Meet the Team: Bethesda Underground Travels to Machinegames

Back in November of 2010, we announced the opening of our Swedish gaming studio, MachineGames. Formed by the founders of Starbreeze Studios, this week we’ve lifted the wraps on their first project – Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Recently, video editor Sal Goldenberg and I spent a week at their studio in Uppsala to learn about the taleneted men and women working at Machinegames. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing numerous videos from our trip – beginning with our studio teaser today.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you!I enjoyed this,I would definitely like to see even more Bethesda Underground videos also on the other development teams.

  2. Ya know it sucks. I love documentaries and collect them. I have most of BBC’s amazing efforts.

    One think that will make me immediately stop and delete the video is crap about the documentaries creators. “Oh dear Frank is now filming a shark and could be attac”, It’s gone.

    Capice? I doubt it.