Down and Around Uppsala: A Machine Games Tour

In a rush to get Bethesda Underground out of their office and avoid the camera, MachineGames (the devs behind Wolfenstein: The New Order) sent us on a quest to find “culture” in the quiet town of Uppsala, Sweden.

Will we succeed or will we return back to the office in defeat, licking our wounds, hungry and in search of candies and amazing wallpapers?

Reader Comments

  1. Awesome,Feels weird seing stuff from sweden posted on bethblog!
    you should have gone to old uppsala 😛 it was an important,almost holy place for the pagan vikings back in the day,the kings burials. legends even say that odin,tor and frej rests there.

  2. Wonderful video,just opened my appetite to visit Sweden next winter!I am proposing you run a contest for a fan winner who will get to travel with the Bethesda Underground Team for your next video.

    Thank you.