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  1. I’ll ask again since you seem to be avoiding the question.

    Are you going to continue to patch the game? Lots of quests and other things still broken and well documented in your support forums.

    • You are probably going to ignore this but I’ll write anyway.So you are actually not planning to patch the broken facial animations introduced with patch 1.9?Facial animations you yourselves broke with the latest patch?How hard can it be to revert these things to their previous state?And you expect us to actually care about your next project?

    • Hi Gstaff,
      I know that it’s not your fault but we desperately need a fix to the lip sync and facial animations bug. This thing cripples the game. As for me, I had to get back to the 1.8 version. I suppose I could play 1.8 forever but leaving such a wonderful game in that state would be a real pity. 🙂

  2. I wonder if this legendary bs will be riddled with bugs like vanilla skyrim,maybe were expected to buy this and start again rather than Bethesda getting there finger out and fixing the bugs. You need to fix 360edt bad.

  3. Wait does this mean no more DLC for Skyrim guy?

    It’s seems my adventures in Tamriel have come to an end.

    For now.

    • I wouldn’t venture too far away on that matter, but I’ve seen a beta update some time ago that had “japan” in it’s name. I must admit that I have no idea of what it was about though. 🙂

  4. Will you be releasing the game in ireland? I know you released it in europe but its not out in Ireland yet, this game is incredible but i dont have xbox live so I cant get the updates/dlc so im depending on this legendary edition but wenevr i ask in gamestop they dont have it. Please release it in Ireland this game is one of the greatest games of all time second only to the mighty fallout 3 😉

  5. Would the game have any new addons that pc ps3 and xbox does not have and does this version have all bugs fix like when you can kill a king of a hold or fix that dark brother hood fed bug?

  6. Can anyone tell me why one week after the release date the legendary edition isn´t available in portugal????

  7. You have to keep patching it, there are so many bugs and glitches that need fixed. All I really want is to be able to marry Serana/:(

  8. I think you should do one final patch as a thank you for your support patch and give us some stuf we have ask and ask for. Some of the stuff is big but most small and we would be really happy think of if skyrim got even better how much sales on TESO would skyrocket we have been along for the whole ride with you and most have given up hope all we want is small things ever sense Dawnguard we have ask to marry Serana all we are asking for is one final small patch to show us that you care and have had fun. Quests are bugged and stuff like that. Thank you for everything you have done for us I have had fun and can’t wait to see what’s next:D

  9. Will still release minor updates when needed – LIE!
    Amazes me that a small number of people can release an unofficial patch that fixes everything and Bethesda only releases 9 or so updates with basic bug fixes.

  10. Hi. I was wondering if any future updates Will add anything new to skyrim? I would really like to be able to steer the dragon in the directon i want it to go, not the other Way around.