Vampire Lord… in 3D!

Flying cars? Not yet. However, to hold you over until they arrive, we can show you how cool 3D printers are – and give us a glimpse into how amazing this technology is.

BGS character artist, Dennis Mejillones has one of these newfangled devices, and he was nice enough to capture footage of his Zbrush design for Dawnguard’s Vampire Lord being brought to life.

Watch the video above and check out more pics, including his printout of a Daedric Dagger, below…

Reader Comments

  1. Pretty awesome.

    Although if I was him, I’d use my 3D printer to print *more* 3D printers.

    Seriously though, I would totally buy a 3D-printed model of my Dragonborn from the Bethesda shop. Just sayin’.

  2. I find it worrying how similar that vampire lord is to the uruk-hai leader at amon hen at the end of the Fellowship of the Ring.

  3. PRESTO MAGICO! Went the Master of illusions before the gasping and stunned masses as the true magic bringing into being their birthing greed began to unveal before the Master’s..mind.

    Thank you for this futuristic moment now.