Best RPG of E3 2013!

Following last week’s nominations, we’re thrilled to share news that The Elder Scrolls Online has been named Best Role Playing Game of E3 2013… congrats to the team at ZeniMax Online Studios! For a look at the game’s other E3 awards, check out our post from last month.

As a company, ESO is the fourth Bethesda-published game to win Best Role Playing Game. Previously Bethesda Game Studios’ Oblivion (2005), Fallout 3 (2008), and Skyrim (2011) received the same accolade.

For more on ESO, visit the official website to grab new Google+/Facebook cover images and read a new feature on the game’s dungeons. Here’s an excerpt…

“Dungeons represent some of the toughest challenges in The Elder Scrolls Online, and they add yet another adventure you can choose to experience as you explore Tamriel. We hope this peek behind the portcullis helped give you some insight about dungeon design, and we’re excited to see how you choose to tackle these dangerous delves in your own groups. Make sure to share this with your prospective party members so they’ll be prepared, too!”

Also worth checking out, the team at Tamriel Foundry have put together a great new video, titled An Overview of The Elder Scrolls Online. Watch the video in the embed below.

Reader Comments

    • I suppose it can be confusing with all the subisidiaries Zenimax owns. Bethesda Softworks is the publishing arm of Zenimax. Bethesda Games Studios is the development studio (also owned by Zenimax) which produces the Fallout and Elder Scrolls (single player) games. Elder Scrolls Online is not being developed by Bethesda Games Studios but by a separate team located in a separate building; they’re called ZeniMax Online Studios. Bethesda Games Studios (headed by Todd Howard and Ashley Cheng) is working on something else now while ZeniMax Online Studios (headed by Matt Firor) works on ESO.

      So this is the next Elder Scrolls franchise game and is being published by Bethesda (Bethesda Softworks) but it is not the next Bethesda Games Studios game. Hard to keep straight I know, but these are all distinct entities owned by the same LLC (ZeniMax Media) but with seperate managment and talent teams.

  1. ESO is published by Bethesda Softworks, as is our games from Bethesda Game Studios. As we posted a few months back, Bethesda Game Studios has moved on to their next (unannounced) title.

  2. Congradulations Zen xax studios. Heres hoping the ESO is as fun as it looks. Im patiently wating fo ps beta 🙂

  3. Hard to take this seriously when Dark Souls2- a game with multiple classes, weapons, thrown weapons, fighting stances, parry and riposte system and myriads of other things loses to a series that hasn’t done anything new since 2002.

  4. Fingers crossed for some sort of post-character creation dye system for hair/war paint and one for clothing and armor… would add more diversity to characters for sure.

  5. The greatest negative that stands out to me, are the animations. I know a lot of this footage is old, but in every clip I saw, the animations weren’t very fluid and didn’t have many frames. I’m sure this is to speed up the game for people, but I don’t think I’ve seen an MMO with animations this bad.

    I’m hoping there is improvement on the flat UI as well. I want something detailed, magical and beautiful. Not just a black box with some text in it.

  6. ESO wholeheartedly deserves to win best MMO of E3 2013, as the playable demo took you right into the innards of the game. Sure it was a demo and was basically alpha, but still, it was much more intimate then the FF14 ARR play demo at E3.

    ARR was awesome in its own right, and instead made the playtime into a competition where players fought against a boss, but ESO’s was more slow-paced and rewarding in the true TES sense.

    Can’t wait for it to come out, and I think it has a lot of potential on next-gen consoles as well.

  7. Best RPG of the Year you got to be kidding me.It dosnt hold a candle to the real TES .Todd and the guys are masters at what they do .