Reader Comments

  1. Love the faces which give off a ancient demonic otherness of existence. The body textures though lack detail and look low res.

  2. I wonder if the male flame atronach will make a comeback. I’ve never liked the female versions from Oblivion or Skyrim. I always preferred the male version from Morrowind. I think seeing female versions of storm and frost atronachs would be interesting, though. (In other words, make one of each, dammit!)

  3. If monthly subscriptions are true then this game is more of a disappointment then the xbox 1, considering Zenimax constantly said how they would not have it.

  4. ESO The flame subscription.Only 15$ a month.Zenimax just overcooked the elder scrolls franchise.Has ESO skyrim ‘s physics?Bethesda don’t put the stupid scenario an themes of this crap or any of its expansions ( if it survives long enough to have expansions) in the elder scrolls cosmology and history.You broke my papakia with ESO thus the name.