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  1. Wonderful collection of screenshots for a wonderful line up of amazing forthcoming games.I just love the Wolfenstein ones.

    Complain:please fill us in on from which platforms those screenshots come for each title.Thank you.

  2. Can’t wait for Wolfenstein and The Evil Within they look great.The ESO looks amazing but it hasnt got the soul of the orignial in mind .

  3. Oh Wow, Bethesda! Amazing screens! I can only ask of you guys to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get rid of the 15 dollar a month fee to play Elder Scrolls Online! I have played the Elder Scrolls since Arena and have loved every minute! But this fee is a lot… It honestly will probably keep me from buying a game I have hoped to be created for YEARS!!! An Elder Scrolls game I can play with friends! I have only been excited until now… I have gotten all my family, friends, and my followers excited for ESO… but now… they are choking over this 15/month fee just to play! I understand the reasons… but honestly… FIFTEEN DOLLARS?? JUST to play ESO on PS4 (that’s the platform I was planning on buying it for) for a year, I have to also buy Playstation Plus. And with all the monthly fees (ESO Membership plus Playstation Plus or Xbox LIVE for some) it rounds up to almost 300 DOLLARS!!! Ahh! That’s ridiculous! I am as diehard as they come when it comes to the Elder Scrolls and I am wondering if it would be worth it to buy. LET ALONE the not so diehards who are going to die when they find out that they have to pay 15 dollars a month to play something they just spent 60 dollars on… If I won’t buy it with those fees, I know they won’t. Please get rid of them or lower it to 5-8 dollars a month. I promise you that you would make more money not having the fees than to have them and have nobody buy the game. I really thought that Elder Scrolls Online was going to be the best thing that ever hit the video game market. I thought it would go down in history. Please don’t kill this dream. Do it for your fans, and for yourself.

    I love you guys! Please do this for US!!!

    • Welcome to the world of AAA Premium MMOs. It’s “pay up or get out.”

      Don’t worry, it will go free-to-play in about a year’s time.

      • Well, it’s just sad. The developers who have brought me my favorite games of all time are now making a so called AAA Game. I wish they could just bring it to us in segments. Start with a little bit of the game and give us more once it shot off. I mean if it’s money they need and they are trying to finish a game that requires a ton of money to finish, just give us some! Luckily Tamriel is split up into 9 countries. Give us ONE. That sucks their employees might get oink slips in their sockings due to so many ”IOU”s but that what you get when you try to swallow more than your mouth can handle. I just hope it works out. Luckily I’ll have Killzone to play.

        P.S. Why can’t they take budget out of Wolfenstein??

        • Well, first of all, it is NOT the same developer. Publisher, yes, but this is a new developer. Secondly both Oblivion and Skyrim were AAA games but they were not AAA MMORPGs that required online servers and 24/7 support staff.

          I think the addition of a cash shop comes off as a bit greedy but Zenimax are banking on the fact that the IP will outweigh the negatives. It didn’t work for Star Wars so I doubt it’ll work for TES.

          It’s just another nail in ESO’s coffin.

          • Also, they are bringing it to us in segments, we aren’t getting the whole of Tamriel at launch, just bits and pieces so they can save the rest for expansion content that will probably cost more money.