PC Gamer’s Top 100

This morning I received the newest issue of PC Gamer. Across the cover it reads “The 100 Greatest PC Game of All Time”, and immediately I thumbed through the issue to see where my favorite games made the list. Or in some cases, rechecking the list to see why a certain game didn’t make the list.

Lists like these are always fun to go through and debate with friends/colleagues where they nailed it and where you disagree. Sharing lists like these has always been fun to share on the blog, too. Yes, we know, Morrowind should be higher.

That brings us to the roll call of games in the Bethesda family that made the list, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ranking #1! Amongst PC Gamer’s Top 100, these games were selected by the magazine’s editors:

  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth — #98
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind — #93
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion — # 73
  • QUAKE — #72
  • Fallout 3 — #63
  • QUAKE III — #44
  • DOOM — #43
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein — #42
  • Dishonored — #40
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — #1

Look for the Top 100 PC Games issue on newsstands or in your mailbox… and let the debates begin!

Reader Comments

  1. Of course Skyrim made #1, look at the modding community. That’s what really brings out the best in Bethesda’s games!

      • YEs anb Bethesda Abandoned the Modding community with few communication and No more DLCS 🙁 …

        it woudl have been awesome if the n1 game of all times could have had decent support , upgrades, more expansion and definetly more modders love .

        • Ah what can I say.I COULDN’T AGREE MORE.They will tell you that Skyrim received the same amount of support as their other games.Well beside the fact that Skyrim despite all it’s flaws is their most popular and best sold game up to date there are plenty of other reasons why Skyrim should have received more support.Look at Crusader Kings 2.They have sold as much copies as Skyrim did in maybe first two months and after over a 2 years since release Paradox announced 2 more years of dlcs.Now that’s dedication.I don’t know, except the xbox 360 and ps 3 problems with handling additional content I can’t think of any other reasonable reason.But then why don’t you just place new dlcs in it’s own area so that mainland Skyrim won’t have to be loaded at the same time.

          I really dunno, but as far as I’m concerned even Todd Howard himself might come here (it’s more likely that we will receive more dlcs than see that happening lol) but I will still have this impression that they are treating their own child and the most successfull one as bastard.Dishonord which is their new title and they just published it got well just look for your self:

          It’s shame but I’m sure that Pete Hines is more upset over his third league football club then over anything his job related.And his head of PR.With over 10 million sold copies he might as well replace Todd Howard and that’s REAL begining of the end for ES.

          • If you disregard the preorder bonuses, your’e left with a grand total of 3 dlc packs. The same number Skyrim got. On top of that, Dawnguard alone is much bigger than Dunwall City Trials and Knife of Dunwall put together, and Dragonborn is even bigger than THAT.

  2. That is utter ignorance! How is Skyrim ahead of other games! Just because it is a good, triple A game doesn’t put it as first place. Especially ahead of Oblivion/Morrowind! C’mon PCgamer, up your game

  3. Fallout 3 over Fallout: New Vegas?!? New Vegas has everything (literally with the use of a mod) 3 does but more developed and 5 times the content!

    • Fallout new vegas was Absolutely Boring Boring Boring , go there , pick that , go back … I hope the next fallouw will be like or better than fallout 3 and nothing like the Wall of texts dialogues of Fallout new vegas .

  4. Ridiculous, Skyrim is not the game it’s touted to be. The game dwarfs in comparison to its predecessors, particularly Morrowind. The amount of hand-holding, repetition, and exploitable gameplay make it the most underwhelming thing Bethesda has ever created. I think this is chiefly an attempt to make it appeal to the widest audience, a large portion of which would fall away given the challenges faced by the early half of Morrowind.

    Skyrim makes a strong effort to ensure the player doesn’t die, and doesn’t get lost. There’s an important element of exploration and challenge lost on this game, and again its because Bethesda is trying to appeal to the widest audience possible.

  5. I haven’t seen the full list, but if anyone believes that Skyrim is better than Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, or Planescape Torment then money has clearly changed hands.

  6. Adam I think fallout 3 won over MV simply due to the storyline. Even though I’m a huge fallout fan, I still have to admit that NV’s storyline kinda sucked. Hard.

  7. New vegas just copied and improved fallout 3’s game system and contents.
    If NV was developed by fallout 2 style, it would be another ‘good but never played’ RPG game.
    Is New vegas good game? Maybe
    BUT cannot be GREAT game like F3

  8. Considering previous iterations of Elder Scrolls games always have more content and better content I’m not sure if I want to say this was paid or that the Author/Editors were just trying to be popular and get the job done quick without effort.

    Either way Skyrim is hardly better but rather worse than Oblivion, Oblivion than morrowind, Morrowind than Daggerfall.

    If you are going to compare games do it Vanilla no mods because thats the game.

    Honestly Mount and Blade games I would choose over Skyrim any day.

  9. Dear Bethesda

    This is indeed great news coming from PC Gamer. Congratulations! I consider Skyrim one of the best games of my entire life! I have almost 400 hours of gameplay since its launch and I’m still playing! I listen to the soundtrack every day! I have the official Prima Guide and I’m still enjoying a US$ 60 investment I made 3 years ago.

    Thanks again. But don’t forget one thing: although you sold less than 3 million copies on PC (against over 10 million on consoles) our community (gamers, modders, content creators) are strong. Don’t forget us like some other devs forgot.

    We will be always supporting your games if you are willing to spend some attention on us.

    Thanks again!

    PS.: it would be nice if you tell me something about the next Fallout game, ok? Thanks!

  10. New Vegas really does have more content that’s why it’s better than 3 but I prefer the world in 3 better but both just amazing ..

  11. I know you mentioned it gstaff, but morrowind on #93!?!

    well well, I guess we should be happy about having all the three latest tes games on the list.

    • Morrowind is an old game; in ten years from now, Skyrim will be #93 too. Anyway, this kind of “study” doesn’t mean anything. Who decides, on what criteria etc?

    • Anyone who thinks Morrowind should be higher is looking at the game through nostalgia goggles. It’s damn near unapproachable these days. If you want something heavily numbers-driven, Oblivion is your game, and if you just want an Elder Scrolls game that’s fun, Skyrim is even better.

      What I’m surprised about is that Doom isn’t higher. I still believe it should be somewhere in the top 10.

      • Say that to all of the people who are still buying Morrowind and playing it for the first time in 2013 and enjoying it.

        Also, nostalgia wouldn’t be there in the first place if the game wasn’t great at the time. And anyone who’s experienced nostalgia for a “bad” game usually just goes back to it for a little bit, and forgets about it. Many people still play and enjoy Morrowind. Nostalgia normally doesn’t result in that kind of commitment.

  12. I’m surprised Morrowind wasn’t higher. More surprised that Oblivion beat it.

    Skyrim’s fun, but I’ve only had fun with it when modding.

    I don’t get PC gamer. Can someone tell me where Deus Ex and the Thief series landed?

  13. I love Skyrim for all the hours of fun it has brought me, and am grateful for Bethesda’s long and hard work on it, but this last patch is really killing it what with the lip sync issue. I wouldn’t have an issue with them stopping updates and leaving a bunch of small, rare bugs, but they left us with a bug that affects everyone’s experience constantly.

  14. Skyrim being number one seems a little shocking at first, bit I remember these guys doing this list a few years ago and said Oblivion was really good just for its AI and NPC schedule system. Skyrim did that better and it makes sense that they would consider it to be the best game of all time if they thought Oblivion was so good just because of that.

    Looking forward to TES VI and TESO.

  15. Skyrim is one of the most broken games I’ve played in the past 5 years. Dragons flying backwards, missing voice dialog, quest chains that overlap and break each other. I beat that game in complete disgust.

  16. I still say Morrowind is the best of the three on there. Skyrim just feels like a dumbed down more “attractive” Bloodmoon with a bigger world-space. But thats my opinion, and clearly not the prevailing one.

  17. Without the mods, Skyrim is already the perfect game in my eyes. Aside from some bugs, like a dragon’s bones following me everywhere, it really was Bethesda Game Studio’s magnum opus, well deserving number #1.

  18. I think you guys should celebrate by releasing some new Skyrim game jam tidbits as an update to our already fantastic game!

    • Oh, Lord, this. I just bought Dawnguard and Dragonborn in the last Steam Sale, and it’s really rekindled my love for Skyrim. I need more official DLC!

  19. I’m with Chad, as celebration, let’s see those spears and that seasonal foliage make it into the game, especially the latter.

  20. Agreeing with the above, spears have so far not made it into the latter games of TES and I really wish that this could be implemented, some modders have tried but make it no where close compared to what the Bethesda team could achieve 🙂

  21. Morrowind Doom Quake and Skyrim all belong on that list, but Morrowind should be top 10, Doom top 10, Quake top 20, and Skyrim top 80 compared to the others. Very flawed list

  22. So this is kind of only tangentially related, but did you guys know that Terry Pratchet was a big fan of the elder scrolls games and even contributed dialogue to fan mods?

    You ever think about having him maybe write a Clavicus Vile or Sheogorath quest in the next Elder Scrolls game?

  23. Okay, where the hell is Fallout New Vegas and why isn’t it rated higher than Fallout 3??

    I just completed Fallout NV past week and it’s so good. Put 93 hours in and became my most played game on Steam.
    Seriously, the story line is 10 times more enjoyable than in Fallout 3. The New Vegas strip and all the factions with their own identities makes it so much more refreshing.
    In F3 you just roam the world to find your father and then clean some water…

  24. personally I think Fallout is better than all them games. The problem is not enough people give it a chance. Of course I understand why skyrim is #1 because everyone just jumped on the band wagon with all its publicity before launch. It surely isn’t because it is actually the best.

  25. The mountains crumble as I shout YAAAAY!!!

    Hail Bethesda! Who can stand before their thunderous might! Their chameleon game form uncatchable! Who? Who? Doctor Who?

  26. I’m not surprised Skyrim beat out every other Bethesda game but I have to agree with the prevailing opinion that Morrowind SHOULD have lead the pack. Regardless of how “approachable” it is vs. modern engines and mechanics it is still the most detailed, imaginitive and imersive world I’ve seen in an video game not to mention best written plot. Seriously, you can have the best looking game and flawless scripting/mechanics and no one will play it if it has a crap story in a crap universe.