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Taking a break from QuakeCon prep, here’s some of our favorite recent stories from around the web, including fan videos and amazing mods.

Last week at PAX Australia, Wade K. Savage debuted his Fallout: New Vegas tribute — Fallout: Lanius. The teaser is already up, and a recent tweet from Mr. Savage indicates we’ll be seeing the full film online very soon… we can’t wait.

Elsewhere, the newest Fallout: Nuka Break fan film from Wayside Creations has made it’s way online. Watch the 25-minute Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star on the MachinimaPrime YouTube channel.

Looking for a video with more Skyrim flavor? Kotaku recently posted about TheDangerousBrew’s new fan flick, Journey’s End.

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On the Skyrim mod scene, there’s quite a few projects that have been getting attention recently, including:

  • Fan of both Dishonored and Skyrim? Madrilous’ Gifts from the Outsider project brings Corvo’s supernatural assassin abilities to your Dragonborn character. See the mod in action in the embed at the top of this post.
  • Modder Alexander Velicky recently completed his mega mod, Falkskaar. Download it at Skyrim Nexus and check out first impressions at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
  • Because everyone needs a mechanized fish, download the over-the-top mod fish companion mod — courtesy of Senor Pato.
  • Gamespot showcases their five favorite Skyrim mods of the week — including a Pacific Rim tribute.

Looking ahead to future releases, here’s some previews worth checking out.

  • PC Gamer explains how The Evil Within could revitalize mainstream survival horror.
  • In a first look at Wolfenstein: The New Order, Push Square details the satisfying gunplay and why they thing the game is so brash.
  • Telegraph previews The Evil Within saying the game promises to be  “survival horror’s dream ticket”.
  • Shinji Mikami as a Formula One driver? Hard to imagine, but it was something he dreamed about before game development. Learn more about how he got started with his career in a new interview at Eurogamer.

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