Gary (Updated)

Update: The extremely limited Gary hoodie is available for purchase while supplies last.

Want one of these Vault 108 hoodies? You’ll need to act quickly tomorrow when they go up at

Just as there were 54 Garys in Fallout 3’s Vault 108, we will only sell 54 individually-numbered hoodies* (Gary 01 — Gary 54). Due to the extremely limited nature of this item, we can’t honor requests for specific numbers.

As soon as the hoodies are available tomorrow, we’ll update this post and also notify fans following our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Reader Comments

  1. Why so much Fallout merchandise all a sudden GSTAFF Fallout 4 getting closer to being released .That would be a true Game Of the Year .

  2. Am a big fall out fan I’m even getting a pip boy tattoo. Please think of me I would wear that proud. Thank you for your time. Respect!

  3. For the love of all that’s holy, my name is Gary, and it is my birthday on the 28th…. Bethesda, I NEED ONE OF THESE!! This game/vault shook me to my core more than perhaps any other game when I first entered it at 5am during an extended play session. HOW DOES THE GAME KNOW WHO I AM?? WHY IS EVERYONE SCREAMING MY NAME??? For one brief moment, I lived in a world where the game knew who I was and was attempting to kill me. It was beautiful.

  4. Hi, can you please make a new vegas 2 game? I really enjoied the first one. One of the best games i’ve ever played.

  5. It would be nice if you are unable to get one of the 54. You could purchase one with 108 & Gary on it. Sweet Hoodie.

  6. Ahhhh how am I supposed to wait around for this? I have to work at 2:30 lol. My name is Gary and I NEED one of these. oh well, let’s see how lucky I get. Release the kraken!

  7. Was so excited like everyone else today. Watched Facebook & Bethesda’s pages all morning. When the Grand Announcement was made I’m sure I was like all the other fans. Excited!!! Went through the steps to purchase. Made it all the way to check out. And the dreaded words came up. Out of stock. No longer available. Nooooo!!! Why???? Bad Internet, slow fingers, server overloaded. Than I realized it was President Eden & the Enclave. Enough said. On to the next Vault…..

  8. Bethesda we shall see how brave you are when Gary nails to the walls of Vault 108, your body facing the cloning lab so that you can watch the Gary’s take control of your beloved world.