Legendary Q&A at Raptr.com

Outside of our office, there’s probably no one that knows the ins and outs of Skyrim better than David Hodgson — the co-author of the game’s official game guide. Today on Raptr.com, he’ll be answering questions about the game from 1-9 PM EST.

David’s latest work has been finalizing the Legendary Edition of the Skyrim Game Guide — available in original and collector’s edition flavors. We just received copies of the guide this week, and at over 1,100 pages, it’s a beast.

Reader Comments

  1. Sounds cool, although im not much of a guide fan. i like to roam and learn the hard way. In my Opinion, Legendary difficulty is still too easy 🙂

  2. Splendid!I do not usually purchase any game guides,but this looks very carefully and lovingly crafted,so I am tempted to buy this.

    Thank you.

  3. Will there be a Free Add on to Skyrim like the Moot of the New High King or Queen, like the Free Mod for Oblivion we got called the Dragon Castle os something like that.

  4. AGH! Its a book and its as big as the Chrysler building!!!

    Congratulations David Hodgson and Bethesda on a game guide as magnificent as the entire Elder Scrolls series. Truly the Dwemer would be envious.

  5. Yes, would be cool to settle the moot.

    I have no problem with Elisif but Jarl Balgruuf should be High King and he is the best Jarl in the game ans Whitrun is in the centure with the best looking city.

    I hope Dragonborn becomes Emperor since the old emperors were dragonborn.