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  1. The flowers burning make me think this is Fallout related, akin to nuclear fire, but I can’t say for sure…Bethesda, you’re tricky to read into.

  2. It would be nice if it was a movie about Thalmor/High King-Queen which was originally planed as DLC but canceled!!!

    Really hope that’s a Skyrim closure.

  3. Sun flowers burning in the darkness = Black Sun?
    Sun flowers on fire.. I guess represents the sun.. The darkness represents the black..ness

    So my guess is it’s Wolfenstein since it’s main story is about the Black Sun dimension.. If it is, why such a big reveal and teasers and such? It’s being made by a side studio of Bethesda so it’s not exactly a “major” Bethesda game (like Fallout 4 which should have been announced!!)

    And just on a side note.. But where the hell is Prey 2!? Anyone who mentions it, gets flat out ignored.. There are people looking forward to it, so if this is Wolfenstein.. It’s going to be nothing more than a let down.

    • I wish there was a like button, you just read my mind but, HAIRY BALLS OF THE GODS!! why wolfenstein???!!!! just a waste of time and money I know there’s a snowball’s chance in hell, but im hoping that fallout 4 will come out soon!!…>_<

  4. Sunflower Summers

    Unless it is Project Zwei, I am figuring Wolfenstein, but hoping for Fallout.

    Reasons for Fallout…

    In the Lonesome Road DLC, there was a body of a war protester in the Divide named Sunflower Summers.
    Sunflowers can be used to filter fallout radiation.
    I want a new fallout game

    Reasons for Wolfenstein…

    Sunflowers are very common in parts of germany. There is even a festival for them.
    In Berlin, there is a hostel known as the Sunflower Hostel”.
    The novel ”
    The Sunflower” by Simon Wiesenthal. It is about a Jew who forgives a dying member of the SS for what he did in WWII.
    the record spinning is a Johann Sebastian Bach record. a German composer.

  5. There’s somekind of zombie or just what it looks like a man poisoned by radiation on it in the first video.


  6. It may be the Horror game that one of the studios is creating, I think its called Tango Gameworks. I did think Fallout at first but its not really the style of that kind of game. This looks more horror and cryptic in a much different sense.

  7. In a perfect world that barbed wire would be part of the prison Beth should be thrown in for leaving Skyrim unfinished…

    • That’s right Not A Happy Camper, how do they dare to say that they are moving on when Skyrim didn’t get final conclusion with Thalmor/High King-Queen DLC.\

      Mass Effect 3 all over again, but this time there won’t be closure.

      They ruined the game for me.


  8. Who would be making Wolfenstein??? From what Bethesda recently stated ID is focusing on DOOM4 and other members were working on a RAGE2, before being shifted to focus on Doom4. Could MachineGames being working on Wolfenstein? I know they are making an unannounced game with ID Tech, but honestly I assume they are working on a new IP to show off their company’s talent. I really just think its the new Horror game made by Shinji Mikami(Resident Evil, Devil May cry) for his company Tango Gameworks. I know that game is very anticipated by anyone who is a survival horror game because it will be the first one, pretty much the creator of the genre has made, since working on Resident Evil 4. I’m excited for anything to come from Bethesda’s roster.

    • They have other teams working on DLC. Just because they’re announcing something new doesn’t mean they’ve scrapped Skyrim. They have teams helping Zenimax with ESO too.

  9. I think it’s about Fallout. If you remember, in Fallout: New Vegas there was an group that hangs poeple on the Rood and then, burning sunflowers

    • You mean the Legion, I can never remember legion burning sunflowers infact id go as far as they was no sunflowers in fallout new vegas.

  10. My guess is Zwei…

    Other than that, it could be anything and nothing at the same time, that’s how teasers work…

    Let’s see how things go.

  11. There’s no way it’s TES related. There’s a lamp with (what I guess is) a lightbulb in the first one! Unless they are each for different things.

  12. Some really creepy Gifs you got going on here Beth. 😛

    As far as my guess, if you stretch it far enough its possible it could be Fallout but I dunno…seems even a little too dark for that.

    But if you look at some of the older art for Project Zwei stuff this looks like it hits the nail. So I guess its probably that…as bad as I want a new Fallout soon. T_T

  13. I see every one thinks Fallout 4 or a new Wolfenstien game, but my money is on hopefully (on both knees here) that it’s Prey 2. It’s gone dark for so long maybe this is just their way of saying it’s on it’s way.But at the sametime I can’t tell for sure.

  14. Yeah well with them not finishing skyrim and canceling it before it’s time, I’m not going to buy into whatever game this is.

    I don’t want wolfenstein, nobody wants wolfenstein. It’s a dead series. And I’m suspecting Fallout 4 if it ever does come out, getting a similar treatment to skyrim. 1 or 2 DLC and then “We’re moving on.”

    You guys made a great game in Skyrim, it’s a shame its unfinished and filled with plot holes and now 2 useless quest lines because they don’t have a proper end.

    • Skyrim is complete in its main story, which is the only part that actually matters for continuity’s sake. Or is this just meant to be a post of “I WANT DLC” like the hundreds that are popping up? It had the same number of expansions as Oblivion, 2, and nobody complained then, to my knowledge.

  15. These are some morbid videos right there Beth… What are you planning here…
    That hanged man behind the sunflowers… ugh….

  16. Guys i think this game is Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror codenamed Zwei. IGN said they will reveal the game tomorrow.