QuakeCon Wrap – The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, and ESO at QuakeCon

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a week since QuakeCon. Having had a few days to recover, here’s a look at some of the coverage highlights for our unreleased games.

  • Wolfenstein’s creative director, Jens Matthies, met with GameTrailers during the show. Watch his video interview, featuring new gameplay footage, in the embed above. Learn more about The New Order in additional previews at Polygon, MachinimaThe Escapist and EGM Now.
  • Get QuakeCon reaction on The Evil Within from ScrewAttack, GamerChatter, and The Koalition.
  • Playing The Elder Scrolls Online, sites like Polygon and IGN are starting to make Skyrim comparisons after playing the game in first person. Find these previews and more in a compreshensive roundup at elderscrollsonline.com.
  • Want more Elder Scrolls? The Escapist’s Andrea Rene shares her enthusiasm for the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Anthology. Watch her video here.

We’ll be sharing more QC highlights in the near future. Stay tuned!

Reader Comments

  1. This looks really neat. I’m especially eager to play the part(s?) where I scale the walls, that looks awesome.
    Deathshead, you bastard!
    3:39, that Nazi just unloaded a whole clip at the player…greeeeaat, regen health is staying. I was hoping that was just a fluke with the 2009 Wolfenstein (a game I love, by the way), but regenerating health is a great way to murder the tension and fun of a firefight. It’s also somewhat inappropriate considering the series’ history and legacy.