Moving to our next adventure

Skyrim has been a labor of love for us since we started designing it in 2006. We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has. And that is because of you, the fans. It was all of you who made it a success. We can’t thank you enough for embracing the game, spreading the word, and making it your own.

For the last year and a half we’ve been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet.

Even though we’re moving on, we’ll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed. We’ve invested so much of ourselves into Skyrim and will never truly say goodbye to it.

We loved hearing your stories, your in-game triumphs, and your suggestions. One thing stuck out to us through those emails, letters, and postings. And that is – video games matter. They’re as important to you as they are to us. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about your time. And you chose to spend it with our game.

Thank you again for all your support. We hope you stay engaged in the gaming community here and elsewhere. Keep spreading the word. Games are the world’s best entertainment because they can do what other forms cannot – fill you with the wonder of exploration and the pride of accomplishment. We look forward to sharing our next adventure with you.

Until next time,

Bethesda Game Studios

Reader Comments

  1. Well this is just a huge let down. I loved skyrim and all of it’s dlc’s. I kinda feel lied to because I heard we were promised 5 Skyrim dlc’s. I was so looking forward to a dlc that allowed you to drive the Dominion out and the reunification of Tamriel. The fans need that sorta closure. It’s just so sad to see such time effort of such a great game just to have it end on this cliff like this.

  2. Didn’t expect the journey to end so suddenly. Was hoping for at least one more peace of DLC. Love the game to high heavens, but the game just feels unfinished with no closure in regards to the civil war. Please Reconsider…

  3. Bethesda please release Flow Based Water Shader, Seasonal Foliage, Verlet Physics and Spears in the next patch you plan to release, please we beg you to add those features even if you dont plan to support them, just release them so Modders community can take what ever you did with these features and expand them…

    Please Bethesda, just released them AS IS with no support… we will take on what ever you did and expand it.

    Anyone with me?

  4. As it is stated multiple times, the game is not fully finished. This is the first elder scrolls game I have played, and love it. I am on my 3rd play thur because I like the game. I started this new game so I could be ready for the dlc yet to come. As mentioned, there was a lot leaks pertaining to more dlc. Please finish the game and deliver on the rumors you leaked for all of the fans. Otherwise, many will probably not want to play your games and you will start to lose ground in the market.

  5. Although I’m minority among SKYRIM players, ‘cus mine is “CHINESE version on PS3”, I can’t play any DLC, no any MOD, I can’t update to 1.8, I have so many bug, My save is 10MB+ and loading it took me 1~2min, and it started to crash a lot ……………nevertheless

    I still love it! I deeply involved right after I bought it!! I almost played 600+ hr game time with out putting any other game disc to my PS3 between 4 month.

    A truly Open world game is a world you want to “live” inside.
    Skyrim did it.

    It make me feel bad after stop playing skyrim, and playing other game…with linear thinking…..with something like QTE….with something only one way and click…

    I miss SKYRIM! and I dream one day DLC will translated to CHINESE and release on PSN XD

  6. Oh no no no! Please tell us why? Look at the posts here. We want more dlc for the Skyrim and you are our only hope. But this decision belongs to you(Bad decision) so good luck with your new game.
    Pozdrowienia z Polski

  7. I don’t understand…. this must be a joke!? So oblivion gets 4 + dlc’s and fallout gets 4 + dlc’s and skyrim get 3 (which is more like 2 1/2 because hearthfire didnt add any new quests)? This makes no sense at all. The biggest game yet and with so many opportunities to add. What about all those trails that venture off map into new regions but blocks the player from continuing on, always thought that a dlc would be added that opened up a new region. Yeah Elder Scrolls online will be coming out which will be great for all the online junkies(dont get me wrong im excited for it too but it wont be the same). what about those who love to venture off in their own worlds and get wrapped up in epic quests and adventures? You guys talk about the fans…. but to me it seems very selfish to just do what you want and not what the fans want most. I cant even begin to tell you about how many of those of us who beat dragonborn and than said ok whats next? How bout one final dlc that just blows everyone away and makes us FANS satisfied with your decision to move on. I say ONE MORE!!!!
    ONE MORE DLC!!!!
    ONE MORE DLC!!!!
    ONE MORE DLC!!!!

    just one more!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I agree, there needs to be one more DLC that allows a conclusion to the main storline. Time to beat on the Thalmor. There could be a flipside as in Dawnguard: you could play for the Thalmor against the Empire/Stormcloaks.

    It is clear that there is more than significant demand and that it is warranted.

    Lastly, I very badly would like to play split-screen with my wife, or if that’s not possible, with a friend online on my X360. At least one other person. I would love to be able to go hunting with a buddy or clear out a dungeon together. In fact I would prefer this vastly over an MMO.

  9. That’s it? Finished, kapoof, adios just like that. I agreed with some of the comments give us something good, a tear-jerking, ultra-wow closure on thalmor dilemma and dwarves at least. An ending deserving for a GOTY title. One very good DLC FTW..

  10. The Elder Scrolls Online-It has: Low Possibility of Success, Too Familiar like other MMO game, You producer can’t make more money if the “in game cash” not sell well.
    Skyrim has: Strong-Steady relationship with gamer (I love it), Great chance of upgrading and expanding, Instant cash on the selling Base game and DLC, No game at the present can catch up with it, Limitation ? Say that to my hand.

    What the **** in Oblivion that your team think that they make a right decision or this is what your boss command you to do, to dump away one chance to make money and start with another one. If this isn’t about making money then at least finish what you doing. We can wait and we will wait, I signed up for beta of TES-O not to make Skyrim being close like this, i singed up cuz i think your guy make thing and do thing that other producer don’t dare to do, cuz you bring us freedom and creative to play your world. For that…Please, do what you intended to do, if your boss want anything tell him to STFO and listen to the crowd voice, to the gamers NOT Benjamin Franklin OK ?

    • And if they do tell their boss to STFU, they might get fired for it, and we wouldn’t have any more TES teams out there.

  11. Man, Bethesda, you guys are making a HUGE misstep without one more DLC. Skyrim is, by far, the best – and most popular – game your studio has ever produced. FAR too many loose ends to just leave your fans hanging.

    I’ve been adventuring in Tamriel from the get-go, back in ’93. Skyrim has met every wish I ever dreamed of in an Elder Scrolls game. I’m not ready to put it down yet, and I’d say the VAST majority of your customers agree with me.

    I’m not naive enough to think that any of these posts will actually change anything, but you always claim to listen to your fans. For the next game, PLEASE let us deal with the Thalmor, and give them the black eye they so richly deserve.

    SO MANY areas of Tamriel have been left unexplored in-depth. As a fan of not only the play-aspect of the game series, but as an Elder Scrolls historian, I’d love to see something set in either Valenwood or Hammerfell. Taking my previous statement about the Thalmor into account, Valenwood would be the more logical of the two choices.

    Thank you again for the best game I’ve ever played (Skyrim), and thank you for giving us The Elder Scrolls series.

    • Forget next game. I’m not going to buy another game to get the conclusion to this one. Listen to the fans now and give us one last DLC to really send off Skyrim with a bang. It’s pretty apparent that a lot of the fans are pretty disappointed. I think it would speak leagues of Bethesda as developers to simply give the fans what they want.

    • I totally agree with doing the next one in valenwood. Or maybe the summerset isles. I was kinda disappointed in their decision to do elder scrolls 5 in skyrim. Only because I knew that it was going to be snowy and dead looking. One of the biggest reasons why I loved morrowind and Oblivion was because of it’s rich scenery. I wouldn’t really want them to do it in hammerfel for two reasons. 1: because they have already been there. 2: because hammerfel is desert. Although that leaves it open for more tropical areas. It would still be a lot of desert roaming and I’m just now down for that. Oh, and I totally agree with you…skyrim was not done and the vast vast vast majority of the fans are in totally agree with you. I hope they actually listen to the fans.

      • And also, I hoep they make use of DX11 for their next TES games. And a fricking NEW engine. GameBryo is fecking up every game they’ve ever developed on it. Time to change software, guys and gals.

  12. Dear Bethesda,
    Thank you Bethesda for an amazing game.. I’m glad you made skyrim. Skyrim was incredible and it was a phenomenal to play, however I’m left questioned as of others who have played what happened to the Dwemer and why where they ruined. Also I’m very curious what happened in hammerfell

    Yours truly

  13. It’s sad to hear that the game will be over. I was expecting to have at least one more DLC, could be a war agaisnt the Thalmor or something like that. So much time playing and I can’t belive that there will be no more adventures. Again, it’s so sad.

  14. What happened to the DLC that was suppose to add spears? Fuck sake, I have been looking forward to spears since before the game was first released and seeing them in the game jam only made me want them more. Come on guys, just fix up the game jam stuff and release all that as the last batch.

  15. I understand that it would be more profitable in order to move-on to the next project, but there are people willing to purchase a $40~$60 dollar DLC (FYI to commentators, a company’s goal is to make money, not provide a service as requested). This is as much as a regular game except the engine and root coding are all already there. It would be more inexpensive than a full game, and there is already a massive fanbase who already own the vanilla game. As a result, the profit margins would be tremendous compared to releasing a completely new game. I would suggest even delaying the next project on the corporate level in order to maximize profits as although it would be slow going, the new game could still be worked on while a “final” DLC is created. It would be foolish to pass this opportunity up as it would generate an extra $20~$40 (or whatever the projected margins are) times say half of the copies of Skyrim released. It would end-up paying for itself relatively quickly. In order for consumers to buy it, though, this may be one of those exceptions where you have to advertise for the DLC, especially with the release of this blog post.

  16. beg all you want but there’s no more DLC coming out. After having them make a post clearly saying “no more DLC”, the chances of them developing several major features and then an entire DLC about Thalmor because of a few comments is just… not happening in this universe. just move on lmao.

    It makes more sense than anything to stop development because Skyrim is getting old and even though it’s a great game most people lost interest a long time ago.

    it wasn’t a cliffhanger either. destroying the thalmor isn’t the plot of a DLC, that’s a plot for an entire game, not to mention it wasn’t even the main plot of skyrim in the first place.

    • The problem here is there was a lot of bad blood at the start of the game with how glitchy it was. And it was, there is really no denying it. But the company repeatedly leaked 5 dlcs coming and are cutting it short with 3. This means the game starts and ends on possibly bad press. This is really bad when you’re trying to launch an mmo. Who’s going to buy an mmo that, based on the last incarnation of the game, will be buggy to start and not be fully supported by the maker’s own intentions. I can understand why the made the decision, don’t get me wrong, but it really is shooting themselves in the foot with current and future projects. Believe it or not but bethseda is becoming kind a joke with a lot of gamers and this won’t help things.

  17. This is a most curious move, Bethesda. It would seem from the passionate comments that you have received here that the consumers are not ready to “move on to the next adventure…” they want more adventuring in Skyrim.
    TES:V is a beautiful game with so many possibilities. Yes, I am sure the modders will continue to push material out, but (no offense to the modding community) the vast majority of these mods will be half-baked. What the majority of consumers want is more DLC for this product.
    I do not want to sound like a broken record, but I have to agree with many of the other comments – the game does not feel finished. I could really care if new DLC involved the Dwemer or some other direction; it would just be nice for there to be some extension of the storylines that have been left so incredibly open and incomplete. I am sure that in doing an open world game, it is necessary to leave some storylines unresolved, but it feels like there is a whole lot to leave the player hanging.
    It seems like there is more money to be made in releasing DLC here; perhaps this should be reconsidered. Regardless, it appears as though the decision has been made. Thanks for a great game – I just wish it felt a little more finished.

  18. Extremely disappointed. I had heard rumors for a while of more DLC, and it would have been much appreciated. I know that as someone who has a character benefiting from the skill reset that came out with the 1.9 update, its a bummer to not have new content to explore after being given new life. Not at all a fan of the decision.

  19. Well thank you for dropping the ball on the DLCs. Dawnguard was ok, hearthfire was tiny. Dragonborn was the best DLC to come out and that wasn’t anything mind blowing. There was so much more they could have done with it. Very disappointing but damnit I know I am going to end up getting the next in the series when it comes out. Still my favorite franchise of all time. But next time, please do better on your DLCs on the next elder scrolls…or don’t…you’ll still get my money either way……..damnit. Oh and don’t take 10 years to come out with the next one…you are already making me sad in the pants.

  20. Maybe they stoopped making DLCs for skyrim because of all the problems they encountered while developing them for the PS3.

  21. Very dissapointed – WHY Bring out a 1.9 Patch that allowed me to level up to Legendary and therefore carry on enjoying such an amazing game, when I now have nothing else to do and no more DLC’s to support that Legendary progression – POOR!!

    • Agreed. Hopefully Skyrim is just a black sheep TES game — the only one they’ll leave in an unfinished state. Not sure about Arena or Daggerfall, but Morrowind and Oblivion had definitive ends. Skyrim does not. Give us the end to the adventure and keep TES amazing.

  22. I need to leave my two cents about this because I feel it’s important. Skyrim has been THE game that has never gotten old, OVER exceeding my expectations when it came out 11/11/11. I’ve played all The Elder Scroll games and have loved them from the beginning. With each play through from TES 1-4, I stopped playing them after my first play through. Skyrim however has been almost none stop. I can’t even count how many times I’ve made a new character because there’s so much you can do. After the Dragonborn DLC came out, I really started getting in to the game and I played more and more. I’ve beaten the story line DLC for both Dragonborn and Dawnguard probably 5 times each now with different types of characters. Now my question is, if something like Skyrim has such a high demand for more DLC, why not give it to the fans who have fallen in love with the game? Just a question that I feel is necessary to be answered.

  23. The fan Base of skyrim is like no other. So much money yet to be made and you just push it aside for something you hope will make you more money. Well if that’s the case sell the rights to skyrim and let someone else make the money you would have made from it. I can tell the amount of unhappy fans made by skyrim standing together not buying another game from yous. its bound to take its toll

  24. elder scrolls on line I can see being the fight against the thalmor because it would be all out war which is what most mmo’s are. I think we should get one more dlc that would lead in to the inevitable war with the dominion and the empire the thing that sparks it off. if your actually going that way that is

    • Actually, the Aldmeri Dominion you fight/fought in Skyrim was the second Aldmeri Dominion.
      The ones you fight/join in TES:O is the first Aldmeri Dominion, and they aren’t that much of a group of pricks compared to the second Aldmeri Dominion.

      The MMO is, if I remember right, sometime during the 2nd era. Skyrim’s events took place during the 4th era.

    • Actually, TESO is kind of like The Elder Scrolls 0. It’s (AFAIK) before Arena. So, I think you’re wrong in that regard.

  25. SO Skyrim jumped us 200 years into the future to witness the Empire in tatters, Aldmeri religious oppression, etc, and there’s not gonna be a DLC that lets us put things right and restore the Empire or at least drive the elves away? Well, hopefully it’ll be in the next game. Major letdown.

    • Not looking towards another game after the lack of support and follow through with Elder Scrolls V. Don’t think the gamers will forget and just buy the next game trusting Bethesda with the history and bad taste you are leaving with this legacy…

      • We’ve actually supported Skyrim longer than any previous title. An incredible amount of work went into releasing the three add-ons on PS3, 360, and PC.

        And we also made sure we did more to support the game with free updates. At this point, releasing the modding tools is more or less assumed, but there was still of a ton of work that went into the Creation Kit (and Skyrim Workshop). On top of that we wanted other content that would be available for free, including the 360’s Kinect support, our Steam HD Texture Pack, and our title updates that added new features to the game.

        • Please GStaff tell whoever is in charge of Skyrim to please release Flow Water Shader, Seasonal Foliage, Verlet Physics and Spears as a patch or something, just release them with no support in anyway, just ask Todd or Pete to release them so we can expand on them for modding.

        • i can imagin Bethesda supported skyrim for a very long time inspecially for PS3 players. Alot of people want to have 1 more DLC to come onto Skyrim before closing such an awesome game for the PC.

        • “We supported it more than any other game, because we broke it more than any other game.”

          Ha, well at least you actually did fix your game in the end. Unlike certain other publishers…

  26. Skyrim has been a fantastic game for my entire family. There are six of us who play the game and we play it together. I play while my kids watch, they help my wife get out of plenty of jams, and they play a quest line and then start a new game every time (they love creating new characters).

    Please give us some more family time, please give us new characters to fall in love with. Please take us to wonderful places, full of excitement and adventure.

    Just one more DLC. Please.

  27. You folks underestimate the apparent corporate evil that has overtaken Bethesda. No No NO. This is what will happen:

    In the 200 years between IV and V the Empire failed and Thalmor came to power. The next game will skip several more generations, during which time the Thalmor were defeated and the Empire has risen again. We won’t get to enjoy it.

    Not only that but it wouldn’t surprise me if the next game has us working for the fallen Thalmor bringing them back to power.

  28. To people who say listen to the fans: they are a business. They’re here to make money. A better way of putting it is that making at least one more DLC for Skyrim would make people want to buy it and would probably make more money, especially because the fans are the ones who buy the games.

    • “they are a business. They’re here to make money.”
      Without fans, they wouldn’t sell or make any money. They’d be dead and gone by now if not for the fans.

      • No duh. But people whining isn’t going to do anything. Making a valid argument might. Which is what I did, istead of “You promised us 5 DLC’s! *rage*”

  29. @gstaff with that thanks beth for skyrim. i was trying to delay my main quest hoping that there might be another dlc coming up but with this news, ill go ahead and finish everything. who knows maybe beth is making something like a fallout: new vegas thing on the next gen consoles?

    • I’ve never experienced the “Season Unending” quest on account of ust how interminably BORING the Civil War is.
      Geez. Make the next one interesting.

  30. I would have loved to destroy the Thalmor oppression, and chase the scum in every corner of Skyrim to obliterate them all, pity…A DLC would make it better. But I’ve enjoyed Skyrim so much… I can’t be mad or dissapointed at Bethesda – I’ve just had so much fun!
    I definatly trust Bethesda and have high hopes for the elder scrolls 6.

    Team Skyrim: Thank you.
    But please don’t make me wait 10 years for TES: VI!!!!
    And of course in the next game I expect there to be some Thalmor slaughtering 😉

  31. So basically Bethesda don´t care if i got $100USD to spend in more Skyrim content? come on Bethesda… i know you want my 100$!

  32. Well that sucks. I was also hoping for some sort of ending DLC. I just assumed it was coming because why waste time with Vampires when you could have been wrapping up some of the story lines. I have no intrest in the online game so I guess that is it for a long time.

  33. So…they never said they we’re leaving it entirely…
    probably finishing up on a few DLC’s…at least the rumored next two…gunna patch it up…that’s about it…not leaving…just working on other stuff more than this…probably not “the evil within” at least it doesn’t seem like it…they make it sound like the thing they are moving too has had a lot of time on it already and needs more time on it…possibly fallout 4…because they did say they were sworking on something big even as dishonored was released and “the evil within doesn’t have any small amount of gameplay footage in that premiere trailer…though I could be proven wrong…

  34. Bethesda, this is the greatest game of all time. I am on my 3rd restart and with 20 mods, I have a near to realistic game as possible going. The only wish I have is for my character to have speech for her lines. I know Dragonage II was able to do this and hope that if not for Skyrim, maybe the next Elder Scroll game you can include this perk. Thanks for the all the fun the last year and a half. Looking for forward to the next one (although I still have Alduin to face a 3rd time yet. JK

  35. Guys, guys. Calm down.

    The reason there will be no more DLCs is quite simple. Market conflict between two products that belong to the same company. That is TESO.

    I honestly hope that BGS *will* release stuff that we saw in GameJam, because if they dont, it will feel like a slap in the face of costumers/consumers. It will look like this: “See guys, if we kept the game atleast one more month in development, you wouldve got these features. But alas, we wanted to meet a very rare and special time of release, so… deal with it.”

    Leaving Skyrim in current state and walking off looks like BGS gave up and simply left. Atleast finish the work guys.

  36. Used to love this, game so much but now its just ruined for me, i understand that they have to move on, but cmon!, its such a bad way to end such a great title’ Within the keynote we saw so much promising things! 🙁

    • Used to love this, game so much but now its just ruined for me, i understand that they have to move on, but cmon!, its such a bad way to end such a great title’ Within the keynote we saw so much promising things! 🙁 *If you only do this to coffer the elder scrolls online, well screww you it looks way to much like guild wars 2 >-> i,am not gonna play it any kind of sence.

  37. I am still waiting for the dlc with some “meat” that you guys promised. So far the only one that provided much extra was Dragonborn, which was barely meatier than Shivering Isles. Is this really how you are going to end this?

  38. Im not to fussed about more dlc Just fix the bugs with the ones already there before you guys forget about skyrim

    the bloody hearthfire falkreath one is the current one getting on my nerves bloody nanya wont sell me land!!

  39. Love the game and I’m sad to see the DLC end. I’d hoped we’d get one final DLC that would let us kick the Thalmor out of Skyrim and the Empire. Next game I’m guessing? I’d love to see seasonal foliage, flow based water, spears, snow footprints and maybe the giant mudcrab battle in a future patch if you guys and gals could swing it. Oh and please make it where Wuuthrad can be upgraded. Thanks for the fun times.

  40. Loved Skyrim, but VERY disappointed that there wasn’t a DLC for the Thalmor plotline. Now, if Elder Scrolls VI basically picks up a short time after Skyrim and deals with the Thalmor issue (and more), allowing for exploration of ALL of Tamriel, well, disappointment would quickly turn to excitement. Just saying. ^_^

  41. Cause you’re trying to make a grim news (that should have been given us 4 months ago) about end of Skyrim dlc irrelevant by posting 5 different news on your blog when usually you don’t release anything new on blog for days …you leave me no choice but to try here to let you know that a small patch which would introduce spears at least or in best case scenario some other gam jam stuff which didn’t make in game(but than patch wouldn’t be so small now right? xD)….it would be a REALLY nice gesture and it would show that Skyrim indeed was more for you than just a ‘game’ and in the same time soothe all the upset people including me who just think that your dlc policy for Skyrim was economicly(this one only matters,right? -.-) and in every other aspect wrong and that by giving something that you can make really easily(you did it for Morrowind back in 2003 and for the gam jam ….what possible excuse could you make up now…cmon), you would prove that Skyrim means more to you than you have showed&(and btw why you support more your adopted child Fallout which I also like than your own child Elder Scrolls-both FO 3 and NW got more dlcs and marketing stuff and communication was much better and all loose ends have been covered up and you actually didn’t leave so much questions unanswered as you did with both Oblivion and Skyrim especially)that’s all….as you said…you’re over with Skyrim but might release occasional patch…so why don’t release patch 2.0 and though we would not forgive you your neglect for Skyrim at least it won’t leave this bitter feeling that I’m currently feeling like millions of others towards you….. really after this your decision it seems that Nazeem finally got a competition -.-

    • Dude, chill. I already said why: they dont want competition with TESO. Why release a bunch of DLC’s for Skyrim, if they can relase a subscribtion based MMO.
      Its a clever business strategy from their point of view.
      Also, they dont care at this point. Nothing, short of mass petition, will make them change their minds.
      Also, if Fallout 4 is anything like Fallout 3 in general terms, well, they are better off outsourcing it.

  42. I kinda feel dissapointed over this, what about killing the Thalmor? They need to be stopped, or an akaviri invasion and go to akavir. That would be so awesome. Though I wouldn’t like a dlc with the dwemer. You were promising more dlcs, and yet you do this? I don’t hate you for this, but I am very dissapointed.

  43. The thing is this, I was patient. I bought this game and the DLC twice once for PS3 and then again for PC when I became fed up with the situation of not being able to use mods. The Game is a warrior/archer class game with tired, boring pop horror elements (Vampire/werewolf) but I still waited for them to add SOMETHING …anything for the players who love Mage class characters. they never did and now it’s over? Here is what I will do I’ll just spend my money on some other game that does. end of story.