Prepare for the morning

The best part of waking up… is Vault Boy in your cup!

A couple weeks back I caught this Kotaku post showcasing 3D Latte Art from Kazuki Yamamoto. Thoroughly impressed, I jokingly tweeted from @Fallout that we’d love to see a Vault Boy version.

Word must have gotten around as we’ve spotted a foam version of Vault Boy this week on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Thanks Kazuki!

Reader Comments

  1. No no no, it’s not “mug”. It’s “cup”. Otherwise it just doesn’t rhyme or have the same ring.

    • *gasp* You haven’t finished it yet? No, not good. I’m already on my 157th cup of the morning and I’ve only been up for 5 hours. Get with the program! Eessh. 😉