New Dishonored Content: Daud’s adventure concludes in The Brigmore Witches

Darkness or Redemption? The final path of Daud, the man behind the assassination of Dunwall’s Empress, will be determined in Dishonored’s last add-on, The Brigmore Witches.

In the coming weeks we will share new content from the game — on the blog, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages for the game. To whet your appetite, here’s a brief description of the content.

In The Brigmore Witches, continue your journey as the legendary assassin, Daud, and bring his twisted narrative that began with The Knife of Dunwall to a close. After discovering the identity and intentions of Delilah, the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven, you set out to disrupt her from completing a powerful ritual that will spell your doom. Having already been betrayed by your lieutenant, Billie Lurk, you must rely on feuding gang factions—the Dead Eels and the Hatters—to negotiate your way through previously unseen districts of Dunwall en route to Delilah’s stronghold. Regardless of the way you reach your destination, one thing is for certain – you will finally answer for your treacherous actions and fall before the mercy, or punishment, of the Royal Bodyguard and Assassin, Corvo Attano. Additionally, your power, weapon and item upgrades, Chaos level, and player actions from The Knife of Dunwall will carry over via a compatible save file option.

As noted, if you completed The Knife of Dunwall, you will be able to carry over your save file to The Brigmore Witches. If you haven’t finished the content yet, you still have plenty of time — The Brigmore Witches arrives on Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam ($9.99 or 800 MS Points) next month on August 13th. PS3 players in Europe will be able to purchase the content a day later on August 14th.

Reader Comments

  1. Nice ! It’s coming way sooner than I expected 😀

    I do hope some new powers are added though or some more old ones make a return, that is the only aspect The Knife of Dunwall fell short in, in my opinion.

  2. I cannot refreain from noticing with huge disapointment how Bethesda has Dropped the Further development of DLCs for Skyrim and instead Disonored keeps getting DLCS and extra content way after its release date …

    Its a real pityu that Skyrim was dropped so fast and so abruptely , surely I hope perhaps in the team to decde to make at least another couple of DLC for skyrim that is still a very much liked game .

    • Dishonored was developed by Arkane Studios, Bethesda was just the publisher.

      Bethesda basically said they’re moving onto their next project, which many assume is the next Fallout game.

    • Uh, what? This is the last DLC for Dishonored, also Skyrim came out almost a year before Dishonored. So Skyrim DLC has been developed longer than Dishonored since Dragonborn came out this year, yet brigmore witches will also come out this year. I dont know what the hell you mean by keepes getting dlc either (2?).

    • Last time I checked Dishonored was developed by Arkane Studios instead of by Bethesda Game Studios, and Skyrim was developer by Bethesda Game Studios insetad of by Arkane Studios, mate. Bethesda Softworks are the publishers for both games, it’s true, but you can’t hardly blame one game gets more DLc than the other when the developers are two different companies.

    • Um I don’t think you realize how old Skyrim is and normally how long Bethesda supports a game (1 year normally)

      Skyrim came out Nov 11, 2011.
      Dragonborn came out Dec, 2012.
      The most recent patch was 1.9 on March 18, 2013.
      Thats over 1 year of support, pretty damn good compared to most games dude…

      Now lets look at Dishonored
      Released October 9, 2012.
      Brigmore Witches comes out August 2013.
      Hasn’t even been a full year LOL.. and its the final DLC aswell..

      • Dude. Dishonored is PUBLISHED by Bethesda, but MADE by Arkane. Skyrim is MADE AND PUBLISHED by Bethesda.
        Be upset there’s no more Skyrim DLC, but don’t blame Dishonored!
        Completely unrelated events and products – it’s like saying “Pizza hut pizza is too dry, I blame domino’s new recipe” :/

    • Bethesda is only the publisher for Dishonored, so blaming them for releasing new Dishonored content when they dropped Skyrim content doesn’t really make any sense. Dishonored is developed by Arkane Studios.

    • Skyrim is developed by Bethesda. Dishonored is developed by Arkane. The development of dishonored has nothing to do with the development of Skyrim. They just both so happen to be published by Bethesda. Also, keep in mind, Skyrim has already had 3 DLCs, the Brigmore Witches DLC marks Dishonored’s third DLC also. Also, keep in mind that Bethesda is now putting their concentration on the Elder Scrolls Online development and have moved on from Skyrim.

      Anyway. I think this looks like a fantastic DLC and I cannot wait to play it. Dishonored is a very underrated game, and its getting a lot of smack from the Thief fans these days. So let Daud run amuck!

    • You do realize that Bethesda Game Studio and Bethesda Softworks (publishing) are 2 different things, right?
      Even though they are both published by Bethesda Softworks, Dishonored is made by Arkane Studios, not Bethesda Game Studios.
      This DLC is being released by Arkane Studios.

  3. This I am looking forward to. An encounter with Corvo himself. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

  4. Prometheus even tho they stopped coming out with skyrim dlc which did upset me there is still hours upon hours of content in skyrim and don’t forget about teso which is gonna fun to and also that’s where most of there dev team for skyrim went which is probably why they rnt making anymore skyrim dlc

  5. is this the final dlc for dishonored and prometeus is right what about skyrim what about redgaurd dlc no offence to dishonored butt true wheres skyrim

  6. Only one question – what are the canon choices if you don’t import a save game? I will be doing so, but I am curious.