E3 2013 Roundup: Wolfenstein

With hourly presentations from game director Jens Matthies and more than a dozen hands-on kiosks within our booth, there’s still plenty of E3 buzz for Wolfenstein: The New Order making its way online. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Start by watching a video feature filmed at our booth featuring Polygon’s Matt Leone. Once you’ve watch the video, read his MachineGames feature, The Team Reviving Wolfenstein.

Also at Polygon, Jenna Pitcher discusses the satisfying feeling of wielding guns after playing the hand-on demo:

“It felt great, and a little naughty, dual-wielding machine guns, especially since they felt like they had at least three times the heft and punch of other games’ machine guns. Other weapons encountered included a metal cutting tool called the Lazerkraftwerk, a detachable gatling gun and more.”

For more on Wolfenstein, keep reading…

VentureBeat — Guns aside, Dan Hsu discusses cinematic moments from our Wolfenstein presentation that could his attention in an article titled The demo for Wolfenstein: The New Order was amazing — where’s why.

Time — “For what it’s worth, the game itself is a blast. While it looks like a Call of Duty-style shooter on the surface, it’s more over-the-top when you’re actually playing it. There’s so much ammo and health scattered around that Wolfenstein seems to encourage a guns-blazing approach to combat, especially when Blazkowicz is holding an assault rifle in each hand. I already have fond memories of sprinting down a narrow hallway, shotgunning mechanized Nazis without even breaking stride.”

games.on.net — “It feels good. It feels more than good – it feels powerful. Stealthy melee kills are all well and good, but when the action gets going, you’ll be happy to have dual-wielded weapons on your side.”

Total PlayStation — “It’s nice to see a return to a game with old-school design philosophy and action.”

Gamespot — Andreas Öjerfors presents the game during a live interview from Gamespot’s E3 HQ.

OnlySP — “Wolfenstein is back, baby. Thanks to cleverly integrated old-school mechanics, frantic gunplay, an imaginative and confident sci-fi world, and excellently varied pacing, The New Order has caught me by surprise. It’s easily the most impressive shooter I saw at E3, and in an expo featuring the likes ofDestiny and TitanFall, that’s saying something.”

Metro UK — “It’s all far more frantic and tense than any other shooter we’ve played for some time”

NVIDIA — Developer interview with Andreas.

That’s everything for this week… have a great weekend!

Reader Comments

  1. Notice the lack of comments? Some things are just a waste of man power, you should be at work on Fallout 4, the game your fans are TELLING you they want…. Take Microsoft as a small example.

    • Bethsoft is the Publisher not Developer. BGS is already working on it, it’s kind of obvious. Anyways, I want to see it soon too, but with next gen and all, the Dev Cycle has increased for them. With much more RAM, a lot more can be achieved. The RAM was holding them back even with Oblivion, as BGS wanted at least 1 GB of shared RAM for the 360, and that was how the Radiant AI was going to truly work. Besides AI, animations, clipping, and so much more requires RAM, as well as the Open World, and loading times. There’s a reason they aren’t telling anyone until they are ready, it’s because they are trying to do as much as they can. When a game is announced, believe it or not it does take some time off of what could be used for Development. Each hour Todd Howard, or any of the Development team is talking about the game, is an hour they could use to be developing it. So when it’s ready, it will be announced.

    • I don’t see what the lack of comments has to do with anything, VJ. Everyone I know is really excited about this new Wolfenstein release, it looks epic. Our Wolfenstein: New Order thread over on Splatterladder doesn’t have lots of comments either, but it’s had just under 50.000 hits, there is massive interest in this new Wolfenstein release. A “waste of manpower”? Hardly.

  2. @2: 100% true. Some people just dont realize the importance of game developement. ESO is coming to next gen so ill be playing beta and if i like it ill be supporting thia game for sure. Fallout 4 will come soon and if released on next gen will be a dream come true. With that a side…. I have to sa though the game doea look promising. Ill sign up with ps4 beta and see ut for myself. Hoping for a fun game. If ESO is as big to explore as im thinking it is ill play the game to to do that. Herea hoping its a fun game.

  3. Wolfenstein looms good as well. Has prmises and defintly The evil within. Ive played all horrir games including Fatal Frame series but the evil within might take the cake for me thought with how its lookibg so far lol. Wolfwnstein is ok but seriously im trying to give FPS a break. When i pmay Skyrim i play 3rd view. Ill still play Wolfenstein though to support the company with there sucess. Dishonord was amazing and still play it today. Good luck to all these games releases.

  4. Ay the spirits be telling me and grampybone that the next tale of adventures illustrated in moving interactive immersive nonlinear pictures NEEDS to be announced. Grampybone say no need for secrecy!

    Bringeth forth Fallout Four!


    Such a shame, the old RTCW single player was great, but the game was mainly successful because of the multiplayer. No multiplayer in 2013. BAD MOVE…

    For me the reason not to buy this game.

  6. WOLFENSTEIN looks spectacular with its terrifying menacing graphics. Still its good to know their main focus isn’t the graphics but the game as a complete work.

    Thanks for the great videos 🙂