The Complete Elder Scrolls Collection comes to PC this September (Updated)

Exciting news today for Elder Scrolls fans. On September 10th (and September 13th in Europe), we’ll be releasing The Elder Scrolls Anthology on PC. This premium box set (shown above) includes all five main games from the series – Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim – as well all the official add-ons and expansions for Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

To help you explore the expansive world of Tamriel, the Anthology also features a set of five physical maps detailing the lands of Tamriel, Iliac Bay, Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

In case you haven’t been with us since 1994, here’s a recap of all five titles that will be included in the $79.99 package (€59.99 / £49.99 / $89.99AUD)

Arena – Assume the role of a lone prisoner and travel to Tamriel’s most famous and dangerous sites to collect the shattered Staff of Chaos and save the Empire from the evil Imperial battlemage, Jagar Tharn. The Anthology features the original version of Arena and will launch within a DOS emulator.

Daggerfall – The ancient golem Numidium, a powerful weapon once used to unify Tamriel has once again been unearthed. In the power struggle that follows, the King of Daggerfall is murdered and his vengeful spirit haunts the kingdom. The Emperor Uriel Septim VII sends you on a heroic path to put the king’s spirit to rest and ensure that the golem does not fall into the wrong hands. The Anthology features the original version of Daggerfall and will launch within a DOS emulator.

Morrowind – To fulfill an ancient prophecy, the Emperor sends you, an unknown Imperial courier, to the island of Vvardenfell to rid the land of Morrowind of a dark curse. Through a series of dangerous and magical quests, you are transformed into one of the Empire’s most enduring heroes. Also includes: Tribunal and Bloodmoon add-ons, plus The Elder Scrolls Construction Set.

Oblivion – With the Empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land. In the shadow of evil, a hero will rise from the ashes of a fallen Empire. You must find the true heir of the Septim line and restore him to the Imperial throne, while unraveling the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel. Also includes: Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles expansions.

Skyrim – Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel. The future of Skyrim, even the Empire itself, hangs in the balance as they wait for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons. Also includes: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn add-ons.

Wanna see more? Check out our slideshow below featuring additional images from the collection.

What versions of the games are included with Anthology?

The Elder Scrolls Anthology is the same content you would get if you purchased the boxed version of each game.

  • Arena and Daggerfall include a pre-configured version of DosBox that gets installed during installation and allows you to play on modern machines.
  • Morrowind GOTY and Oblivion GOTY are based on the retail versions of the game, which do not require Steam activation. For Oblivion, this means that the disc version of the game does not include the smaller add-ons (Horse Armor, Fighter’s Stronghold, Mehrunes’ Razor, etc)… more on that below.
  • For Skyrim, the disc is based on the Legendary release of the game, which requires Steam activation.

As a bonus, the included Steam key will activate Steam versions of Morrowind GOTY and Oblivion GOTY Deluxe. Like the disc release of Oblivion, the deluxe versions include the main game, Knights of the Nine, and Shivering Isles, but it also adds English versions of the Wizard’s Tower, Fighter’s Stronghold, Orrery, Thives’ Den, The Vile Lair, Mehrunes’ Razor, and Horse Armor. These add-ons are not compatible with the disc version of the game, so you will need to use the Steam version to access them.

Reader Comments

  1. This anthology is great news for anyone wanting to experience the series from the start. I would only wish to say that the Battlespire and Redguard games were as much a part of the series as any of the games included. Arena: released in march of 1994. Daggerfall: released in august of 1996. Battlespire: November 1997. redguard: October 1998. then morrowind in may of 2002.then forward to oblivion, skyrim. my point here is to an avid fan of the games, the gap between daggerfall and morrowind was 6 years and what we had were 2 great elderscrolls legends to play while morrowind was being developed. I would have liked to see them included in this anthology due to the fact that they were as much a part of it as any.

    • Battlespire would be a great addition to this collection considering its dark mature setting. I never played it but have seen plenty of Youtube videos on it.

      I did play Redguard and I thought it was too much of an adventure which didn’t feel like part of the Elder Scrolls universe. It was also very small compared to the humongous Daggerfall. Maybe if it had been redone as a pirate expansion of sorts it might have worked.

  2. Argh, not the Dosbox versions again. They’re already free and I’ve yet to get them to play acceptably on a machine of any spec 🙁

  3. Where will this be released in Canada? nor EBgames or any other retailer I’ve tried has this for pre-order! Are the stores just behind or are we not getting it?

  4. So it looks like you’ve updated the description here, just want to make sure I get this straight.

    You get Morrowind GoTY and Oblivion GoTY “Retail editions”, PLUS Steam keys for Morrowind GoTY and Oblivion Deluxe? Are these two separate keys, or are they somehow a combined activation?

  5. Stupid question (but stupid questions must be asked).

    Will the games enforce the original DRM? Such as Oblivion using Securom or are they altered in a such as they are Steamworks DRM?

    • They’re all based on the original discs. Skyrim uses Steamworks on the original disc, and once again with the Anthology. As noted, we’re throwing in the Steam versions of Morrowind GOTY and Oblivion GOTY Deluxe, those use Steam, too.

  6. I already own Skyrim+DLCs on steam. Will I get giftable copy to my inventory or I will get only Morrowind and Oblivion and lose Skyrim?

  7. So TESO will be The Elder Scrolls 20th Anniversary Title?
    And this pack sort of confirms there won’t be an Elder Scrolls 6? Because usually when people do these things, it’s to mark an end…which would be really sad to know TESO will be the franchise’s lifeline.

    • This collection hardly confirmation that there won’t be an Elder Scrolls 6.
      TESO isn’t even being developed by Bethesda Game Studios It’s being done by Zenimax online which started development on it about the same time as Skyrim was started back in 2007.
      Todd Howard went on Record in 2009 saying they had “No plans” for another Elder Scrolls Game which was an outright lie, two elder scrolls games were in the planning stages at that time. They were trying to keep it under wraps at the time and probably wanted to see how much fans wanted one by lying about the existence of it. They make too much money too not release another one.

      More than likely Bethesda Game Studios is working on Fallout 4 with ES6 being in the planning stages right now, so its probably a few years out.

      I’ve seen lots of collections likely this with series continuing. Street Fighter got an anniversary collection before SFIV was even unveiled. Metal Gear solid got a HD collection actually there are tow collection and Kingdom hearts in getting an HD collection as well. with Kingdom Hearts III announced Megaman got an anniversary collection years ago before megaman 9 and 10 were released, Though fans seem to think they don’t care about Megaman since they canceled megaman Legends 3.

      • Let’s not forget that after Oblivion, Beth (as I recall) was split into three teams: one working on patching and making DLC for Ob, one working on FO3, and the other doing pre-production for Skyrim. There’s little doubt that FO4 is a good way into production now and that TES VI is in the early stages; with the success of Skyrim, I can’t imagine they’d delay it by working on yet another project when the series’ games now take 5+ years to make.

    • This is not a good bye, is just milking the franchise. The real goodbye is the MMO, a goodbye for the respect, after see Skyrim almost like a off-line MMO, ESO is a confirmation.

  8. I literally might just buy this for the Maps.
    I already have/had Arena. Daggerfall. Redguard.
    Morrowind on both PC and Xbox (and also the GOTY versions)
    Oblivion (on both)
    Skyrim (on both)
    And also all the mobile titles. ;x

  9. Are those remastered versions with the new engine? Or simply the old games?

    Also any plans for remastered versions?

  10. Is there any chance of DLCs like Fighter’s Stronghold and the Vile Lair (and the others) being released for the PS3 version of Oblivion? It’s not fair for PS3 fans to miss out and it’s not too late to release them.

    Also, will there be a patch to fix the PS3 Oblivion GOTY Vampirism Cure glitch? It’s a pretty major bug that results in the player being stuck as a vampire permanently because certain bits of dialogue with an NPC are greyed out which stops the player from continuing with the cure quest.

    • I hate to say it, but if Bethesda doesn’t seem to be working on the problems plaguing their most recent game (and highest selling if I recall), then I doubt they’re going to spend time mending bugs on a game then released over seven years ago.

      • It was worth a try though, for the patch at least. I’ve heard of other people who just started playing Oblivion(GOTY)recently and ran into that bug.

        You’d think Bethesda would have noticed it sooner anyway, have a pretty extensive article about that quest and the bug in the PS3 version. Or Bethesda just decided not to fix it.

  11. Though I would love for this to be released for consoles too, I know that is just wishful thinking. However, will there be a Mac version as well or just Windows (as with everything, it seems?)

  12. If you’re giving a steam key for the steam versions of the last three games just for DLC, wouldn’t it just make sense to include one extra disk with each game containing the same DLC? It’d make things easier,and allow people to use these versions with the DLC instead.

  13. Will these work with a USB controller? I bought COD for PC and was pissed off to find while I have a USB game controller, it only seems to be controllable from the keyboard (or am I doing it wrong).

  14. I was wondering when are you people going to fix the lip-sync bug of Skyrim ? You introduced this hideous bug by your own latest patch which doesn’t make Skyrim more “Legendary” at all,on the contrary,it makes Skyrim crappier. SO,PLEASE FIX IT !

  15. Please fix the lip-sync bug of Skyrim while you keep promoting the “Legendary edition” or these “complete collection”,it’s very frustrating to hear residents of Skyrim talking before their mouth move.

    And is it really necessary to delete my post? I think I didn’t curse to anyone or post anything illegal.

  16. will you be adding redguard or battlespire or are you going to stick with the main streams I will buy it either way I just want to know if I buy it without redguard or battlespire if you will come out with a version with the two games a month later and I will be stuck with the original version of the anthology

  17. also I already have the last three games on steam im still going to buy the anthology either way but when I do will I be stuck with an extra copy of the game or will it just add arena and daggerfall

  18. because of all the complaints will you be adding redguard and battlespire in say a deluxe anthology I will buy the collection either way I just want to know this if I buy the original anthology and you come out with a deluxe version a couple months later and I will be left out in the cold having to buy the deluve anthology all over again.
    on a different note I alredy have tes 3, 4, and 5 and I am wondering when I buy the anthology if it will just add the first 2 games or will I have an extra copy of tes 3, 4, and 5

  19. please do not pay attention to my first 2 questions just answer the 3rd one which is a remake of the first 2 thank you keep up the good work Bethesda.

  20. I agree Redguard and Battlespire should be in it, and I know it kinda sounds stupid but I think it should come with- a code to redeem Shadowkey :).
    But the The Nine, those maps…