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    • We would have preferred posting an image slideshow here on the blog, but by German law, we cannot have them on imgur because folks from that part of the world would be able to access the screens.

      So they’re on Facebook where we’re able to block those territories. :/

      Again, not ideal… but what we have to do.

      • Why do you have to block it for Germans?

        Is it because there’s Nazis? They have to ruin *everything*, don’t they?

        • This goes back to Wolfenstein 3D in the 90’s. It was pulled from the shelves in Germany because of Nazi symbolism. Seems that’s a federal offense over there…over there…send the word, send the word…over there. ♫

          Sorry, I’ll stop.

      • gstaff, that is simply wrong.

        German law forbids the use of nazi symbols. There are exceptions for documentation and art though, which, for example, allows the use of these symbols in movies.
        Games however are not treated as art and thus are not allowed to use these symbols in Germany.

        However, that law applies to Germany, not to the whole world. German jurisdiction sometimes tries to enforce such laws on companies from outside Germany as well. So as an international company with an office in Germany it is a good idea to be cautious but you’re going too far.

        Every site targeting a German audience must follow these rules, no matter where it’s hosted. American sites however, that are not meant for German audiences have no reason to follow German law.

        That includes the blocking of your international sites for German IP addresses. There is no reason for that. (There are ways around it btw., as you can see right now. I am writing this from Germany.)

        And Germans can easily access these screens from the game on almost any other international site because they’re not trying to block German IPs. This is a really lame excuse for using Facebook.

  1. The Graphics seem really good, but I will need to see game play in order to better judge. Also, why has there been no Evil Within news for a while?

  2. No-one really cares, quit delaying what Bethesda fans truly want to know about!! When either fallout 4 is coming or tes 6!

    • Since TES V just finished and logic would dictate(yeah I’m bringing logic to the internet)that their next big game would be FO4, you likely will have to wait 3 to 5 years for a next Elder Scrolls.

      Bethesda is known for long development cycles when it comes to their games(FO, TES) Though I’m sure if you prefer, they could rush out games every year and turn their flagship franchise into a pile of crap. Or you, and everyone else, can be patient and wait. Posting stuff telling them to hurry and it’s what we want will not make them work any faster.

      In all honesty, I will be surprised if we don’t hear about FO4 at E3.