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  1. What a dark malevolent collection of sinister attractions. What malignent forces will be drawn to such attire only time will tell as many dare to wear this unfathomable untouchable no color sucking in the light.

  2. With that out of the way, can someone clear up a few questions for me?

    Will this come out on PC, or just for consoles?
    If it’s coming for the PC, do we know what spec it’ll need yet?

  3. That shirt looks like it is pure black (CMYK) which comes off as a darker gray in the picture, on my screen. Compared to, say the Dishonored Tech Hoodie or the Tallboy Hoodie, it seems rather dull in terms of the darkness. Personally, I prefer the richer black of the Tallboy Hoodie, which I think would look better on “The Evil Within” t-shirt.

    Feel free to disagree. We’re not always going to agree on everything.

  4. Japanese horror? i would call barely horror to most of what Japanese call horror, but their Gore animation is rather gross… which is good if you are looking for that kind of crap.

  5. Gstaff, do you go to the Nexus Forums aswell and how can i Contact you please.

    Im not a Member at the Bethesda Forum for reasons i dont want to discuss, but i made a List of Ideas for TESVI

    • yes, it would be cool to have something like an idea/suggestion thread where your fans can give suggestion for upcoming games, think about it, you would know what the players desire and have the biggest creative department without even having to pay them 😉

  6. Go to the Nexus Forum, then go to the General Skyrim Discussion Area, then look for a Thread called: Skyrim is Dead, time for Ideas on TES VI

    • Hey thanks 😀
      now it’s the question whether they actually read those comments, or take them as a serious source for their creative work…

  7. Im more worried as to why they only go to the Bethesda Forum, but never to the Nexus Forum, because they only seem interested in the Mods Members make, ive never seen a Bethesda Employee on the Nexus Forum

  8. guess you’re right… Hey mr Gstaff, please do the gaming community a favor and annoy you’re main game designers (if necessary dance on Todd’s desk) so long as it needs them to read your fan’s ideas and expectations on a new TES or Fallout in as many forums as possible. This thread pete mentioned is so full of things the elder scrolls need… And maybe analyze what your modding community does to improve the game 🙂

  9. Nope… no real reason to be due to being a Playstation player…
    I know PC would be definetely be the better choice for Beths games, but in my opinion is too expensive to always upgrade and have to look whether my hardware is enough..