Hellish DOOM prints descend on Bethesda Store

Decorate your dorm room, man cave, or even the dining room (you devil, you) with our limited edition DOOM poster and & giclee.

On the left you’ll see our new high-quality giclee print, “Echoes in the Darkness” from artist WAY$HAK — featuring one of DOOM’s iconic baddies, the Cyberdemon. And on the right you’ll see Godmachines’ tribute to DOOM II’s final boss, the “Icon of Sin“.

Both 18×24 prints are limited to 333 individually-numbered prints. No clue why they’d be numbered that way 🙂

Order at store.bethsoft.com

Reader Comments

  1. A diabolical work sweetly seductive like a field of red roses alive with colors bright from a brilliant shine of rejuvenating sunlight while decayed corpses unseen below fertilize the vastness of beauty.

    Somewhere.. Romero grins.