Around the web: Legendary Smithing edition

We’re back sharing our favorite news from around the web. On the docket for today, we’ve got links and videos to share for Skyrim, Dishonored, Wolfenstein, and The Evil Within.

To begin, many of us at the office enjoyed watching “Man at Arms” Tony Swatton create (by popular demand) a bone-smashing Orcish Battleaxe from Skyrim. It’s clear Tony has made his Smithing skill Legendary many times over, and we hope to see him create more Skyrim weapons in the future.

What else is happening on the internet with our games? Let’s continue…


As announced by Major Nelson, next week Xbox LIVE will be featuring a sale on Dishonored add-ons.  Between July 9th and July 15th, The Knife of Dunwall and Dunwall City Trials will be 50% off — that’s 400 and 200 Microsoft points, respectively.

Game site Leviathyn has a new article focusing on what they want to see in Dishonored’s next DLC, The Brigmore Witches. As we have new details on the game, we’ll let everyone know.

Want to see amazing Dishonored fan art? Visit le-sim’s tumblr to see art of Emily, the Pendletons, Granny Rags, and more!

After the break, check out new highlights for The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The Evil Within

  • VG247 — “The early level takes on the structure of a horror movie, in that you are not powerful at all. Direct confrontation will get you killed, and that’s wonderful.”
  • GameGrin — “The Evil Within was everything we have been screaming out for from a horror game.:
  • New Game Network — “Survival horror fans should be excited; this was one of the more impressive showcases at E3.”
  • PlayStation Lifestyle — “The Evil Within holds a methodical terror. Scenes play out over a course of time just long enough that causes the tension to rise.”
  • NVIDIA — E3 interview with game director Shinji Mikami
  • Dorkutopia — This game looks to be both terrifying and expertly built to exude tension and fear with every twist and turn.


  • 3 News NZ — New E3 interview with executive producer Jerk Gustaffson.
  • GamerFitNation — Interview with narrative designer Tommy Tordsson Bjork
  • IGN — Pete Hines discusses why MachineGames are the right team to bring back Wolfenstein.

Reader Comments

  1. The “Man at Arms” video was great. Loved the part where he smashed the Dragon Skull. Even if it was small.