Dark Elves, Space Marines and the Dark Brotherhood

We’re not working on a DOOM/Elder Scrolls crossover project, but you can always pretend while playing with our ever-growing collection of Bethesda figures.

In the imgur slideshow above, check out Symbiote’s newest additions, including:

To order any of these, plus the original Dragonborn figure, visit SymbioteStudios.com.

Reader Comments

  1. That’s great! Thank you for making more figures (that aren’t just the ‘mascot-style’ Dragonborn)!

    Now, can we please please have a Cicero figure. Oh pleeease … *completely shameless begging*

    There’s a ton of Cicero fans I know that would quickly throw their money at you if you did … (He has a rather large fan following …)

  2. There NEEDS to be a Lucien Lachance figure as well. The resultant squeeing if you announced him would probably shatter the entire internet…come on, pleeeeaaase…he’s gotta be one of the most popular and beloved ES characters!!