil war! Jarls will fall and rise again and maybe new Jarls will step in.
    Also in the new hold there will be a new faction the Dragon Guard or Dragon Order im not sure yet about the name.A new female Dragon and an armored Dragon that will be allies.there will be some siege too and not only once.A new beast form,Pole arms like Halberds and Spears and building a fort near Winterhold,also own a ship. So as i read the comments below we all expect at least one final big DLC something to “remember” Skyrim i hope you like my idea and give us one final epic battle!Send me an email or reply to me and i will gladly give you all the details about the story the quests everything i also designed the map of the new capital i mentioned. Im doing this for my favorite game and all the people that love Skyrim.


  10. There are a lot of people out here who seem really pissed, and I don’t really get it. I’ve never had a problem with Skyrim. No bugs, no problems at all.

    I’ve enjoyed Skyrim so so so much, I’ve had such fun and such great adventures in the cold land of the north. I still have a lot of adventuring to do, so I won’t be leaving Skyrim anytime soon.

    Thank you so much, Bethesda, for making this incredible adventure available for me. It has been an experience I will never forget. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will come up with in the future.

    Once more, thank you. May your adventures find you fame and fortune!

  11. This is sad I wanted closure on the war, thalmor , new high king or queen or whatsoever this came like an arrow in the knee out of nowhere. Everybody excepted more DLC’s 🙁
    Hope you guys announce your ‘new’ title soon…

  12. I guess Bethesda thought my first comment was too rude and deleted it. Everyone is complaining about not getting anymore DLC, and that does suck. But as a PS3 owner we STILL haven’t got an acceptable base game. After a year and a half the same low frame rate issues continue to make this game unplayable after 30+ hours of gameplay. Every time an update comes out they claim to fix it, but none have been able to do so. I love some skyrim, but this far from a finished product. I will NEVER buy another Bethesda game.

    • I can’t say I agree. I don’t really have any problems at all with my game, other than loads occassionally taking awhile. I expect that though, considering I have atleast 300 hours into a single character. I honestly feel like this was a kidney blow, considering beth has lead us to expect more DLC upcoming, and then randomly pulls this. I honestly feel slightly betrayed. It would have been so much better if you said this right after releasing dragonborn, not waiting so damn long. I’m thankful for the great game you made, and for finally getting the DLC you did make over to the PS3, but I still feel stabbed in the back. You led us on, like some cheap wh0re with no intent of putting out. I’m left at a loss of words.

  13. Thank you Bethesda for a Awesome and breathe taking game. I loved skyrim and all of your previous games. I’m truly looking forward to your future games.

  14. You haven’t added that monster mudcrab from the GameJam video. I really, really, REALLY want to fight that thing. You HAVE to add it before being done with Skyrim. I want to fight a mudcrab bigger than a castle, and as a paying customer I demand that he be included in the game!

  15. As a Huge fan of Oblivion and a big fan of Skyrim along with many of Bethesda’s other works I’m actually Really, REALLY happy they’re dropping Skyrim and moving on.

    I really like the content added by Skyrim’s DLC but I had originally hoped for an extension of the conflict with the Aldmeri Dominion. It never really went that way though and didn’t seem like it was going to. The DLC’s that are there are pretty great, there’s been enough patches that the gameplay is much more bearable, and I look forward to any patches to come in the future.

    I think with the huge boost in popularity Bethesda has learned a lot from Skyrim. My biggest hope though is that they learned a lot about Quality over Quantity and that many RPG aspects that they attempted to revolutionize have been around so long for a reason. The reality is they thought they could do so much more with the Xbox, and they did, but there’s a new generation of consoles on the way and they need to start production right away if they’re going to make a good quality game for them.

    I think the controls and general way the Morrowind-Skyrim have worked is really good, so I hope they don’t change too much if a new Game Engine is used, but a new Game Engine is probably being considered at least given that there’s still so many glitches that have been an issue since the beginning. I also have high hopes that the next Elder Scrolls game will make a welcome return to more customization as far as gear, enchantments, and spells and such go, as these things have been declining more and more with each game, I mean in Skyrim it’s really hard to find unenchanted robes, but there’s like 30 different kinds of shoes/boots to choose from. There’s always an abundance of unique swords compared to other weapons too.

    I want to close with a question. The Champion of Cyrodiil became Sheogorath, Sheogorath became Jyggalag again, the prince of order, and for some reason in Skyrim Peryite still holds that title and he’s also mentioned as the weakest of the Daedric princes. I love Peryite so if he took out Jyggalag I’m cool with that, but I’m kinda curious as to what happened?

    • I mean Development, they need to start development right away. This fan says take your time and try not to let the anxiousness of most fans keep you from making something great, cause I’m one of those people that will be playing it for more than a thousand hours.

  16. Beth, as far as I can tell, everybody just wants one more DLC. One that will make Skyrim the defining Elder Scrolls game (though, in the opinion of many, that belongs to Morrowind). If you’re going to keep patching and fixing stuff, I want to suggest one thing.
    Fix the damn core of the game. Repeated patching has been shown to break things it doesn’t touch.
    The UI as I have said on many occasions is too console oriented for use on the PC (thank the gods for mods like KDInventory and/or SkyUI).
    I’d like to be able to see my remaining Health, Magicka and Stamina at any given time without having to TAB them onto the screen (you know, like it was in Morrowind and Oblivion) and a Character model viewer on the inventory screen (you know, like it was in every ES game to date. I know for a fact the consoles can handle this too, my brother has the X360 version of Oblivion).
    Let us end the Civil War once and for all. Take the fight to the Thalmor (Or, if you’re playing a Wood Elf or High Elf, conspire with them).
    Oh, I want to be able to KILL Rolff Stone-Fist. Makes no sense that my Dark Elf beats the everliving snot of him and he goes right back to belching insults in the face of his better and get away with it.
    Rebuild Whiterun.
    Once the dragons are dealt with, rebuild Helgen.
    Bugs that’re as yet unaddressed:
    The Strange Amulet.
    But really, in the Quest that involves being chucked into Cidhna Mine, you can actually BEAT the guards to death and break the quest.
    The Imperial and Stormcloak Generals should not remain immortal after the leader (Tullius/Ulfric) has been killed. You can still get stuck between a rock and a bigger rock, or between a fortress wall and a mountain face. This unnecessarily forces a reload or a TCL from the console.
    Patch 1.9 has brought with it a lot more crashing.
    Fix everything, test it and we shall have a Skyrim V2.0.
    Oh, and it seems the PS3 guys still have a low FPS rate.
    Also, I think the X360 gang have Save Bloat/Corruption issues.

    Please, please, please make Skyrim the unforgettable experience it was meant to be.

  17. You guys did give the impression that there was something more coming out for Skyrim besides patches and Dragonborn for PC/PS3. But, I get it. Sometimes you speak too soon and realize that you’ve got too much on your plate at one time. Thanks for an amazing and addicting game. I hope whatever you’ve got coming out next is even more epic than Skyrim.

  18. I definaly hope you give us 1 more DLC which would be Redguard DLC and yea can move on but just 2 DLC and 1 Small DLC but I hope yea add more small DLCs.

  19. Skyrim was the first game I had for console and boy I played it till by fingers bled, with the dlc’s that were in the game I had tons of time spent on my character it felt like I was in another word of my own like I escaped to tamriel but sadly with this news us gamers being disappointed with the mention of skyrim being for the most part abandoned it is like seeing a friend move away forever, bit I respect your decision and to players reading this keep calm and fus ro dah on!

  20. Beth thanks for making another great game .But when you begin a game finish the story lines on all the quests .Civil War ,Aderian War ,etc……..And for goodness sakes Donot rush the next game out riddled with countless bugs just to meet deadlines like 11-11-11.You guys are far better than this Im sure .Will always love TES and Fallout series but have no love for TESO .

  21. That’s a bummer 🙁 I felt there were a LOT of loose ends that could have warranted some crazy good DLC, namely the Thalmor, and the College of Winterhold (The College was particularly underwhelming compared to it’s Oblivion Mage’s Guild counterpart).

    However I of course am happy to support Bethesda going forward, and I look forward to what your next big title will be.

  22. Well…I must say I’m disappointed that nothing was really added about the Dwemer. I would have loved to have seen more lore or explanation about what happened as a DLC in Skyrim, but it looks like it’s over. I did like seeing a little about the Snow Elves, but Skyrim feels so unfinished still….Good luck to you guys, though.

  23. Thank you for making skyrim bethesda, I hope elder scrolls vi will feature dwemer and their long gone history, and I’ll miss the dam dragon that always drop down from the sky every 5 minute in skyrim 🙁

  24. How do they dare to say that they are moving on when Skyrim didn’t get final conclusion with Thalmor/High King-Queen DLC.

    Mass Effect 3 all over again, but this time there won’t be closure.

    They ruined the game for me.


    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Original run: November 11, 2011 – April 15, 2013

    Status: Canceled

  25. I agree that everything must come to a end, and Skyrim is no different although it is probably one of the best games I have played, and most certainly the best in the TES saga. However, I felt incredibly disappointed by loose ends like the civil war.

    To be honest, the civil war quests could have been so much more fun; the only worthwile quests were the major city battles (whiterun and respective factions capitals), and not even those were great. I do however feel I need to know how it all ends. It felt like we were taken to the start of the story, taken a little bit further in, and then abruptly cut off with general Tullius or Ulfric hinting at so much yet not doing anything; “hey, there will be war and so much fun with the elves and all that, we’re not done, and I trust you to wipe out any enemy camps”. That’s pretty much what I heard at the abrupt end of the story.

    If skyrim truly is finished, I still thank you for this amazing game, although I still can’t stop thinking there was so much more that could be done to enhance this experience into something mindblowing.

  26. Well guys i read almost all the comments and to say the truth it is no easy to bother with a game for years especially with Skyrim because its a great game and need countless hours to focus on it, so about bugs it will be difficult to fix them all its like a sinking boat you close the one hole and the other opens up.So the only thing that we want is at least one final good DLC and a couple of small updates with tiny contents like 3 more followers High Elves preferably as there is no Altmer followers in the game or the 3 DLCs.

  27. Asking you guys to fix every glitch to a game of this scope is a bit too much, but it still really feels like an unfinished game. No conclusion to the war, the High King, Thalmor and all that. So what’s the point of starting a storyline with no end to it? Also, I’ll remember that you never really fixed the ps3 version when the new ES comes out, and any other unfortunate customers will do that as well. Way to create an unplayable game and get away with it like that.

  28. I thank you with my heart for your wonderfull work Bethesda. But im really sad you wont make more Plug-Ins, or DLC for Skyrim like you did with Morrowind or Oblivion. Fixing the orrery, Fighter’s Stronghold, Helm of Tohan. So small thing can be funny, and i feel crap you wont make some.

    Just keep safe on yourjourney towards the next game, and be sure not to get an arrow to the knee 😉

    • All I can say is, I hope Skyrim was a massive learning experience for them.
      The backlash of criticism they got for releasing a console game on PC without taking advantage of the architectuer is one thing, but the bugs… so many bugs…
      And since patch 1.9, Nightingale Hall crashes on entry again.

  29. Hi there and congradulations on this fantastic game and all the DlC’s, but I don’t really agree the move on. Do we really need an “The Elder Scrolls VI”? You have a whole universe of space and ideas on “Skyrim”, and you prove that you can make a whole new world with “Dragonborn”, I know that isnt easy but can you explore the rest of Tamriel in a Skyrim based story?
    It would one hell of a collection!

    Keep up the great work, greatings from Portugal! FUS ROH DAH!!!

  30. I have to just say, I’m really heartbroken by this announcement. I was checking my favorite Elders Scrolls wiki almost every other day to see when the next DLC is coming out, then I see this. As much as I love the game as it is, I really think it has so much more to offer and that you guys shouldn’t just call it quits now. For example, what about the expanded follower system? As a Xbox player, I can’t just resort to modding as much as I wish I could. Now, all of those awesome things I saw that had came up with putting during the Gamejam or whatever it was called will never see the light of day and it saddens me as a big fan of the game.

  31. Please no, don’t stop making stuff to my beloved Skyrim… I BEG YOU! if you keep making new stuff, I promise you i will buy every thing! Just like i’ve been doing for a while now…
    Skyrim ain’t just a game.. Its my escape place. At least you could make -THE BIGGEST DLC- ? You could let us see the rest of Nirn! I so truly, madly, deeply want to see everything!

    I love you way more than chocolate…Ok?
    *Wiping a tear from my eye and goes to slay dragons*

    And btw, my skyrim needs a new High King(ME I HOPE!!), Whiterun needs to be buildt up again and it would be RIDICULOUS to be Dragonborn in only Skyrim.. Hello, this girl is Dragonborn all around the planet Nirn!
    HOLY F* IF YOU DON'T MAKE REST OF NIRN, I WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT MY SELF 🙁 all tho i have no idea what rest of Nirn looks like. or how im gonna do it..

    • The Dragonborn isn’t cut out to be Jarl, let alone a High King/Queen. He/She has no legitimate claim to the crown without the King/Queen/Jarl naming him/her as successor.
      I agree, Whiterun neesd to be restored.

      Right now, I’d be happy seeing Atmora or Akavir.
      But I’d love to see the Summerset Isles or Black Marsh or Valenwood or Elsweyr.

      “Hello, this girl is Dragonborn all around the planet Nirn!”
      Dovahkiin is a Nord legend. The could be many more of the dragon blood. The Greybeard Arngeir himself said “the only one that has been revealed to us”.

      But surely there’s bad stuff happening on the other contents as well, and not just Tamriel.

  32. All I have to say is that ive been loving your games since morrowind. i went back and played arena and daggerfall, and ive played oblivion and skyrim to the ground. What ever happened to todd howard saying, “We will make fewer DLCs but with much more content”? you guys made 3 mediocre DLCs that I still enjoyed, but it makes now sense because the Shivering Isles was easily more massive than theese shitty DLCs. You guys PROMISED bigger than Shivering Isles, and you FAILED. Next time at least be honest with us please.

    A dissapointed cusomer

  33. This game is too good with too much of a large following just to drop it like that. I could see if the DLC’s were not popular but they are hugely popular. There has to be a happy medium to allow this to continue in some form until the next full game release.

  34. Well, I was hoping for at least one more DLC… but then again, I haven’t done everything in the older ones either. Thanks for the most awesome game ever! 🙂

  35. I’ve been really really really patient. Really I have. But you guys have disappointed me over and over again.

    Here is the truth about Skyrim: I has not worked once! NOT ONCE without glitches. If this were a car it would be eligible for the LEMON LAW.


    The greatness of this game was ruined by all the glitches. And now we are at patch 1.9 and I still have problems that haven’t been fixed since 1.7!!!!

    Three quests are stuck in my short quest log. Those three quests block progress on all my major quests. I CANNOT get any more dragon shouts.

    FIX THIS FREAKIN’ game you idiots. Look, you’ve had problems with the quest system since you’ve released the game in NOVEMBER OF 2011!! And its April of 2013 and the quest system has been broken for the ENTIRE patch release cycle.

    When will you realize that something is wrong with the game and either fix the problem or create a manual work around? Something that will allow the USER to reset the quest that is broken or delete it from the log? No more little resets FIX THE FREAKIN game or refund us our money.

    How can you live with yourselves? How would you like it if your car repairman treated you the way you are treating us?

    You have no honor if you do not fix this game.

    Two days after the 1.9 patch I had 5 at least 5 quests broken. Three of which were carried over from before the 1.9 patch.


  36. I was really hoping for some Civil War ending conclusion. Something that stops those annoying Thalmor agents from roaming my beloved Skyrim. Well, hope there is a conclusion in the next game.

    • I just want to wipe the remnants of the opposing faction from the playing field. I mean, immortal Generals AFTER the war is over?

  37. Skyrim was and still one of the best games at least in my opinion. I have some issues with the game freezing and such but still a good game. The DLC’s they had released were all good in their own way actually interesting. At the very least as some have mentioned here there is some issues that should be addressed like Thalmor and the fate of the empire as well as the moot for the High king/queen of skyrim. Imaginating the end doesnt seem appropriate for a game based on choice by the player.