Legendary Release

Today we’re happy to announce plans to release the complete Skyrim collection with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Legendary Edition.

Coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on June 4th for $59.99 (European territories will see its release on June 7th), this package includes the most up-to-date version of the original game (employing the 1.9 title update),as well as the game’s three add-ons: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

Reader Comments

    • You know, this would be more enticing, and wouldn’t seem quite so much like a cynical money grab, if you actually had something you couldn’t just get anyway.

      I mean, there’s no concept art, no behind the scenes stuff, nothing. It’s a pretty pathetic “Collector’s Edition” all told. Disappointed.

      • It’s something they’ve done with all the other games in the series, its just called the Legendary Edition instead of GotY like Morrowind and Oblivion. I personally love buying these packs, extra content or not. Besides, it at least comes with the map of Skyrim, even though the original had it, that’s all I need.

      • I prefer this. I always wait to get these games until they’re released in its full collection. I’ve done so with every Elder Scrolls and Fallout game to date. It’s a better deal than buying the full game at $60 and then the individual DLC as its released. And I don’t mind having to wait for it cause I’m usually catching up on other games.

        Though I agree. Some concept art and behind the scenes content would be epic XD

      • Guys… have you never heard about the “Game of the Year edition”? This is practically that, and GOTYs has been around for decades.

        This is nothing new.

      • So wait…you think it would be better, and not a money grab, if there was something in this edition that you couldn’t get any other way? Making it just the already existing content is what’s making it NOT a money grab. This is meant for people who have not purchased Skyrim at all yet. Or possibly for those with the base game and none of the DLC.

      • The “Collector’s Edition” came out years ago. This isn’t one.

        This is for people who don’t own the game at all, not something for fans who would already own the game’s Collector’s Edition.

        • And yet, here I am. I own the collector’s edition, and I plan on grabbing this bad boy as well. I guess I’m what you might call an “avid fanboy” or a “complete idiot” or something like that.

      • The only versions of the Elder Scrolls games I buy are the collectors and GotY editions, so extra content or not this is the first chance I get to play the expansions and other DLC, and I’m happy with it. I know of others who wait until GotY comes out just to get the affordable disk versions of the games.

    • So, they’re selling a “Game of the Year Edition” for twice the price of a typical GOTY edition… This makes Bethesda look bad… real bad.

    • I love what Bethesda has done over the years. I started out with Morrowind, a game that changed and robbed my life. Do not get me wrong, I still love the game. But this, the Skyrim “Legendary Edition,” reminds me of a scene in Tron: Legacy where Alan Bradley asks what is different about the new operating system being released in comparison with the OS released a year ago, and the boss says,”there’s a 12 on the box.” That may not be quoted verbatim, but this seems incredibly similar to that. What makes Skyrim “The Legendary Edition” so special is that is has a 200 on the box. I miss the days when Bethesda was more about the fans than the wallets in their pockets. I miss the days where Bethesda cared more about a good story than just one more dollar. I miss the days when Bethesda had a soul. Do I think those days can come back for Bethesda, yes. But, for now, those days are dead and gone. I’m sorry fellow fans, people just do not matter as much in a capitalistic company.

  1. Hey there devs if you don’t mind me asking will the legendary version run smoother and any less buggy than the original?just was curious and trying to find a reason to buy the legendary version :)thanks!

    • Looks like it, but what’s the point?

      The patches are free, so I dunno why they’re trying to use them as a selling point, and you can just get the DLCs anyway, it’s not like you get anything for buying this version of the game.

      I mean, there’s are no in game items, concept art, behind the scenes stuff, etc… Something, anything, would be better than the flaring nothing that is being offered right now for a premium price.

      • Some of us prefer physical media. That way we can actually own the content we buy, instead of just having access to it for however long the provider chooses to host it.
        Don’t like the price? Wait a few months then.

      • Not everyone has the game yet. My Morrowind box is the GOTY edition, for example, as I didn’t get into TES until after Morrowind had been out for a while.

        “Me 10 years ago” is the target audience, not “me right now”.

      • Also, don’t forget. Some people just don’t have internet, or their connections are spotty at best. This makes the game accessible to those people, giving them patches and DLC they wouldn’t otherwise see.

    • Looks like it, but what’s the point?

      The patches are free, so I dunno why they’re trying to use them as a selling point, and you can just get the DLCs anyway, it’s not like you get anything for buying this version of the game.

      I mean, there’s are no in game items, concept art, behind the scenes stuff, etc… Something, anything, would be better than the glaring nothing that is being offered right now for a premium price.

    • Yes, please confirm all files are on-disk.

      Some of us are boycotting the changes to Sony and Microsoft’s EULA and no longer use their networks.

    • that’s my thoughts exactly, bought the game for $60 when it came out, then dawnguard for $20, then Hearthfire at $5 then dragonborn at $20, add that and you get $105 for all of it. Now they are giving it to you all included at only $59. I think some of us should get refunds.

  2. So the Polish rumour was right, haha 🙂

    Too bad though that there is no more DLC. Another big, good DLC like Dragonborn would be perfect. I care little about Hearthfire or Dawnguard to be honest, so that’s why I’m a bit disappointed.

    But still, Skyrim is an amazing game and Dragonborn is an amazing DLC, so I’m still happy overall 🙂

    It might just be me though, but I think the cover isn’t as slick or nice-looking as I’d imagine it to be. Definitely not a big deal though, of course.

    • I agree about how one more piece of DLC would have been desirable, but I must beg to differ on the design. I actually really like it. Looking forward to having this on my bookshelf.

  3. Question: I have Skyrim on PS3 with no DLC, if i buy this will i be able to continue my save from the standard edition to the legendary edition?

    • Yes, you’ll be able to use the save, but you’ll need to make sure you’re using the new Legendary disc (and not the original disc) to play the content installed.

  4. I really enjoyed all parts of Skyrim…
    Hearthfire was a waste, I was really hoping to actually customize my own castle, but was disappointed with that DLC. Loved Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Was really hoping for more DLC, but at least I don’t have to put anymore money into it now. 😉

  5. I absolutely love skyrim but if what they’ve brought out is all they have to offer on console that’s crap step up Bethesda

  6. Will this edition continue with the Steam requirement for PC? I would hope that we are far enough away from release, and that you have recovered enough of your development money, that you would consider a CD-based copy protection for this or for some future “GotY”-style release. I love Elder Scrolls, and still play Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion today. But I will not purchase Skyrim if it could stop working someday just because Valve chose to turn off steam. (This is also why I have not purchased Fallout: New Vegas, even though I would love to extend my stay in the wastelands.) I don’t mean to get into a flamewar about Steam, I just want to point out that:
    #1 – I will only play Elder Scrolls games on PCs where I can apply mods to adjust things and extend gameplay.
    #2 – I will never install Steam, and that position will not change (so there’s no point arguing — trust me, I’ve heard it all). It has already cost me access to two games that I desperately want to play, but instead I have thrown $100 each at the Kickstarters for DRM-free Project Eternity, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and Wasteland 2.
    #3 – I am a 42 year old software engineer who makes my living writing software. I respect what you do, I understand your fear of piracy. But I will not “lease” software, I will only “buy” software, because I play my games for decades. (I know, the EULAs are all “lease” licenses, but that’s never been seriously tested in court. But a technically enforced “lease” is a different issue.)

    Just something to consider. You obviously need to make your technical and marketing choices yourself, and this is no “threat”. I justed wanted to make it clear that I can and will forego playing any game that requires Steam (or any other 3rd party external verification server) that can take away my ability to enjoy a game I’ve paid for because a server somewhere else shut down. I’m not the only hardcore fan like me 🙂

    Have a great day. Interested to hear what the next big plan is!

    • Just to relieve you of the fear of what would happen if Valve decided to shut down Steam. Gabe Newell (Valve Director) have stated on more than one occasion, that if they ever, however unlikely it is, should shut down Steam, they will open up all owned games so that you can play them without Steam. 😉

      • Right… Of course, I still have to trust that he would do that. But I’m sure that keeping the servers up long enough for everybody to check in with all their games is going to be first and foremost on his mind at that point. I mean, the only reason they would shut down Steam is if they were losing money on it, so why not keep it running even longer to make sure that everybody got unlocked, even though that course of action no longer has any positive income benefit and potentially stellar daily costs…

        I’ve never seen any other company actually do this, though I’ve seen lots of promises. Making the promise makes good business sense. Keeping the promise does not.

        If the only requirement is that I have my original disc, then it’s entirely up to me to take good care of it and keep it running.

      • Oh, and Gabe never actually made that promise…

        “According the Steam Subscriber Agreement Valve promises you nothing in the event that Steam is shut down for any reason.

        In the unlikely event that Steam is shut down, any number of things could happen:

        1. You lose access to everything.
        2. A patch is issued and Valve games work offline and the their multiplayer may or may not work.
        3. Third party games may get a patch, work offline and their multiplayer may or may not work.
        4. A combination of 2 & 3, that includes all, some or none of your games, bringing you back to possibility #1.

        I have seen forum posts, articles and comments from articles that claim that Gabe Newell announced that if Steam were to shut down that a patch would be issued to provide you with access to your games. However, I have never found the actual quote itself.

        The trouble is that even if Gabe said that the SSA does not reflect this promise of a patch so the offer is unenforceable.

        IMHO, I think that in the unlikely event that Steam went do that we would get to access to most of our games. There would be a few titles that we would lose access to likely due to their individual companies legal and financial issues. Heck, that happens now from time to time. Like the one of the past Zombie Shooter shooter sale fiasco that happened due to a beef with their old publisher.”

        (From http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=986608 which also claims to have a link to what Gabe did actually say, but the link didn’t work for me. Basically, Gabe “hopes” that they would be able to provide unlocked versions of the games. “Hopes.” Yeah, well, I “hope” for a whole lot of things, but they don’t seem to happen.)

    • if you are looking to play Bethesda games without going through steam, there is always the nexus family of websites. as far as i know, and i could be wrong, one could still use mods downloaded from nexus and still play the game. just a thought…

  7. Just be sincere please , are there going to be or not any release of a patch with thelatest unreleased gamejam stuff for modders to use ?


    Spears ?

    • There’s no announced plans for any new updates. As posted in a blog post last week, BGS have moved to their next project and will only do minor updates as necessary.

      • That sucks. I really wanted to fight that huge mudcrab. They shouldn’t have stopped before they added that thing into the game.

          • That’s very different. In the Game Jam video, one of the things someone made was a MASSIVE mudcrab, larger than a castle. Just its claw was nearly twice as tall as the Dragonborn. It rises up from the sea after a few regular mudcrabs are killed, and then it starts jabbing its claws into the ground trying to kill the Dragonborn. I really, really, REALLY wanted to fight that thing, and I know a few others who wanted to as well. One even came up with the idea of turning its shell into a house after it was dead.

  8. I have waited long enough for this, i still not download any dlc’s (pricez high and slow internet) so i’m really happy to see it confirmed not just a rumor.

  9. I, possibly like many others, hope that this is not the final mark in the Skyrim saga. What of the search for the New High King, or Queen, of Skyrim? What of the Aldmeri Dominion and their treachery? (If the Dragonborn can alone turn the tide of the Civil War, he’s gotta be able to crush some petty Mer.) THE WORLD MUST LIVE ON!

  10. Indeed all legendary problems right? bad lip sync, some dropped frames and other problems, even with quests… for the fanboys of course, one year lost, is just a funny thing.

    Well done BGS, i will keep in mind your fashion, and hurry! hurry with the next hype ok? a good fast food chain requires velocity, or the consumer starts to burp too much.. feeling the dread after the poisonous meal.

  11. What about a pack of just the DLC itself (like you guys did with Knights of the Nine + the DLC)? Or a Steam sale on it?
    I’ve been holding out on buying it until I could buy it all together.

    • Even the PS4 would have loading times with this, it’s no more powerful than the best PC you can buy and even they still have loading screens, albeit brief.

  12. josh is right, you failed at entertaining the people who bought it at 11-11-11 on ps3, and ruined your reputation :P, nobody is buying this on ps3 🙂

    • I bought PS3 version of game this years January and i am happy that i did, not long after that heard news that PS3 is getting DLCs. I am happy that i did.

    • Ungrateful little twat aren’t you? Perhaps they should sell it at $1.99 so that Your Lordship will condescend to buy it? After all, all game are created equal and Skyrim shouldn’t cost more than Angry Birds!

    • Yes, save are compatible.

      A couple things to note.

      1) For PS3 users, you’ll need to install the DLC content from the Legendary Disc (even if you already downloaded some of it) in order for it to work with the Legendary game disc. This content installed from the disc will not play with the original Skyrim disc… only if you’re using the Legendary disc.

      2) For Steam users, if you already own any Skyrim content, the Legendary purchase will only add content that is not already part of your Steam library. Unlike Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, a separate title (Fallout 3 vs. Fallout 3 GOTY Edition) will not appear in the library.

  13. Can you confirm whether or not the DLC will be on-disc, rather than via download codes? I know in the past Bethesda GOTY releases have always done this, but it would still be nice to have official confirmation.

    • The add-on content is on the disc for all three platforms.

      Two things to note:

      1) On PC, the content still requires Steam activation.
      2) On PS3, the DLC content installs from the Blu Ray disc. If you have any existing DLC content from the game that you downloaded from PSN, it will not be compatible with the Legendary disc. You’d still need to install everything from the disc. Likewise, the game content requires that you then use the Legendary Edition disc — rather than using the original Skyrim disc.

  14. just remake morrowind or something so people can actually enjoy a real RPG. games have gone so downhill since then. its sad that nothing will ever have the scale that morrowind did.

  15. When can I pre-order?

    As ever, good things come to those who wait, and I very much appreciate this collected edition. Thank you.

  16. I feel this is somewhat useless. Elder scrolls fans would have most likely bought the game by now and be a fair ways through it. So that leaves the only audience to buy this, logically, people who are trying to get into the series. Assuming they haven’t borrowed the game from a friend or rented it they would have no current saves on that game. In my opinion they would feel over whelmed with the DLCs, i was overwhelmed with the vanilla game its self. TL;DR I think it would be better to buy the game, see if you like it, then get the DLCs.

  17. Thanks, Bethesda! 🙂

    I also have a slightly silly question, and I’m not sure if it would be known at this point in time, but I am curious: Will the Legendary Edition be coming out in Japan, too? Thanks for any information you can provide!

  18. Does this mean that there will be no more updates/patches with this release? I remember the same thing happening with Oblivion too. Just wondering so I can mod your bugs out myself. Thanks!

  19. It’s just a shame that Bethesda never got around to fixing all of the performance issues in the PS3 version. A year later on 1.9 and I’m still having problems. The Legendary Edition has a nice cover though.

  20. Not sure where my first comment went or I’d reply to that. I also want you to fix spouse voices! When I talk to my husband, Angrenor Once-Honored, about what he has for sale, he keeps talking in other people’s voices. “Take a look” is his voice, but “Oh a bit of this, a bit of that” is something I’ve never heard before, and he just made another comment using the voice of Rorik, the guy in charge of Rorikstead. I’d rather he not say anything at all when I shop with him if he’s going to be doing impressions like that. And of course since I’m the only person on the planet who seems to love Angrenor, I’m probably the only one with this problem, unless other spouses that weren’t talking before the update are doing impressions as well, now.

    • Oh! More glitches that should be fixed before Legendary release: My bard, Llewellyn, keeps singing the Age of Aggression. I’m a Stormcloak. You don’t sing that in my house! He’s lucky I know he’s just glitched or I’d have beheaded the guy. I can request Oppression, and he’ll make the Stormcloak comment, but then he goes on to sing Aggression instead.