Reader Comments

  1. Please have a sale soon on all of the Skyrim DLC on the Playstation Network. Since the DLC is featured in the Annual Summer Steam sale. We PS3 users need a price break as well. Plus this would be a great incentive for previous Skyrim PS3 users to experience the downloadable content.

  2. I really want to spend money and buy something from the store, but every time I go there there is all this practical stuff. Stuff I would buy if it was there. New vegas card deck, bobble head, amulet of kings, figurines of characters like Urag gro-Shub sitting in his chair eating bread, bottle caps, Sarsaparilla or nuka cola lamps, toy car, teddy, nuka truck, snow globe, Dark brotherhood banner, Potion of lingering potentcy. any ridiculous prop that would serve little real life use other than say a bottle opener or lamp. and ED-E alarm clock, pull sting Boone that says “fine by me” A microfusion cell or two. something from the actual games would be great. Artbooks, soundtracks, concepts, scraps. If you want to sell a hoodie, why not sell a wastland settler hoodie that looks dirty? Bennie’s suit? Endless Ideas.