Elder Scrolls Food Truck fast travels to E3 on Wednesday, June 12th

Not everyone can get into E3, but if you’re downtown and around the LA Convention Center on Wednesday, June 12th, you’ll have chance to visit our ESO Food Truck. Fans can cool off with Sugared Rootwine or Wintersbreath Treat ice cream mocktails, or feast upon the always-popular Pressed Eidarmelt — a pressed grilled cheese accompanied by dipping sauces created by finest taste alchemists of Tamriel.

Interested? Place a quest marker near the LACC’s West Hall Entrance (near the corner of Gilbert Lindsay & 12th), and stop by between 11 AM- 6:00 PM. The food is first come, first served — the earlier the better!

Stay tuned for plenty more E3 news, as we cover this year’s lineup: The Elder Scrolls Online, The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Reader Comments

    • That is too funny. Crazy that you supported this sure-to-be flop of an mmo but not one of the most creative shooters of this generation. Zenimax and Bethesda management ftw!

    • How is that sad? When you have a game series that has won countless awards and is immersive, then you can judge, till then, go sit on it

  1. Why are people dissing the elder scrolls on a food truck post? What do you want something for being a little idiot, a cookie? some Jarin Root? Dude if they want to quote the quest marker thing, so be it, they’re one of the most successful companies out there, so they can afford to do whatever. Also, how can you tell if a game is going to be a flop when it’s not published and it’s not finished? That’s like picking up an empty book (bought at barnes and noble) and then saying “this story sucks” do yourself a huge solid, and read your comment to yourself and just think what other people say when they see it, that revelation (if your capable of having it) is gonna knock your face in. Seriously people, soon technology is gonna have your face attached to posts you make, then people will see it, walk past and be like “that’s that retard from the internet” then their friend will be like “which one?” gain knowledge people, it’s not that hard to be intelligent.