Steam Trading Cards added to Skyrim

If you don’t already own Skyrim, Steam’s Summer Sale offers major savings on the original release, DLC, and Legendary Edition. And whether you already have the game or are just getting started, the game now supports Steam’s newly-added trading cards.

Started a few months back by Valve, you can now unlock Skyrim-specific trading cards — simply by playing the game. But like collecting baseball cards, it’s not easy to grab every card, and you’ll need to trade with your Steam friends to finish the set. Aside from the Dragonborn pride you’ll feel by finishing the set, collecting sets allows you to  unlock Skyrim-specific badges, emoticons, background images, and more.

To learn more on how Steam Trading Cards work, visit

Reader Comments

  1. Your link is broken for it is pointing as your site link instead of

  2. When I click on the links I get :

    This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.”

    Btw any news on the last update for skyrim ? many people are waiting that to start working on some tools that alter ck possibilities,

    also any idea if the spears of gamejam and some other features perhaps could be released to modders as modders resources to use for modding?

    or version control update to allow ESM created with it to have multiple usage of DLC rather than just the main two esms?

    • It’s possible for more patches, but I seriously doubt it as the Legendary edition is out, and that edition is pretty much for people who either waited, or doesn’t have the internet. They’re not going to do a version control update, otherwise they would of done it already. I don’t think they even wanted it in the CK, to be honest. Finally, Gamejam stuff will not go in, Pete Hines said if there’s any more updates, it will not contain content, only fixes.

  3. For this flash sale Dragonborn is still stuck at 30%, though it was 50% on day one and has been on other sites (like gamefly) so it seems like an error. If you could fix that for Steam it would be greatly appreciated! I wanted to pick all the dlcs up together before I went out today. I’d hate to miss it a second time. If that happens, I hope it’s a daily deal or on an encore. ^^

    • Do what I did then, put those useless jpegs up on the steam marketplace. Got enough to buy some Dishonored DLC and gift someone Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, and New Vegas: Complete Edition.