E3 2013 Roundup: The Elder Scrolls Online

As indicated by early awards, E3 2013 was a great showing for The Elder Scrolls Online.

In a Day 1 hands-on preview, The Escapist’s Greg Tito told the world, “The Elder Scrolls Online Sucked Me in Instantly.” Here’s an excerpt:

“The world is just as rich and detailed as Skyrim, but the area around the town of Daggerfall was more akin to Oblivion in its temperate vegetation. Squirrels and rabbits hopped along in the grass, and the trees on the rocky paths through the fields seemed lifelike. On the high-end PC I played it on, the graphics looked great, but there’s no word on whether it will be just as good-looking on a middling or low end machine. Hopefully, the graphics scale well.”

There’s much more to come before ESO hits PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 next year. To tide you over, check out more E3 highlights…

Game Informer — “The Elder Scrolls Online is an undeniably pretty MMO, with great looking characters, monsters, and environments, and the established world of Tamriel should be an exciting place to explore. After finally getting some hands-on time with the game, I’m most enthusiastic about the combat mechanics, and the way they combine strategic use of powers with a decidedly action game feel.”

Massively — “This may sound like a dream to some people, but after playing some other games that seemed like long lost twins, I found that The Elder Scrolls Online was a good change of pace.”

Gamespot — Stage demo with creative director Paul Sage.

MMORPG — Interview with PvP lead Brian Wheeler.

PlayStation LifeStyle — “The Elder Scrolls Online is literally a massively multiplayer Skyrim and it’s looking to steal your life. Our time spent with this game impressed us so much that we awarded it with one of our Best of E3 awards.”

Machinima — Paul Sage returns for a stage demo with Team Machinima.

Kotaku — Seeing the game again, Stephen Totilo shares thoughts on how ESO finally looking like the online Elder Scrolls experience he was looking for… thanks to first-person combat!

IGN — Shown above, Marty Sliva (an MMO guy) and Caleb Lawson (TES fan) of IGN discuss the pleasure of going on a Daedric questline together while playing ESO. Declaring that the game “feels like Skyrim”.

For more E3 highlights, be sure to visit ElderScrollsOnline.com.

Reader Comments

  1. Why award a game based on such a horriable idea .MMOs are such a terriable idea in the TES game series it robbs what the games core ideals are all about .The more footage i see the worst it becomes obvious what truly horriable game this will be based on bad jugment on the part of Zenamix trying cash in on Bethesada Game Studios past works .I hope this game bombs so hard it makes them think twice about messing with this great series again.

  2. Hey GStaff, because VITA mapping is mandatory for all PS4 games, does that mean I’ll be able to play “ESO on the GO”? If so, you should advertise that!

  3. I was all over this until I found it was a console MMO. Now it’s fallen off the radar completely. Bring on Everquest Next!

  4. Please do a remake of “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind”. That hands down is the best elder scrolls game I have ever played, and to this day I manage to play it on windows 7. It has the core aspect of the elder scrolls games in my eyes. An unbelievably incredible graphically re-engineered enhanced version of the game would truly surprise me. I am a big fan of oblivion and skyrim, however, I have been dissatisfied with the core aspects that have been removed from the game, such as; honorable duels to the death, sleeping and choosing stats to lvl. up(the cinematic dreams), severing the story line, levitating over walls, silt striders instead of fast travel, cool hidden npc’s such as the “talking mudcrab merchant”. Morrowind will always be the best elder scroll game ever.