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  1. After downloading and installing The Knife of Dunwall, I put in my Dishonored disc, started the game up, let the 1.3 update download and install, then began to play.
    I started to get a recurring loading screen freeze after opening the door to the Legal District in the Eminent Domain mission.

    My PS3 locks up completely, forcing me to do a hard reset, which causes a restore/hard disk check for corruption. After numerous attempts to revert to previous saves with the same result, I deleted all of my Knife of Dunwall saves, deleted the unlocks/DLC game save data, and played through the DLC again from the beginning. Nonetheless, I’m stuck on the loading screen again.

    I’d love to continue the story if I could. Should I hold my breath for a patch, or uninstall then reinstall the DLC and start over from scratch a second time, only to be disappointed with the same frustrating result for a third time?

  2. Not sure if this is the place to put this, but I doanloaded he Knife of Dunwall last night for my PS3, installed it at my cousin’s but didn’t happen to update the game. For some reason when I enter the game it won’t allow me to access the DLC even though it can be found under “manage downloadable content”. I also can’t seem to find the patch available for download online (i thought this would be the best resource). I have wi-fi issues at home and my PS3 refuses to connect and I would love t play this release as I have beat the vanilla dishonored maybe 5-6 times. Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance 🙂