OXM UK honors Bethesda Developers

As part of their 100th issue, OXM UK has put together a list of the 100 most important people in the world of Xbox. Included on the list are six members of the Bethesda family: Todd Howard (Bethesda Game Studios), Raphael Colantonio (Arkane Studios), Harvey Smith (Arkane Studios), Viktor Antonov (Zenimax Media), John Carmack (id Software), and Shinji Mikami (Tango Gameworks).

To see the full list, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. This list is crap. Gabe Newell isn’t in the top 5? Todd Howard isn’t sitting next to Gabe Newell in the ranking? ROCKSTAR GOT NUMBER 1?!?! Idiotic! I think the people of the Bethesda family deserve higher than that. It’s awesome that they made the list, but being beat out by people that didn’t have an impact on XBOX? Example, the people of Riot Games. LoL isn’t on XBOX! How are they important in the world of XBOX?!

  2. Congratz Bethesda! Now ALL of your fans are just waiting for that Fallout 4 announcement… but please for the love of god, do not announce it without some form of trailer 🙂

  3. Any word on Bethesda’s Next Adventure or is Skyrim the Last Game, as in not even Fallout 4 in witch i dont give a hoot about, but is Bethesda Dead with nomore TES Games in the Future.

    • Pete ,I hope not but MMOs is creeping up in the TES univerise as of late .Epic mess that one not like great TES single player games Bethesada is famous for.Wish I could see a remake of Morrowind on next generation consoles .

  4. Todd Howard # 13? I hope he’s not too much superstitious…

    Did I see only five or six women in this list?

    Congratulations anyway! 🙂