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  1. Tunnel Snakes Rule~!!!
    Id get that…but…lets be honest…its not worth it til’ they put it on a cheesy leather jacket…
    so…whens that coming out Bethesda?
    Seriously when…?

    • OMG YES!!! I would totally get that. Until then ill be getting the Abraxo T-shirt. Too bad i missed out on that Fallout lithograph, seeing that it was sold out made me just about cry.

  2. Great idea for the new fallout game have coop for the main story and have the lvl up system for coop like skyrim and a lvl cap of 100 oh and for coop have it slip exp and higher lvls cant join lower lvls

  3. I cannot wait for Fallout 4. My favorite games are Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim. I love being able to put 100 hours into a game and still not be finished with it. With games like COD, you get a 4 hour campaign then a very repetitive multiplayer. I LOVE open first person, open world, role playing games. Particularly ones that are also retro-futuristic. In fallout, the incorporate the perfect amount of future technology with the culture and music from the best decade (1950’s). Bethesda, you are the reason I bought a gaming computer, so I could play all of your amazing and endless games for hours on end.

  4. “For all your apparel needs?”

    I didn’t realize Maryland was so libertine. My state still requires pants. I still ordered the Abraxo t-shirt, of course.

  5. I was thinking about an idea how a bout a NCR flag for merch it would be awesome to hang in my house email me if you agree that it be cool