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  1. Hey Bethesda, not to sound like a pest, but since I’ve been playing TES since Morrowind (where I used to think the Imperials were the bad guys, but by Oblivion learned that wasn’t really true) I’ve come to love the Empire. So, for the next Elder Scrolls game, maybe you should make the Empire the guys that won? Honestly, I just want a happy ending, and I think the Empire can provide that. Food for thought though, I don’t expect my comment to make any huge changes, but I just thought you might want some feedback.

    Oh, and BTW, the reason I post this here is because of the IMPERIAL dragon symbol T-shirt, so’s you know I was somewhat on topic. XD

  2. Why is it only in black? I’d buy it if it were a lighter color, but there’s no way I’m ordering a black shirt when summer’s coming in Phoenix.

  3. PLEASE make more t-shirts for women! It’s just not fair! Skyrim is probably one of the highest played games by females! It’s the same on any games website – for every female t-shirt, there’s 4 male ones. It just plain sucks.