Reader Comments

  1. Why did you make it pay to play? Because of this I cannot afford to play your game and thus had to cancel my preorder and as a matter of fact because of you choosing pay to play all of my family and friends are not getting the elder scrolls online because of this. I think what you should have done is go with buy to play or if you have to go with pay to play at least make it like $2.99 to $5.00 .

  2. I have Questions, will some of the Monsters and Animations be in TESVI

    I notices the Atronacs have Cool Moves and are much more Powerful now, will that kind of Animation and Creatures be in TESVI

    Not sure if in ESO but Please let our Companions ride with you on the Same Horse or let your Companion Whistle for His/Her Horse, theres a Mod in Skyrim that lets you Whistle for your Horse and it comes straight to you, so please add such a thing for ESO and TESVI