Wolfenstein 3D returns to PSN/XBLA

Before Wolfenstein: The New Order arrives in Q4 2013, turn back the clock to Wolfenstein 3D — the seminal first-person shooter from id Software — is back on Xbox LIVE and the North American PlayStation Store (PSN Europe is coming soon).

Taking the role of spy agent B.J. Blazkowicz (who returns as the hero in The New Order) and you must escape from Castle Wolfenstein and defeat the twisted Nazi regime! Fight all of the memorable enemies from Hans Grosse to Mecha-Hitler in the legendary game that launched the First Person Shooter genre. Search classic levels for hidden secrets that reveal stolen Nazi treasure, health packs, ammo and weapons, or even short cuts.

Wolfenstein 3D is available for $4.99 (PSN) and 400 Microsoft Points. Playing on PC? You can purchase the game on Steam, too.


Reader Comments

  1. Ok, I’m PISSED OFF! Both m original PS3 and 360 copies have reverted to trials, and are telling me to buy them AGAIN!

  2. I hope the reason for it coming to PSN Europe later has got nothing to do with censorship in Germany. Just because may have to censor it for Germany is no reason to censor it for the rest of Europe.

    • yea,yea,you just try even 1 dungeon of daggerfoll,and you’ll become mad.but I admit-old elder scrolls is a good idea.im gladly pay for Morrowind 50$,1500 rubles…

  3. Is there any way for owners of the previous version (on XBLA) to get the rerelease without having to buy again? There’s about a 160MB difference, and while that doesn’t seem like much, space is always worth opening up if you ask me.

    • Seems they removed the trailer for Wolfenstein (2009).

      I might buy Wolf3D on XBLA since I didn’t buy it years ago.

    • I would recommend checking your past purchase history to see if you can redownload the previous version (not released by us).

      Tonight, I’ll try deleting the first release from my Xbox Hard Drive and see if I’m able to recover.

      • I can definitely still re-download the OLD version, but I was hoping to download the updated one without the Wolf09 trailer, since it’s somewhat smaller. Ah well.

  4. I’m glad to hear that Wolfenstein 3D is back on PSN and XBLA. Still, I think I’ll be playing the PC version via Steam. Do you think it would be possible for the game to come out on GOG?

  5. Yeah I bought the old Wolf3D on PSN, its still in my purchase history so I can still redownload it with all the same trophy links to Wolfenstein(2009) release. I actually like that game that Raven made, multiplayer sucks. MachineGames is probably gonna be my favorite when it releases, I’m glad they aren’t doing a multiplayer and are focusing on single player campaign.