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    • Not really anything it copies. You might as well call every unique MMO a WoW clone because ESO has its own unique combat system and quite a bit more. You can only get away with saying it’s a WoW clone if you haven’t read anything about the game. The Combat is mostly Skyrim-like, besides the magick, and literally everything else is different too. I’ve seen these comments about “WOW Clone” way too much, and let me say this, it’s getting annoying because it isn’t true. If it was true, it wouldn’t really be annoying unless the term was overused.

      • Camonna Tong do you ever read and listen to what players who have beta played the game have said about it .It clones several games while trying to resemble Skyrim.Of course you havnt if you had you would have seen it is just a rip off.Of course you can belive as you want! At the end of the day when players talk about great games this isnt one .Its just a cheap copy of a great game slapped with MMO on it .

        • Actually, I have, and everyone I heard talk about it says it’s pretty much a MMO Skyrim for the most part. Certain stuff isn’t, but you can’t make a MMO without removing some stuff.

  1. They got a monster right! Look! They got one right!

    They messed up with the Ogrim-Shreks, and the Scrib-Facehuggers, but hooray! We’ve got Battlespire/Morrowind/Oblivion-accurate Scamps! Hooray! 😀

  2. Gah! What an unclean ugly bugger! In a good way 😀 Captures the Scamp spirit perfectly. Thanks for the horrific revelation.