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  1. I own RHCP version of the game and can’t purchase The Knife of Dunwall DLC in Steam. On Payment Info page it gives me the following error:
    Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy a game that requires ownership of another game you do not currently own. Please correct the error and try again.

    I thought that devs have alreasy fixed this stupid region restrictions. 🙁

      • We’re sorting out the The Knife of Dunwall issue and I’m told we’ll be seeing Dunwall City Trials in the near future. I apologize about the tweet, we got updated information (which we provided in our forums) after that went out.

    • The fact that DLC was visible to Steam users from RCHP-region is now fixed. So you can’t put this store item to cart.

      Why Dishonored DLCs (1st and 2nd) are not yet available in RCHP-region is question to the publisher, not to developers.

      But I am agreed with you here when it comes to emotional part of this situation. I am from Moscow and I can’t play “The Knife of Dunwall” either 🙁

      Any comments from Bethblog officials are appreciated.

  2. I have RHCP version too. And I can’t buy any of two DLC – they are not available in my region(I’m from Russia).
    So please tell me when you will let me to give you my money for the DLCs?
    Or you allowing me to pirate them?

  3. I рфв the same problem, but now DLC just disappeared from Steam, at least for RHCP region. This looks quiet irreverently to many players and makes us think about other, you know, wicked ways to play it. Or even not to play at all.

  4. I’ll forgive you for not making more DLC for Skyrim only if you put Arkane to make more for Dishonored. And make a sequel. And make some merchandise, like books and stuff. And comic books. And hire Vitor Antonov to work on your next game. xD

    Dishonored is one of the very best games of this generation, and that is no small thing to say. Thank you guys a lot for making it happen!

  5. Dishonored is one of my absolute favourite games from 2012, and The Knife of Dunwall-DLC looks really great! I will certainly downlad it when it’s soon released on the European PS3 Store!

  6. 2:30 here on the 17th EST. No DLC on the PSN store Bethesda. Common, I really thought that this would be a step up from Skyrim DLC.

    • Here’s a tweet from @PlayStation a couple hours ago

      UPDATE: The PSN team is working hard on the PS Store publish, happening later today. We’ll update here when live. Thanks for your patience.

  7. Epic stuff from Arkane!! Beth you got an Awesome Studio to Support, i Agree with leomorg that this is One of My Favorite Games so Far!! Keep up with those guys Bethesda, they delivered a depth of Story and atmosphere that ist Hardly Compareable to any other Game of this Gen…
    Maybe do some cool Crossover easteregg in your next Game, and keep supporting them please!! There needs to be a sequel of Dishonored!!

  8. I agree, this game sits with BioShock infinte in creating a living breathing world that I just want to explore. Franchise please…wanna see the wild continent

  9. What is wrong with PS3 Dishonored in Russia? I still cannot download neither DCT nor the knife of Dunwall. There is no option in main menu and I failed to find anything in f..cking (sorry for my poor french) playstation store. Please say whether I’m dumb or you ignore interest of English speaking gamers who considers Dishonored as the best game with unique atmosphere and translation into Russian just ruin it.

  10. I have been looking forward to this DLC for a long time. Unfortunately it is not showing up in my Xbox Live store. I live in Japan. Is it not available in Asia? Or is it an issue with my account?

  11. Played through twice, now.
    Great job, guys! Can’t wait for the next chapters.

    Delilah’s threat is much creepier if you don’t overlook the poem she wrote. I missed it entirely on the first play-through.
    If you need to patch in the future, would you consider making documents highlight under Dark Vision? It’ll help keep others from missing it.

  12. so, i hope whomever wrote the standard description for The Knife of Dunwall is fired. yeah, fired.

    let me give you the Cliff’s Notes of The Knife of Dunwall’s first sentence (e.g. the one you see on list screens on Steam): “SPOILER SPOILER, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER.”

    who the hell approved this? why would you even talk about this person and what they did when their name isn’t even mentioned for the first half of the game! here, let me be a better copy writer than that jackass: “The Knife of Dunwall puts you in the shoes of Corvo’s mysterious and dangerous nemesis.” see how easy that was?