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  1. I was amazed by the title, it seemed like Bethesda actually cared about previous games and TES!

    Then I saw the top left corner of the wallpaper.

  2. Thanks for the excellent wallpaper capturing the Dunmer’s deep sacred respect for the ancient and dead.

  3. Man what a flop this game will be makes me sad to think what it could have been but stupidity knows no bounds when greed takes over.

    • You say its a flop and a dumb game with every new post, as though your trying to get ppl away from it? “What it could have been?” Are you saying that because you think Bethesda are making this game? And it could have been better as single? Because Beth isnt making this game… so it doesn’t really matter?

      I on the other hand cant wait to try out the ES experience as an MMO! 😀

      • Kahsajara ,I do call it a terriable game for a reason it should have never been made in the way Zeniamax is doing .Reasons lack of respect to Bethesada Game Studios Creative team making a very mockery of what makes the this series truly amazing being Todd Howard and all of Bethesada Game Studios .Trying to go the way EA did on several titles mocking the very core of the single player game with a WOW like clone trying to cash in on a name.If Zeniax would really listen to its fan base .Single player with Co play added.Set in the whole lands of Tamariel .But it choose the MMO route robbing what could have been a truly epic adventure from the player .I hope to hear more from those who think this game is a good idea when its not .Its a epic flop from begining to end .

        • I agree on the “cashing in on the ES name” but they arnt turning the series into an MMO. This is all due to the popularity of Skyrim. An ES MMO will not steal the light from the single player game, because an MMO cant produce the detailed world that is single player ES. Nor can it highjack the majority of the fans, of the series to the money making machine MMO that is ESO. The popularity of Skyrim brings new ppl to the series, and this is a huge reason for the MMO. Sure, new ppl will see the MMO and think worse of the series or even better? But when the next Beth made single player ES comes, i doubt the doubters (from the MMO experience) can doubt the hype machine and the beauty that will be ES VI. Just look at the history

          • All im trying to say is, this game is just a bonus to me, for the waiting period between the single series. If they continue to make this a MMO series, with a separate fan base, fine. thats great. They will only do it between products as to not steal the light from the other (money) As for single player experience in the MMO, im pretty sure they said the main campaign is single player?

  4. This can’t be Mournhold. Mournhold is just one district inside the massive city of Almalexia. I really hope Mournhold isn’t some outpost and the entirety of Almalexia is in since it was built before ESO’s timeline.