Introducing our ‘Vault Boy Tee of the Month’

Update: Less than 24 hours until this limited edition shirt is no longer for purchase.

Soon you’ll be able to go through life with a different (and hopefully clean) Vault Boy shirt for weeks on end. Today at, we’ve officially kicked off our ‘Vault Boy Tee of the Month’  sale. As the name alludes to, we’ll be selling a different limited edition Vault Boy shirt each month.

Our first VBTotM shirt celebrates the Animal Friend perk which appeared in the original Fallout, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas. Pre-sale has begun today and we’ll be taking orders until next Friday. After Friday, May 17th, they will no longer be available for purchase, ever!

Come back next month when we reveal the VBTotM shirt.

Order the ‘Animal Friend’ Perk Shirt

Reader Comments

  1. Hoping this means their marketting and merchandising people are in Fallout mode to gear up for an impending announcement.

  2. If they do intend to make an announcement on a new Fallout game, they should use the song Radioactive for the trailer. The lyrics make me think Fallout when I hear them.

    • As much as I like that song, it definitely doesn’t belong in the Fallout universe, much less an announcement trailer/teaser.

  3. Friends, I hope you guys are starting or finishing another FALLOUT game soon… Really enjoyed it !!! I’ll be waiting!!! Bring us some good news! 🙂 Fallout 5 coming soon !!!

  4. I want the next Fallout so bad I can’t wait, I’m a little bit tired of playing to FNV again and again 🙁