Legendary Edition’s Massive Game Guide (Updated)

Tuesday marks the release of Skyrim’s Legendary Edition, and on the same day, Prima will be releasing their updated game guide covering all of Skyrim and its add-on content.

Just how big is the the updated guide? A new infographic from Prima paints a picture.

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For more on the Legendary Guide, visit http://www.primagames.com/pages/elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-legendary-edition-game-guide?ref=homepage_prima_Gamehubskyrim

Reader Comments

  1. I’ve got this image of me smacking someone with this guide and shouting FUS RO DAH.

    Man this thing looks awesome… and dangerous in the wrong hands. Can mere mortals truly handle such power?

    • SMACK THEM LIQUID WOLF! SMACK THEM!!! For thou art master of SKYRIM and truly worthy to wield this majestic tome of Bethesdian POWERRRR!!!

      Congratulations Bethesda on blessing us with such all consuming unstoppable raw EPICNESS. AiIeEEyAA!

  2. I !

    Nice guide !

    But one question : will it be translate in oser languages like french, sueden, german…….. ???

    Thanks !

  3. Me and about 7 of my friend have been waiting for this since we beat the game in February/13/2012 finally the level cap is raised, and allow us to learn every skill making the play more exciting. The thing I think u should add is customizable clothing. It will allow us to put of ourself and our touch to the game. Sincerely IRISHxXxNINJA gamer!

    • The Lord of the Rings was initially published in 3 volumes. 3 books in series is commonly referred to as a “Trilogy” by the rest of the world. Just saying.

      • It’s a common elitist comment. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings as one novel, and publishers forced him to split it into three. So you’ll often hear fans trying to tell you that it is really just one big book.

        • Because it is one book! Either that, or a hexalogy with a prologue if you insist on seeing every part as a separate tome. Tolkien didn’t even come up with titles for the volumes. It’s like the UK publication of Martin’s ‘Storm of Swords’ – for all intents and purposes it’s one book, but in two volumes. Tolkien also intended for LotR to be one book, except it was way too long to publish in one tome. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Maybe it is elitist, I wouldn’t know. It’s just important enough for me to point it out every now and then. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I guess it doesn’t really matter what people call it, even if the author’s vision was different.

  4. Originally the LoTR, was six books, Tolkien wanted them to all be published individually, but they ended up makeing them into three volumes. I believe in the revised prologue tolkien himself says its not a trilogy, and it was purely to save money, so Mind blown

  5. I am thanking you for expanding even more info on this.I believe it would make a very solid educational material and resource to all players regarding of their skill level or preference on purchasing game guides.

    Thank you.

      • that would be even more than 500 ill guess that they mean regulars…hugely changed variants…and probably the most uniquities…

        • for each kind of enemies,there is a 3-4 upgrades.so just banit becoming bandit marauder,falmer-falmer glimlurker…and so on.as i told before,200 enemies maximum

  6. Instead of using your time in creating a rather useless Guide like this, would it not have been more wise to do another DLC?

    “Game has been out for 1.5 years, we should do a guide on how to play it”


  7. For the one who played Skyrim 100 times in year,guide useless…He becoming guide itself.500 enemies?200 maximum,including DLC and Bosses.locations-more than 300,yea,but i know where each of them without map…True papa,if short

  8. You should add the guide to the game so that you can read it from your inventory. That’s what I did for my mod.

    Shadows of Dragonstar at the Nexus.

  9. I have decided to purchase this.I certainly could use all additional info on the game’s world, lore and mechanics for my second and future playthrough,and it’s great read to add in my library.

    Thank you.

    Kindest Regards,


  10. Whatever you do, don’t mention the missing dlc Hines had announced, gstaff will remove your post. Can’t have old wounds exposed and salted after all, they’re thinking: “Dang, thought we were past this… Curse you fools that remember the lies and deceit!!!”

  11. Well.. is big indeed. But in the end, all the “size” can’t help to get a more deep history around with this bug world.

    At least Tolkien wrote a real book.

  12. Well, if it’s as tall as the Chrysler Building with the pages stacked end to end, it’s just something one has to have. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks again, everyone. I’m still playing after all this time and having fun. Have a great time at E3 and I’m hoping for some news/hints/teasers about Fallout. Be well.

  13. I was hoping that you finish the redguard DLC it Probably half done by now just need a small team to finish it off I’ll be very happy to play it if done finish it off

  14. Pardon my cynicism, but I don’t understand the point of strategy/game guides. If you need a book to hold your hand it sort of defeats the purpose of playing the games, no?

  15. I thought, ya’ll were gonna do something with the Thalmor, they never shut up about during the game, but never resolve it….go ahead and make Fallout 4