Play Testers Wanted

Over the years, we’ve gained valuable experience from player feedback, and now we’re ready to take it to the next level. Beginning this month, we’re opening our Bethesda Play Test Lab in Dallas, TX (stationed at idSoftware’s offices).

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be kicking off our first play tests with folks that apply from our official website. Folks that apply will be able to play games before they release and even score some cool Bethesda swag.

We are looking for people of all skill levels who enjoy playing games. We’re interested in your feedback, whether you are a person that only plays games once in a while or the hardcore gamer that plays everything. If you’re over 18 and in or around the Dallas area, apply at

Reader Comments

  1. I hope they don’t exclude game developers because I felt like I had to say I was in the industry even though I just work on StarCraft 2 games hardcore.

  2. Aw, come on, Bethesda, you’re *named* for Bethesda and you’re based in Rockville, yet your play test site is halfway across the country. *sobs*

  3. Did nobody else notice the word “volunteers” in the big orange graphic?

    So not only are they looking for people to do the worst job in the world (and yes, being a games tester is pretty godawful, believe it or not), but they’re also NOT going to be paying you for your trouble.


  4. If I lived there, I would sign up but then again Bethesda wouldn’t get a project off the ground. I’d find EVERY PROBLEM, they wouldn’t get away with anything … like I dunno, lip syncing problems caused by a patch update… which I hope to god you people aren’t planning on releasing the legendary edition WITHOUT FIXING IT first.

  5. I dont care for payment, just get me there and i will Play Test your Game for Free, but Only if its TESVI

  6. Note to Bethesda, tax breaks are goOoOOOod for companies… Texas doesn’t cut it. Calgary Alberta does! 😀

  7. You are still safe, because 2 Months Later, you will be 18 anyway, so yea, they will let you in, just show them your ID 🙂

  8. I just signed up.

    I’m no expert at pointing out game flaws but I’ll do my best for those of you who can’t make it! That is IF I get selected anyway. TES games have a sentimental value to me that most other franchises could never hold or even comprihend. I’ll keep an eye out for TES:IV but I’m sure Beth has other games they would want us to take a gander at. Time will tell.

  9. I think they should allow home testing. I have a very good gaming PC and I don’t have any issues playing games EXCEPT when it comes to Skyrim. And I’m not alone. With my PC, I shouldn’t have trouble, but I get black screens, brown lines and crashing -ONLY- when I play Skyrim. And look how long that game has been out. I’ve been having this issue for over a year. Still no fix.