Dishonored 1.4 Title Update

In preparation for next week’s release of The Brigmore Witches, a new title update has been release on Steam, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Details below:

Dishonored Patch 1.4

New Features

  • Adds support for Dishonored’s upcoming add-on, The Brigmore Witches.

Bug Fixes (The Knife Of Dunwall)

  • Fixed issue where music box would stay attached to the NPC when choking and then carrying a music box Overseer.
  • Fixed issue where thrown NPCs killed by falling damage were not counted towards kill stats.
  • Fixed issue where sound effects for the Saw Butcher were muted after a save/load.
  • Fixed issue where sound was muffled after a save/load in Timsch Basement.
  • Fixed issue where music from music box Overseer persisted after death.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs didn’t react to chokedust while moving in its explosion radius.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch on Favor tutorial screen.
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading Daud’s Base (PC).
  • Fixed a minor issue allowing users to make notes disappear when pressing key combinations (PC).

Bug Fixes (Dishonored)

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to recover two bolts instead of one on dead bodies.
  • Fixed an issue where Unnerving Target & Quick Dodge bonecharms were ineffective.
  • Fixed a crash when loading saves made on earlier title updates.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes activating a door wouldn’t display an interaction dialog nor open the door.
  • Fixed minor localization issues (ESA) (PC).

The Brigmore Witches arrives on Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam ($9.99 or 800 MS Points) on Tuesday, August 13th. PS3 players in Europe will be able to purchase the content a day later on August 14th.

Reader Comments

  1. Think you could fix the issue with the Clean Hands/Ghost achievements being incredibly finicky? Getting a check-mark next to each box on the Mission Summary screens should award you the achievements. At the moment there are various issues with it not being awarded including the game thinking strangling Granny Rags counts as a “kill”.

  2. I thought when it said Title Update it was gonna be a teaser for the next Dishonored… I got all excited. Few words… Door to Nowhere needs to be incorporated they are everywhere in the game.

  3. My Knife or Dunwall freezes when I open a door into the legal district on mission two. Any word if that has been fixed yet?

  4. i m getting error 8002AE22 when the update is about to install on ps3. Please help i don’t know what to do. I’ve erased the previous update in a helpless attempt to install the 1.04 and now i cannot play the dlcs i’ve bought.

  5. Can’t you guys please make an update with language option? I won my copy of Dishonored from Europe, and it’s audio and subtitles are in French >:
    I want to play in English without needing another copy.. please!

  6. In the Knife of Dunwall the game freezes when I open a door into the legal district on mission two. Sept 1 2013. Uninstalled and re-installed the DLC with no luck. Re-played through before and after re-install with no luck. Lot’s of people seem to have the issue when searching google, but no resolution.

    Please acknowledge there is an issue to be fixed.