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  1. I must admit this definitely isn’t my favorite game genre, but I am very impressed by the first glimpses of artistic direction so far.The developer and it’s previous games are entirely unknown to me but I am getting more interested to this game by the day, so thank you for a very nice first set of screenshots.

    Thank you.

    • Well the development studio itself is new, but it’s headed up by Shinji Mikami who created the resident evil series and worked on them up through Resident Evil 4 (involved as creative director in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4 most notably and producer on many of the others).

      He joined Tango Gameworks and started Project Zwei (now known as The Evil Within) as creative director. He has stated this will be the last game he intends to act as creative director for, so it sounds like he intends this to be his magnum opus. If nothing else then, I would expect the art direction to represent his fullest effort and enthusiasm as this might just be his last hurrah. Considering the survival horror games where he worked as creative director as opposed to a producer role, it could be expected to be a very good example of the genre too.

  2. Looks creepy. Let’s hope the gameplay will really be about survival and not much action. Because Resident Evil 4 is said to be a survival horror game but it’s more an action-horror game.

  3. I’m not sure what to think about this one yet. Real horror games to me don’t give me a weapon. Just a flashlight and the ability to sprint.

    Take that first screenshot. How much more horrifying would it be if you weren’t holding a gun?

    Still waiting on FO4 🙁