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Start your weekend off right with an inside look into the creation of the The Evil Within live-action trailer. Creative Agency Prologue talks to Polygon about designing the dark and unsettling trailer for the newly announced Survival Horror game.

Delve even further into The Evil Within’s terrifying world. Shinji Mikami and the team at Tango talks to Famitsu (via Polygon) about their game. “I want users to get so scared that their hands are in a cold sweat on the controller.”

Youtube user and Bethblog familiar Tyrannicon has put Ironman and Skyrim together. The results are pretty much epic.

Gamespot’s Cam Robinson and Seb Ford discuss their Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week. Speaking of mods, ever see a Mudcrab and think, “Wow, I wish that was the size of a mountain?” Well, wish granted. Enjoy the enemies of Skyrim in Giant form.

Minecraft and Wolfenstein go hand in hand thanks to Youtube user thornofnight’s recreation.

And finally, Senior Designer Joel Burgess and Senior Environment Artist Nathan Purkeypile explain in depth the modular approach to level design.

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  1. We know you can make little movies and impressive titles, it’s part of modern western “civilization”.

    Give us some meat. Show us the stupid game. Impress us with something actual not the stupid ad you gave us.

  2. a lot of noise in 2013… yeaaaah.. the same bullcrap, lazy mods for and more wolf bullshit.

    a big f you zenimax/bethesda!

    and J F C the mmo is a big HYPE as usual.

  3. This is the only place I could find to make a request please make a game kind of like elder scrolls but in a Star Wars world where gamers choose there own Jedi characters with stats and items free roam and a bigger universe Disney would be makin a big mistake not to let you guys make a badass game like that I know it would be a huge monster of a game how could any gamer resist creating there own Jedi master or Sith Lord and I know this game was sort of made once but not by Bethesda so hook it up please