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  1. She’s so talented. Regardless of our mixed feelings towards ESO, you’ve got to admire how Zenimax approached Malu about this and trusted her to create something beautiful. Reminds me of Duncan Harris being asked to take screen shots of Dishonored. I’m glad your company is so supportive of creative gamers.

  2. Fantastic Song but will some of those things be in TESVI aswell.

    The Characters look Realistically Better then Skyrim

    I saw an Army and a Horde of Monsters, will we get that in TESVI

    There are way better Animations, will they be in TESVI aswell.

    Did i just saw a Flame Atronack use a Fire Whip, please let it be in TESVI or we use a Whip aswell.

  3. I think no one will spare no,if you make characters a little … less than Chinese.It does not fit in the game.The song is good. (i apologize for the curve the text interpreter-blame)

  4. The song is beautiful…

    I didn’t know she was mexican, that’ a plus.

    She could totally be the mother of my babies =D

  5. Wow…

    Malukahs talents never cease to amaze me, I may not agree with a lot of the design decisions on ESO… But if any of Malukahs songs are in the game it will instantly become twice as good.