ESO: Gathering and Exploration Video

ESO creative director Paul Sage describes how you’ll find useful, interesting items in every corner of Tamriel.

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Reader Comments

  1. Yes it looks good but lets get real no matter what you do it is destroying the core of the values of TES.SINGLE PLAYER,with co play not a dam MMO IS WHATS WRONG with this GAME .The graphics maybe nice and some on the mechinics but thats it .Some may love this but in the end it is what matters HOW ONE WILL ENJOY THE GAME .your developers missed the mark MMO WILL NEVER REPLACE TES single player feel. .i just pray this mess of a game isnt what BETH GAME STUDIOS IS PLANNING IN THE FUTURE because i sure as hell wont buy it.

    • You don’t HAVE to play it… >_> And I fear they’ll never make a multiplayer version of TES with mod support, the idea would kick arse if you ask me but it wouldn’t get them much extra money. (Or maybe it will because more people buy it, but… Yeah…)

    • Why do you think that the future of TES is going to be multiplayer? Bethesda is probably, and hopefully, never going to make there own MMO. It’s not going to “replace the TES single player feel.” All and all, I just hope this game doesn’t become a mess, and that it will branch out to another TES Saga, not replacing Bethesda’s single-player game.

  2. I never expected them to go into MMO games but it looks really good so im going to get it… still not sure if its going to be a free play or if your going to need a membership. Just hoping they dont extend the release date because i want to be apart of the ebonheart pack (aka argonian) alrrady. keep us updated with the new info.

  3. I’d find all of these ESO updates useful if it were coming out for PS4…just saying, because I’ll never buy a great gaming computer that could run it(I find it too much commitment because I’d need 2 computers – one for games and one not to fill with non-game crap).

  4. This looks very good and when I now for the first time saw first person gameplay I thought “Yup, this looks like a TES game, but online”. It just can’t be TES without first person camera. The graphics also look amazing for an MMO. 10 times better than WoW and looks almost identical to Skyrim’s graphics to be honest.

    Although, not buying it because I barely have time to play games at all. Still I want to emphasize that it looks really good and I’m pretty sure many other people think the same way so you can get good sales 🙂

  5. Forced Factions,WOW style gameplay ,And worst of all MMO except for the main quest really spells disaster for people wanting more for they’re hard earned dollars.

    • Forced Factions = bad in most cases, true. I never played WOW so the second statement meant nothing to me, and lastly, why does “MMO except for the main quest” spell disaster? Of course I know it’s going to be a MMO, it says so in the title!

        • Then why do you state “And worst of all MMO except for the main quest really spells disaster for people wanting more for they’re hard earned dollars”. It seems that people buying this are going to realize that. Please explain.

  6. Okay first I think you for commenting Angry Argonian ill explain it in little more detail.I realize this game is MMO based on a very sucessful franchised name .Which one would figure would be great in nature but its not forcing one to be part of Factions robbs the core epicness out of the game .Next the battle system is based on a very old WOW Style gameplay that was made dozens of times over.As far as people buying they will but will leave this game wanting more that made the frashise epic to begin with the vast epic quest beth is famous for this robs anything similar in nature to the fans of the series .I hope this answers some of your questions Angry Argonian .One pays money for entertament value there is little or none here except for those who have never gotten into TES in the first place.

  7. Yes, I agree that this will have WAY more appeal to MMOers than people who have gotten into the TES franchise. Depending on cost, payment method, and how well it is liked by TES fans, I may(unlikely) or may not(likely) buy this game. Thanks for explaining your thoughts more thoroughly on this game and please Bethesda release a teaser for Fallout 4 SOON!

  8. Looking very rich and alive. Immersive animations and environments. Would have been funny if the guy puked all over the floor after tasting his alchemy mixture then said, ‘Not..quite..yet’ 😀

    Thanks for the inspiring preview.

  9. Anyone decided yet on what race their first character will be?

    Early stages still admittedly, but at the moment I’m leaning towards joining the Daggerfall Alliance as a Breton. Mainly to rekindle my love for the actual Daggerfall game, which is my most memorable of the series. I just have really fond memories of that game, playing it as a teenager.

    I also like the Redguard race. They remind me a lot of Conan and also one of my favourite book series, Gates of Time, where the main character was a bad ass warrior who spends much time trekking through deserts and hanging around ports kicking ass.

    Really cannot wait for this game. There’s also a good gameplay compilation video here for you guys to check out.