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  1. These are all really good points everyone but no one’s mentioned the barbed wire! I know nothing about wolfenstein but from what people are saying about it could it be the Berlin wall or something? Just a wild guess

  2. Honestly, this is probably not Fallout 4. But it isn’t the best marketing idea to tease a new unannounced game when everyone is so hyped up for Fallout 4, because whatever this is, it probably is going to dissapoint more than it will excite, simply for not being Fallout 4. But thats just my opinion. And thats not to say whatever this is wont be good, it just isnt going to have the hype that Fallout 4 does.

    • I strongly agree with you since I finished fallout 3 that I’m wating for fallout 4 and bathesda is always just saying little things about three dog and othe things like this trailer and it is never about fallout 4.

  3. Johann Sebastian Bach orchestral suite? G-String? Johann Sebastian is a german composer so maybe it has something to do with Germany perhaps? Wolfenstein?

  4. I think that its going to be a new game I havent played much of bethesda’s games so i dont know but i think the game will have to do with alien invasion and galactic war I think so because
    1. if you look on the upper left corner on the first video you will see a smug that looks like a UFO which means aliens

    2. the flowers on fire means invastion

    3. The barb wire I think means war so put them to tother and you get Alien invasion and galactic war

    But i also hope that it will be fallout 4.

  5. The first clip shows a old record playing with the title of “The Moonbeam Trio” among other words that don’t make much sense together with barbed wire.

    The second clip shows a (very dirty or even scorched) person standing a short distance behind the burning Sunflowers in front of a barred building.

    The 3rd clip doesn’t show much more than a moving shadow at the top left corner (and a hair ball on the right) of the window with a sudden flash.

    This is definitely a mystery but I’m guessing “Fallout 4” given the themes of the clips.

  6. I was right its Shinji Mikami’s new game, from Tango Gameworks

    Shinji Mikami’s New Game Revealed Tomorrow on IGN

  7. I really hope this is Fallout 4, but I think it’s something new. It would be really awesome if it actually was project Zwei! It looks more like Zwei, because of the ”horror” themed videos. And the dead hanging man behind the sunflowers? I really hope that it’s not wolfenstein, because that game was really crappy, compared to other of Bethesda’s masterpieces!
    But I’m hoping for fallout 4!

  8. Dear Bethesda,

    I have waited. So long now. (It feels like forever)
    Please PLEASE tell me this is Fallout 4. I need more Fallout. I have played 1,2,3 and New Vegas over and over again because I simply can’t wait for more Fallout.

    I will lay down and cry if your announcement is not Fallout related.

    • God I hope not. Yet another zombie game? I mean how many times can we do the zombie apocalypse story and keep it interesting?